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  1. Then why put another dog in an dig it when they wanted away
  2. So why dident he put the dog in again ..to say the dog did well when ther nothing in front of it is mental..
  3. So why wasn’t the dog allowed to run the earth again ? Why just pull out and backfill
  4. Did the beddy get tried again in the spot .. allowed to find in a different part of the earth justdigit
  5. Holding the mark ..you mean pushed in tight an carnt go no more ? I have had a couple of beers might have read it wrong
  6. Any one no of any litters planed or pups available cheers
  7. I don't no who has any pointer x lurchers ratface no a couple of lads with pointers bud but if you no of any lads pm me
  8. Look what I found in justdigits cupboard
  9. What you on about morton Chew the fat talk the same talk etc etc and i might get a fecking invite to see your dogs work ..I openly said I take you out i ant beggeing to see your dogs work mate......
  10. Morton the season has ended now buddie but I am very interested on seeing these type of beddys you have work I offered you a day out but you dident respond so I only assume you bottled it ...like I have said in the past I have always fancied one but not for bushing as any dog will bush.. I here from the old lads how the stamp of beddys they had years ago are nothing like the ones you see today..I have seen a few beddys over the years work but never seen one that I wanted to own..yeh some you could get easy digs to only as soon as they start barking they dig to quick as the box tells the it's a foot or so.but when the box tells them it's 8 or even 10 foot the dogs out in 10 minutes ..
  11. Morton you highly rate your beddys buddy fair play ..as I have said i have always fancied one but never seen one that was up to the job.. so I am gonna suggest a day out for you if you want and I would like to see one of yours work in the flesh ...
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