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  1. So, it turns out I've caught the lurcher bug... my bitch had her first season nay too long ago and even if we're some way off, it's kick started me thinking about what to cross her with. She's mostly whippet with a wee bit of collie and grey in her grandparents. Has the makings of a good daytime dog and we've not long started training on the lamp where she's thriving. The obvious go to might be a beddy whip but does anyone run similar dogs x'd with saluki x's? Something about watching a sand slug x run, reet does it for me and I cant help think the two would make a stella dog.
  2. I thought similar so I'm gonna ask for a written commendation of sorts, but I feel like the dogs success alone isn't the issue and it's more about the fact that, in their words "its rather barbaric to use a dog".
  3. I live at a huge marina and for the past month or so, my bitch has been nailing at least one rabbit almost every other night as we take a wander around the field. After bagging 3 in one pass round last night, I thought today I'd do right by the land owner and ask for permission to run the dog proper, as they clearly have a bigger problem than I'd noticed and I'd be happy to oblige. Was all polite, even put on me Sunday shirt, but as soon as I mentioned managing rabbits, they got funny. Now I'm not asking for anything and I'll keep walking my bitch regardless, but why is it that whe
  4. Moody bitch'll come round. I ain't experienced similar myself but my Da had an old deer hound x that thought she was tops when he weren't about. Bought a wee terrier home one week and she was an utter c**t. Caught her trying to pin the wee feck in the corner of the kitchen, teeth bared the lot, snarling like she owned the place.. now I'm not one for smacking my dog about, but you've never seen such a big dog shit its pants as when Da came storming in, slipper in hand. Only took the once... she soon learnt. Thems pack animals at the end of the day. The more she see's you accep
  5. Couple of the pup from the past few month.
  6. Haha, thats exactly where I'm at! Tend to just walk off and she eventually follows... thank feck she hasn't a saluki's wanderlust, I'd be buggered.
  7. Nice to read people not writing full whippets off for running a hare. Some of the best coursing I've seen was a bitch bred out of a coursing x racing whippet. Thing stands at 20" on a good day but legs them long ears like its life depends on it.
  8. @Countryman62 nailed it, Fee-a, slight over emphasis on the fee and a phonetic (lower case) a. Its Irish for wild/untamed (the damn bitch was practically feral when I bought her home lol). Thanks ever so much bud.
  9. Re-read what I said fella. Raised in, not raised as. Secondly when did I say I hate this country? Haha. Im English. Born here and raised here. I've my own mind to govern my sensibilities pal and the politics of my kin dont affect my own. It was said for context as to why I always back the little man. Settle down.
  10. Alright Mr Literal, haha. You know what I meant by argue, perhaps retort would've been the better word? My bad, either way, we can agree to disagree. I just find it saddening the mentality shown from one human to another. There's c**ts from every background, be it Muslim, Christian, Jew, atheist or any nationality but that doesn't mean thats whats happening in Palestine is OK.
  11. I call em as I see em pal. I like that you argue that comment though but not the logic I stated earlier lol. Says a lot.
  12. Tell ya what I've learnt more than anything reading this thread? Racists are f***ing everywhere and humanity is damn lacking. I'ma go back to reading and posting about lurchers and shooting .... on that note though, you lads moaning about Muslims and arabs best not be running damn salukis, haha. Im out, would rather bang my head against a brick wall than argue with narrow mindedness.
  13. You heard yourself bud? What the feck dya think zionism is? Haha
  14. Aye, I understand that but for context, let's imagine this scenario; Britain is colonised by foreign power X. X then invites Celtic folk who believe they have a right to the land based on the gaul tribes that likely first settled here to take idk, Cornwall as their own. Over the next 60 or so years, these celts through forced occupation begin to remove British people from their homes and coralle them into smaller and smaller pockets of land whilst illegally taking said land that they were not promised by X nor was agreed on in treaties. A political party that has British freedom as
  15. Thanks bud, shes got promise as a good daytime dog and loves the wee bit of lamping we've done. Just the recall thats gone south since hitting adolescence.. we'll get there, I hope.
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