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  1. I imagine the closer you are to the goalkeeper you are the more difficult it is.
  2. No its not it was great. That chip over the Goalie was Genious.
  3. Doing it right now. Ive done it for many many years to drop a couple of stone. Takes me about 7 weeks.
  4. Perhaps not but it would stop the majority. I have never heard a word said against the Australian System. I once read and I have no reason to doubt it that a British person was stoped in the street and asked in halting English where the Free Money House was. What is wrong with us. Why cant people see that the reason all these people cross Europe then spend all their money on the extremly hazardous crossing of the English Chanel Is because they think they are coming to the "Land of milk and Honey. Genuine Refugees fine up to a point because there is nowt wrong with Europe. Take our share we mu
  5. Does anybody do casual nothing formal or measuring groups Bench Rested open sight shooting. I use a springer a 77. 5 shot groups at 20 yard.
  6. Well I like it it doesnt look shit its just a shit colour
  7. Thanks I now think so as well. Took a while.
  8. Just got the Stock back from Nath of the AGF. Like it or not this is the stock now. I wasnt sure but I really like it now.
  9. The hw95/98 is notorious for being very hold sensitive. Some people get one and get on with it immediately. Others and there are many of them have the problem that you are having and are unable to get it to group. I tried three times. Twice i also had the 98 barrel thinking the weight may calm it down. Not so. For no reason I could think of the third time i tried I found that I could shoot it. Eventually having succeeded with the gun I sold it as I prefered my HW99. That is the advise I give you. Its not your fault its a twitchy gun. Sell it and get a HW99. The slapping the barrel thing is not
  10. Thanks, She is lying by me now. She seems as fit and fast as she has ever been. She is ten now.
  11. I took on a 15 month rescue working type Collie Bitch. I could see great potential in her but she was crapping in the house every night and when I came in the room it was painful to see her trying to get under the settee 3 inches of the ground. I have been around dogs all my life and I was 72 at the time. I just patted her told her, good girl and let her into the back garden. She had been knocked about on a daily basis for this because it happened every morning and I reacted the same every time. Sometimes there was blood in it and it took me a month to work it out. She had a Wheat allergy. All
  12. No they are not but easy fix.
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