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  1. Thanks mate, appreciate that. Definitely trying my hardest. Time of year means he gets a few runs on bunnies most nights when we walk, but I only get chance for a night or 2 a week of proper work. This new permission means I've at least got the space to try do the dog justice.
  2. Interesting looking trailer here for a documentary some of you may be keen on; FILMS | Newmount Films WWW.NMFILMS.CO.UK Unsure if it'll be released free anywhere but it premiers later this month and costs about £7 by the looks of it. Atb.
  3. Got access to a huge permission yesterday but through funny circumstances, so thought to share and ask if anyone else has had similar. Excuse the essay; Went out for a daytime wander with the dogs and the missus around one of my favourite mooching grounds where I grew up. Just as we're getting on to the first footpath, a gamekeeper spins up the road on his atv gesturing at us to stop. Gives the usual, "those dogs better only be walking on footpaths on leads" routine, but was friendly enough if a lil suspicious, so l took him as I found him. An hour or so later and we're having a wee
  4. I'm clearly just a lot softer than you old gets haha. I just feel a prick all toasty warm in me shooting jacket as they shake like an alzheimers patient lol.
  5. How do, Any recommendations on jackets for the hounds? My bitch last year was in a blizzard jacket, good price and decent quality too, but she outgrew it before spring, and now the big lad's here as well, I wanna get em both wrapped up for our 5am wanders. I'm a cnut but not when it comes to me dogs and the poor feck's were visibly cold this morning. What you using?
  6. Thanks all genuinely over the moon with how he's turning out and the fact decent dog men can see the work going in means a lot. Slip em good fellas
  7. Completely forgot to update on the big lad.. Managed to get his weight up proper and have had him on this dr john feed for the past week or two. The nu-stock worked well on the patch on his tail so far as the dry skin, but hair growth has been minimal. Got one of his thighs back to looking decent, and the other has got worse.. I rate he's just a bit broken bless him, haha. That said, I think his condition and coat have come on loads, especially this past couple weeks since we've been out tackling proper night time quarry. We keep at it! Thanks for all the advice fellas.
  8. Woke up at 5am this morning to the sound of rain bouncing off the roof and felt like a kid at Christmas. Missus thinks I'm mental, but I could hardly contain me happiness at seeing it's supposedly thrashing it down all week. Hope you all find the chance to get out and find some fun! ... and to think I took this photo yesterday, sat, practically praying for the rain, haha.
  9. My bitch is a mostly whippet lurcher, with a dash of collie and gray. Thing can run like the f***ing clappers and spanks the whippets that she runs rabbits with.. silly bitch gets left for dead if she goes for anything else though. Fun to watch, but both she's tried have had her pants down. Preban ofc.
  10. Numbers are half decent round me.. I know of two dens that have had kits this year within half a mile of where I live. Fields here aren't shot as much as where I grew up though so I reckon they get more of chance. Funny story from last month; took the dogs on a daytime mooch around some new fields I found. Had a minute leaning against a 5 bar, on a wee track, looking out over a field. 2 or 3 minutes passes and I hear a wee rustle of crunching grass behind me and turned to see a dog fox, not 10ft away from my bitch, stalking his way down the track, gaze fixed on her. Soon as I
  11. I'll post some results same time next week I've been pulling me hair out with it (no pun intended) so I'm intrigued to see what happens. Genuinely appreciate the heads up! My bitch won't go near him for the smell... ive been in stitches, haha.
  12. Tbh I have hope.. been doing some research and the results are mental. Poor lads tail and thighs look like he's had the runs and shite himself mind, haha. The camrosa ointment i use for their cuts may well end up going to the back of the shelf. Its grand for wounds but did nothing for his hair loss. How long have you typically found until you start to see results?
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