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  1. ziggy

    Airdale cross lurchers

    That's the bitch I have left now..
  2. ziggy

    Airdale cross lurchers

    I have a airdale terrier x irishterrier x bull greyhound now she's 4 but I have no room for pups that's why I am asking if any one eles has
  3. ziggy

    Airdale cross lurchers

    I've spoken to her and suggested go down this rought.... I have a bitch left but don't fancy lineing her .. but I will if I carnt find one ...
  4. Is that any one on here who hunts them and is thinking of breeding of it ..want one to replace my old man's dog... cheers lads
  5. ziggy

    All good things end

    Your spot on the r bud... I've an old dog here at coming 14 years.. last year I dug 17ft to her.. she's been he'll of a dog....but I've said the same dilly to my mates keep them working .. maybe not as much . but you have to pick your place ..ive have found over the years once you retire them they age very quickly.. as if you keep them ticking on still they seem to still have that bounce in the r step.. Just my opinion..
  6. ziggy

    Middleton book

    Dident he keep one an call it bingo lol
  7. ziggy

    Old girl

    Ace dan ashlock must have really broke your hart....
  8. ziggy

    Old girl

    A b c a brown nosier hahah
  9. ziggy


    I liked Ray... came with us right up till he died... well he had a russle bitch on at the time and kept saying this is his come back... trust me duck...
  10. We once had a dog that couldn't kill a fox in a earth...she was a mixer with them but put her in a rockpile she could kill them in quick time if they couldn't bolt... she was bred out of two digging dogs to.. lives up to the age of 15 in till she drank antifreeze out of a mucky puddle from a tip while ratting...we had one pup out of the old girl who was too hard for her own good .. bitch was killed in a pile at cowling at 7 years old..
  11. ziggy


    Ray Norman bred McCoy bud