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  1. It hasnt proved a thing though except that a Diopter can give a scope a run for its money at 20 yards..
  2. The other Day I had a shoot off between my HW77 long Paul Short stage 3 tuned My Hw 97 I think just a fettle not me. My HW 77 Long no scope just a diopter no Magnification. And my tx200 tuned and short stroked by my Nephew. Targets at 20 yards (all the room I have) rifles all rested on a Bean Bag. Weihrauch guns QYS Domed. AATX JSB Express. All .177. Its not Conclusive I dont think. I am pleased with the Diopter result. It is more or less the same as the scopes.
  3. Thanks it looks good. I expect its just being on your toes with the Oil.
  4. Very nice. May I ask what is the silver finish on the action?
  5. I tried three different hw95. The first 2 over several years were dreadful to shoot huge groups then a good one then off again. Years went buy and I tried another and from the first shot it was fine as accurate as any gun I own. The only difference I could think of was my technique had changed over the years or It was fitted with a Vortek kit when i acquired the gun. Notorious gun as is the 98. Get a 77 or 97 or 99 Why not look for a beat up old 77 LONG BARREL. Then a williams peep sight similar to a diopter. You can use the front post fore sight or pick up a hw80 globe front si
  6. I have had two hw97's in the past. They have now gone from me but just this week I acquired this. I have avoided these stocks but I quite like them now.
  7. Long story Short a few days ago this arrived. A very nice hw97 in a cs500 stock. I had problems with the stock in that it needed a job doing as it was not comfortable for for me so I put it into a 77 stock.I like 77 stocks. However I now am expecting today this 97 stock I hope this is it.
  8. The hw95 is notorious for being very sensitive to the shooters hold. I have had 3. The first two I tried everything that anybody who answers this thread will suggest, guaranteed. I even purchased hw98 heavy barrels to see if this would do the trick but alas no. in despair I twice sold the gun and barrels and resolved this was the end of it. Some years later I decided one more try. I was amazed that from the very first shot after zeroing I was nailing 5 shot groups under 5p time after time. It was as accurate as my HW99. What happened in the intervening years. Search me. Perhaps my technique ha
  9. Which springer and which rest? Or is it all springers. You must not try to restrain Springer recoil. It is consistent every time as long as you do not try to restrain it. Try shooting with just your trigger hand and tuck your other hand just under the tip of the butt. If you are touching the Forend in any way try doing it this way. This is how I shoot. Open sights at 20 yards. The jump of the Springer is not important as it is the same every time. Try shooting off 10x mag.
  10. I am a big fan of the HW77 I have two both the long version. I shoot mostly open sights as my Garden is only about 22 yards. However I did a few weeks ago treat myself to a Paul Short stage 3 tuned Long 77. Geof at LCD did the Ceracoting and modified the underlever to a Ball Bearing lock up. The loading Port has also been Jewelled. Oddly I find the Diopter just as accurate at 20 yards as the scope. The Diopter with no magnification continues to amaze me. All I can see at 22 yards is this.
  11. The express but when you actually are looking at the card it is quite obvious that the FTT beat the Express. I wasnt bothered about anything but the group. Then i re zeroed the FTT for direct hit on the dot and touched every one. I had already done it for the express and left the card at my Nephews house.
  12. I finished pellet testing yesterday for the HW110. The two top Contenders were AA Express and Field Target Trophy. The FT Trophy are £6 a tin cheaper than the Express. Much to my relief the FT Trophy got it. So I put the diopter back on and just shot one card at 20 Yards. That is far better than my last attempt before the Pellet test. Sorry I doubled up on the Pic.
  13. That sounds like a dog I would like to have. At least half working Collie plus the make up of the lurcher. Always fancied a lurcher with a big dollop of Collie. Here is my rescue Collie she is over 10 now and fit and fast as ever. Wonderful Bitch. I will never get the lurcher now. taken last week
  14. Lovely read. He looks in great Nick. What is his pedigree? I dont like using that word for a Working Dog but you know what I mean.
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