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  1. Thanks for the offer mate it has to be a bitch,,appreciate the offer
  2. Its for ower lass ,, buddy for bit of rabbiting ,,and to replace her dog which has been pts
  3. Haha don lad ,haha predicted text miss spelled it ?
  4. Far one straight gwp ,,an the other a coili greyhound x mailywar x grayhound was the mother an straight gwp was the father
  5. What i run on now mate,, never had a dog with so much drive as these ,, they find me stuff I never new was there don , come for a walk with your lad ,,
  6. Katchum they not the same mate ,, was some dogs them bud,,
  7. Hi ,,is ther any beddy greyhound Cross pups about,, pm thanks
  8. Hi gypsydog94 i have recently took over as the Cheshire/ east Lancashire fell and moorland rep and in last few months I have dug 2 dogs out alive.. if you are near me and wanting to join give me a message or any one wanting to join let me no ..like I said I have just took over and already have 16 members it's deffo worth a tenna lads cheers dan
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