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  1. Tel1

    Plasterers....HELP PLEASE!

    plasterboard over the top of it then plaster it, that's what I done with mine
  2. Tel1

    How does the law stand

    a couple of hounds if your flushing to guns, as many as you want if your flushing to a bird of prey
  3. Tel1

    Darcy Dvd

    I must be the only one that thought it was boring as feck then
  4. Tel1

    How To Catch Your Urban Fox

    You got it pretty much right. Unless I can get hold of a cattle stunner, I will find a "reputable wildlife rescue group" and do a relocation. im not sure whether your an anti or an idiot
  5. anyone got any well bred kits/ferrets in the east midlands not bothered about sex or colour, notts, leics. lincs. pm me with details thanks,
  6. Tel1

    Striker 170 Lamp Head

    moggy sorted me out mate, thanks anyway
  7. anyone got a striker 170 or Deben tracer 170 lamp head that they want to sell. pm me with details thanks
  8. Tel1

    Terrier Lads

    I bought one a fortnight ago ordered and paid for Saturday night and it arrived the Tuesday morning
  9. Tel1

    This Weekends Boxing

    perhaps they could step him up to fight Hughie fury hey,lol
  10. Tel1

    Accrington Man Shot In Head

    shame they were not a better shot
  11. Tel1

    Accrington Man Shot In Head

    is he the anti that was in a post on here last year??
  12. Tel1

    Ive Had Visitors

    empty your inbox mate
  13. Tel1

    Glow In The Dark Collars?? :-/

    tape a starlight glow stick to the collar
  14. 2 jill euro x kits 14 weeks old, based in east midlands le13 £10 each. pm for details