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  1. My bitch can be quite timid around other dogs especially on lead but she's twice seen Charlie accidentally and not had a second thought. Personally I wouldn't say its any measure as to whether or not he'll do the job, just keep building his confidence. Consider doubling him his first time as well. Some onnhere might say otherwise but it'll help him have the confidence.
  2. Similar-ish breeding, + a lil saluki and whippet. He's a prick but good worker across the board.
  3. Nothing like cracking open a nice new can of worms eh? Haha, I shouldn't have bothered Find it interesting people's ideas on bull x in the mix and what it does. My only experience of a full blood bull is my best mates bitch and shes a cnut tbf. Lovely with people, arse with anything else. Big lad's definitely game.. worrying about doubling him up his first time out wasn't needed.. he's just definitely a fxking prick as well. I've got f**k all idea what happened to him before me though and judging by the state he came in, it could be anything. For my 10p worth, I don't rate a ga
  4. Aye 90% of it's on lead. 1/8th bull. Nearly 3. I'm not one for giving dogs a beating like, I see it the same way, beating a dog don't change it. I can deal, just a shame to have to stop working him with mates dogs. f****r can wait in the van lol. Hadn't thought of that tbf. He's only ran doubled up once with me when he got tried on new quarry, and the only dog he can stand to work with now is my bitch. Appreciate you all taking the time to respond. Didnt expect some magic work around but at least Im not going mad like. I'll keep on as I am and
  5. Title says it all really, I know there's some decent knowledge on here so looking for advice. The dogs been with me for nearly 6 months and has always been cranky with other dogs, but it's getting stupid. Started with just big or intact dogs, then anything black, now it's almost every fecking hound regardless of gender. Thought it might a lack of work initially but he's been on the lamp averaging twice a week since he got in shape, and it ain't made a difference. I've been doing corrective and positive reinforcement the entire time but ain't getting anywhere. Otherwise, behavio
  6. That's literally it exactly. Swelled up and acting just like I'd expect but no blood. She's real close to the bitch she runs with so wouldn't surprise me if she triggered something. Saves me a mess for a few months lol. She's only just worked her first season so gonna let the girl have at least a couple more before she has to deal with pups She'd never stand for my dog anyway. She's by far the dominant of the two and I wouldn't be surprised if she hurt him if he tried. Joked with the missus that it'd have to be some dog to make her actually lift her tail.
  7. Random one this; has anyone ever had their bitch show signs of a phantom season?..dunno how best else to explain it tbh like. My youngest has been showing all the signs of her third season, even having my dog going off his breakfast for a week and chattering his teeth like a crack addict going cold turkey whenever near her. 10 days later. Feck all. A bitch she runs with recently came into season and has taken pups, so thought she may have kick started her, but nearly 2 weeks later, were back to normal. Found it quite odd so thought to ask. Tia.
  8. Thanks mate, appreciate that. Definitely trying my hardest. Time of year means he gets a few runs on bunnies most nights when we walk, but I only get chance for a night or 2 a week of proper work. This new permission means I've at least got the space to try do the dog justice.
  9. Interesting looking trailer here for a documentary some of you may be keen on; FILMS | Newmount Films WWW.NMFILMS.CO.UK Unsure if it'll be released free anywhere but it premiers later this month and costs about £7 by the looks of it. Atb.
  10. Got access to a huge permission yesterday but through funny circumstances, so thought to share and ask if anyone else has had similar. Excuse the essay; Went out for a daytime wander with the dogs and the missus around one of my favourite mooching grounds where I grew up. Just as we're getting on to the first footpath, a gamekeeper spins up the road on his atv gesturing at us to stop. Gives the usual, "those dogs better only be walking on footpaths on leads" routine, but was friendly enough if a lil suspicious, so l took him as I found him. An hour or so later and we're having a wee
  11. I'm clearly just a lot softer than you old gets haha. I just feel a prick all toasty warm in me shooting jacket as they shake like an alzheimers patient lol.
  12. How do, Any recommendations on jackets for the hounds? My bitch last year was in a blizzard jacket, good price and decent quality too, but she outgrew it before spring, and now the big lad's here as well, I wanna get em both wrapped up for our 5am wanders. I'm a cnut but not when it comes to me dogs and the poor feck's were visibly cold this morning. What you using?
  13. Thanks all genuinely over the moon with how he's turning out and the fact decent dog men can see the work going in means a lot. Slip em good fellas
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