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  1. ziggy

    Locator, the best

    They wernt rock dogs ratface .. wasent one of the dogs stuck been dug out a few times in piles... wrong sort of dogs for rock work... they were both lucky as they could get a machine ther ..most piles you carnt ...
  2. ziggy

    Locator, the best

    I dont use locator s when i am working rockpiles .. i no a few lads who have worked ther dogs with collers on in past and have had ther dog hung with the coller...90 pecent of piles you cannot dig as ther too deep ... i have dug many piles to with just listening to the sound of your terrier baying an dug right on top of them... folk say am mad putting dogs in them with no collers but they have never worked rocks ... but each to ther own..
  3. Morton if the mans happy with what he bred what does it matter ... if he sells them or not its his choice...as for dogs not being from top workers in your opinion as long as hes happy with them who cares.... whats outstanding about your dogs ???? As ther not what ther all cracked up to be...
  4. ziggy

    new season

    Hahahha gaz face hahah never seen him move as fast hahahhah as it bounced of his chest an got hold of his shirt
  5. ziggy

    new season

    Katchum ill sort you an ya lad a day when we start... ichy feet now lol .. loads about this year... i wont throw out out àt eny one to catch hahahahh..
  6. ziggy

    View From Your Swim

    Catchum empty your. In box buddie
  7. Not been that way for a season or two i usta get a few outta the piles round Addington...
  8. ziggy

    View From Your Swim

    Lets get on it buddy... am ready after this wk just finishing plastering an old folks home lol..
  9. ziggy

    View From Your Swim

    When we having a day on the barble katchum ... lol
  10. Rat face that be a let down for you... herd you were a booth fan
  11. I gave him his last dog ..only for him to give her back to me 15 months later as his health was going down hill with his breathing.... still got the dog now 9 years old an still working