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  1. Woke up at 5am this morning to the sound of rain bouncing off the roof and felt like a kid at Christmas. Missus thinks I'm mental, but I could hardly contain me happiness at seeing it's supposedly thrashing it down all week. Hope you all find the chance to get out and find some fun! ... and to think I took this photo yesterday, sat, practically praying for the rain, haha.
  2. My bitch is a mostly whippet lurcher, with a dash of collie and gray. Thing can run like the f***ing clappers and spanks the whippets that she runs rabbits with.. silly bitch gets left for dead if she goes for anything else though. Fun to watch, but both she's tried have had her pants down. Preban ofc.
  3. Numbers are half decent round me.. I know of two dens that have had kits this year within half a mile of where I live. Fields here aren't shot as much as where I grew up though so I reckon they get more of chance. Funny story from last month; took the dogs on a daytime mooch around some new fields I found. Had a minute leaning against a 5 bar, on a wee track, looking out over a field. 2 or 3 minutes passes and I hear a wee rustle of crunching grass behind me and turned to see a dog fox, not 10ft away from my bitch, stalking his way down the track, gaze fixed on her. Soon as I
  4. I'll post some results same time next week I've been pulling me hair out with it (no pun intended) so I'm intrigued to see what happens. Genuinely appreciate the heads up! My bitch won't go near him for the smell... ive been in stitches, haha.
  5. Tbh I have hope.. been doing some research and the results are mental. Poor lads tail and thighs look like he's had the runs and shite himself mind, haha. The camrosa ointment i use for their cuts may well end up going to the back of the shelf. Its grand for wounds but did nothing for his hair loss. How long have you typically found until you start to see results?
  6. Just given the lad his first dose of this nustock stuff.. stinks to f***ing buggery, and why I expected a thicker consistency i dont know.. went bleeding everywhere, haha..the boats gonna stink of that shit for weeks lol.
  7. Been an interesting read this has.. To throw another question in; there's a lot of speak about the age of the bitch to be lined, but what about the sire? Would most prefer to line their bitch with a proven worker of 4/5 seasons, or is a young sire of perhaps the 3, with hard proven work, good enough if he has the capabilities you're looking for?
  8. Did a Google, had a read and have a tube on order. Spot on, thank you bud! Was only having ya on marra, aint a bother gonna give the stuff katchum has suggested a go then try the benzyl if dont get anywhere. Id be lost without this forum at times. Much appreciated fellas
  9. Jesus, I got me a real case study of a dog in bad nik here haven't I? I've got a load of nexguard spectra so I'll try it again. I use that monthly on my bitch and just done the same for him straight away. Seems to be a couple +1's for the benzyl benzoate as well so I'll grab some and keep it handy. Thanks bud, apprecaite ya. Ill do a Google and grab some. Tbh, im about at me wits end so if you've had experience of it working, Id happily try it. Twice bud, morning and night feed. Foods weighed and everything lol. Im anal as feck with their food. Mind me asking as to
  10. He's had a full course of everything possible. Im pretty thorough with parasites and worming etc but aint no harm in another go. Someone told me it can be common in kenneled greys but I ain't ever seen it before. Spot on, thank you. I'll crack on with getting some tomorrow
  11. That girl.. she? Wats this?.. Feck off, thats me missus ya arse, haha. Time to pull that Liberal card " dID yOu JUst AssUMe mY GenDeR?" Appreciate all the advice on helping get the lad in a better condition folk. I'll try find some green tripe and throw a bit of brown bread in. Find grains generally go right through both of mine, but I'm open minded. Ignoring muscle size and condition, has anyone got any tips for helping the BTS and hair loss on the tail? Tia
  12. Top pic is when he first came home. The bald patch on his tail has been there from the off, regardless of what I've tried it persists. His bald arse is much better than it was, one thigh is almost grown back entirely and the other is getting there slowly. Not sure what scabs you see, but he's gone from blistered carpal pads and foot pads that were worn through 3 layers to healthy skin. Almost rid him of the dry skin as well. Kid just won't eat fish and cod liver oil goes right through him. Its been a grind. Couple that with the lad having severe gastroenteritis when he cam
  13. Nearly 2 months of proper feeding and exercise and the big lad's finally looking like a proper dog... the poor feck was on the way to wasting away when I got him.
  14. Haha, reads a bit like that dont it.. Nah, she's just mad handy with a suture kit and I've got a stupid phobia of hospitals lol. Only them and my old man that puts the fear of God in me, haha.
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