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  1. Not a fan then? they'll never talk sense till that lunatic vondaheim or whatever his face is has an accident or dehydrated to death from spitteling his hate for the uk
  2. I've just finished an eleven and a half hours over two days cutting mine. That's why I have no time for fishing One day I will get down to visit you, been saying that for about 12 years now
  3. Couple of my mates truly hate anyone outside of Cornwall, even devonians are classed as filthy English. I love winding them up by saying it doesn't matter as long as your west country
  4. Yep when you come back across the new bridge your looking straight at where I am. Knocking it on the head at 3 to get home and get a brew on for her getting up to go milking.
  5. Wade high field, sports centre car park
  6. Sorry I'm in a lull between rabbit shooting.
  7. Was she cold as iceberg when you first arrived?
  8. Surprised bidet is allowing the shops to restock
  9. After a 3 hour drive each way to exmoor to visit mother and catch up with son and the grandchildren i desperately needed a desperado on my return to the land of milk and honey
  10. Hes an utter shit, straight out of game of thrones cast, lining himself up to be rishis sidekick later. Traitor
  11. Blimey, apparently in Devon Cornwall and Dorset renewals are at least 3 months, and don't even bother applying or variation. Mine runs out 12 July
  12. Very sweet John. I wish I could find a nice mk3, I earned mine buy shooting rats on a game farm back in late seventies? Not powerful, but I took many rabbits and pigeons at close range.
  13. Where on earth is that d? Don't recognise that one.
  14. Wish I could find decent lug beds, down here they are decimated now by foreign diggers grabbing the money
  15. Yeah I said the first five years, building a good business with a good turnover. I have been pretty much been semi retired for nine years now still earn good money but only work 2/3 days a week.
  16. As above, I jumped in over twenty years ago, best move I ever made. There is literally oceans of work out there, Great money and a fantastic way of life. If you are married however your spouse will have to be 101% on board, first five years its all hours, six days a week.
  17. Cheers D, is that the place just up from you on the left before jewsons?
  18. I have just been introduced to desperado, the label has put me off trying it for years. Anyway a good mate said just try it! Damn! I really like it. Its the most expensive bloody bottle in the supermarket beer Isle, but its actually worth it.
  19. Not bloody likely! Cornwall is infested with covid carrying cretins that shouldn't be down here.
  20. Yep Cornwall already has more covid carrying cretins arriving today, seen loads on the way to work this afternoon.
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