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  1. Absolutely agree my first thought CS Stock.
  2. A few weeks on and i like the gun more and more. I have the one shot loader now which is saving me a small fortune in pellets. Only £13 bargain. I only shoot the gun rested and my max in the garden is 25 yards. I am out at 20 yards at the moment as its non stop wind in Newquay. The pellet seems to be Field Target Trophy. I only shoot this pistol rested so its not proper shooting but I am pinching myself in disbelief as it drops pellet after pellet into sub 5p groups at 20 yards. I have a card like this in the Garage at 20 yds but i cant be bothered to get it. 5 shots per group last one 10 shot
  3. Its a superb Pistol. Cant praise enough.
  4. I picked this slip up from Ebay last week £20. Its turning into a nice little Plinking gun. I still havnt got the correct pellets and as a Springer shooter I am amazed how quick you can get through 100 pellets with this sidelever. I am getting a single shot loader for it. Slow it down a bit.
  5. Its the very old type hw77 stock. It is made specificaly for open sights. This stock has long gone, superceded by a compromise stock more suited to scope use but still possible to use opens. It is no good for opens as you need to push down on the cheekpiece to line the sights. No good at all. So as i only use the 77 for open sights I managed to find this old type. It had the adjustable cheekpiece already done. I sent it to Nath and he did his usual great job.
  6. Thanks very much Phil sorry for late reply.
  7. Sorry for late reply. It is expensive no doubt about that. I am a springer Man through and through. I have had so many pcp's and said never again but this is a bit different. Check it out on Utube and keep reminding yourself this is a Pistol at twenty five yards. The Stock is added in minutes and it makes a tiny carbine. It is a joy to use with the Splund stock and i bought it like new for £575 equiped without scope as Pic. It was sent to HW100 Tuning a few months ago and the power was set at 5.4ftlbs. The anti tamper was removed at the same time. I only plink paper and spinners fr
  8. A guy on the new airgun forums. The pic I put up above is just all I had at the time. This is the actual gun £565 without the scope.
  9. All fallen through. I have this week got this thing coming £565.
  10. No its not a 45 i have two of them Its a hw44 pcp using a cut down HW101 action. I am keeping the gun above and selling another that I have. Which is also very good and immaculate as is the one above.
  11. Well like you I have reservations. However it is a good deal I am getting and I shall probably sell the .22 and get .177. My hw45 performs well in .22. In fact I cant really say I dont prefer the .22 from my .177. At pistol range it is just as accurate, and as a can basher much more fun. If I dont like it I will sell it and get .177. My side of the deal is my FWB300s I have the FWB300su as well so I dont think that I will miss it. I still have this.
  12. I am doing a swap and my end of the swap will see me the owner of a HW44 in .22. My preference was .177. Can anybody tell me what the HW44 is like as a .22 please or indeed what it is like as a .177.
  13. 99 continues to improve as things bed in but it will never equal my HW77 and I didnt expect it to. So I am still very pleased with it. Two cards one 99 at 20 yards and the 77 at 25 yards. Open sights. sorry quality poor I dont know why. The right hand card on the 99 example were ok at 18 yards and huge at 20. I included it just to show how things can go tits up with loose stock screws. The second row down was after I tightened them.
  14. I imagine the closer you are to the goalkeeper you are the more difficult it is.
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