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    newbiggin by the sea
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    im happiest when im out with my dogs x ferretts

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  1. irish stevie

    Few Foxes

    well done mate,excellent shooting a.t.b.stevie..
  2. irish stevie

    Rabbit Shooting With Airgun

    l have been sorted..
  3. irish stevie

    Rabbit Shooting With Airgun

    lt is the norteast of england mate give me a pm.
  4. lm looking for someone till give me a hand till clear a few rabbits in the evenings lm in the northeast..
  5. irish stevie

    More Education For The Pup

    Well done trev,always a great watch your cannines have had plenty of action this season nice one...
  6. irish stevie

    Hunting Partner

    im over the sea mate,l lived in armagh for 30 year,lve been over here for 5 year...
  7. irish stevie

    Hunting Partner

    looking for a like minded,hunting partner have abit of land northeast .
  8. irish stevie

    Travel Sickness

    sometimes hes find and others a nightmare,lm gona hav till try something,cheers fr your opinions..
  9. irish stevie

    Travel Sickness

    well lads,lve a problem with the dog traveling hes throwing up,foaming at the mouth he jumps in and out of the boot no problem,and running fine is there anything out there l can get cheers stevie...
  10. irish stevie

    Good Wee Hour

    well done keep him at lt..
  11. irish stevie

    Whippet Pup

    cheers mate,l must have a look..
  12. irish stevie

    Whippet Pup

    lm looking for a whippet dog pup northeast area..
  13. irish stevie

    Double Terrier Box

    lve check ebay mate there abit pricey..
  14. irish stevie

    Double Terrier Box

    where ls the cheapest place till buy one,anybody no cheers..