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  1. Tel1


    didnt think it would take his arse licker long to join in, get from up his arse you mug
  2. Tel1


    well why did you fcuk off then lf you think so much of this country, you keep banging on about what we should be doing, what we could be doing, yet you packed up and fcuked off yourself
  3. thought you jocks only watched the group stage
  4. I bought two scout lt a fortnight ago it worked out at £67 delivered I got a text of royal mail to say there was £15 tax plus £8 handling charge to pay before they would deliver
  5. that's George gaskin tomo hes still about hes just off gorse lane going back to saltby I passed him on my way home from work today
  6. ACB don't want to piss on your fire but gin was not sparticus bred I worked and owned her and McCoy fetched her from my yard where she had been since she was a pup
  7. bridport nets are £165 for the mk3 locator
  8. Hi matie 

    I've emailed you, could you ping me over your postal address for the book 




  9. have you ever been to reds in notts tomo and do you rate annies above reds
  10. plasterboard over the top of it then plaster it, that's what I done with mine
  11. a couple of hounds if your flushing to guns, as many as you want if your flushing to a bird of prey
  12. I must be the only one that thought it was boring as feck then
  13. You got it pretty much right. Unless I can get hold of a cattle stunner, I will find a "reputable wildlife rescue group" and do a relocation. im not sure whether your an anti or an idiot
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