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  1. He’s not overweight or really unfit but I don’t walk or run him on ground with nothing for hours on end, as I want him to run in trials ideally and he has to come out running. If you run them too long or on ground with no game they can start to pace themselves and just plod about. My mates done it with his two cockers, he takes them on big walks and walking holidays they might be out for 3-4 hours at times, when he brings his dog out to hunt now it just walks from cover to cover don’t run at all, so I am trying to avoid that. In the season I imagine hunting on game for periods will add fitness but I would like to condition the dog before that to try and give him the best chances.
  2. It’s finding the spot with plenty of rabbits that’s the hard part.
  3. They need to be running alongside a bike or similar then really?
  4. Just at walking speed? thanks for replying
  5. Does walking the dog for a long time on the lead say along the roads/pavements build fitness? I am wanting to build fitness in my spaniel, however I don't want to hunt him endlessly as I know this can create a dog that just plods along when set off to hunt (my mates does it as it's used to being taken on 3-4 hours walks regularly). I want to maintain that hunting intensity but also need the dog to be fit enough to run flat out for a good period of time without being knackered. I imagine when the season comes real hunting will help put that peak performance in, but until then I need something to get him conditioned to be ready for that. thanks
  6. My mate;s from Mayo over the South, he said they still tar and feather folk who are too much bother, they soon learn to behave or f**k off!
  7. A couple decent bloke with a few spades and a bit of land in the corner of their bog and the c**t be sorted and society would owe them lads a debt.
  8. "Part trained" ... means they probably taught it to sit for a treat. I wouldn't buy anything off the internet etc. If I wanted an older dog I'd only buy it off trainers I know personally as I woudn't trust any f****r. Hence easier to get a pup.
  9. They reckon rabbit fed whole (skin and all) is great for dogs and reduces the need for wormer.
  10. Lloyd90

    Cooked or raw?

    Lamb hearts are offal and I think can make the dog stools looser. A variety of meats needs to be given, as well as roughly 10% bone, and 10% offal (5% liver and 5% other organ/secreting organs). This combo should ensure the dog has everything it needs. I found heart makes mine loose. Adding more bone will firm them up and more offal makes them looser if needed.
  11. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B019EAJ2NW/ref=sspa_dk_detail_1?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B019EAJ2NW&pd_rd_w=ENDhJ&pf_rd_p=1055d8b2-c10c-4d7d-b50d-96300553e15d&pd_rd_wg=NqfT9&pf_rd_r=QP3K59AT5AVV2RC07J4M&pd_rd_r=84e6fb18-4b44-46b2-bc31-afc1a8dbe97c&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUExR0hLVVUzVjVaVU5ZJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMTY1MTE2TExFSFI3RENPSlJOJmVuY3J5cHRlZEFkSWQ9QTAyMjM1NjZSQ0hOSDIxOThGMFomd2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9kZXRhaWwmYWN0aW9uPWNsaWNrUmVkaXJlY3QmZG9Ob3RMb2dDbGljaz10cnVl Is this the same kinda stuff?
  12. I thought the raw bones, as well as egg shells add calcium... perhaps others feeding raw are giving meat only and not bones as well? Liver I believe is full of iron which is added to the food I will try and get some of that keepers mix, what is it and is it any good?
  13. Currently feeding my dog (springer) on DAF raw complete mixes, got different variety of meats, mince with the 10% (sometimes 15% but rarely) bone content and added liver (5%) and other organ meat (5%) to make blocks. I also often add raw green tripe, chicken wings, drumsticks, raw eggs (including shells) and both raw fish like sardines, as well as tinned fish in oil to the dogs diet. I have recently also started adding some kibble to his diet as he was a bit inconsistent on raw only and he has been much better on this. Only give kibble added to the evening meal and add some tree bark powder to it. When I fed him on kibble before he was awful, very skinny, loose shites all the time and they were just generally shite. I just want to make sure he is getting everything he needs, and has enough energy. One of the lads said look to add a supplement called Calci-D, as well as some vitamin supplements, fish oil (I already give raw fish or add salmon oil) and to add turmeric. Any tips of supplements need to be added then lads? What about any veg etc?
  14. Where's that from? No news coerage yet.
  15. If my Mrs passed I'd dig her up and shoot her again! Just to made sure the bitch is dead! ... don't tell her I said that mind!!
  16. Those complete minces with the bone and offal in them n all?
  17. Any of ya lads get too bored can come build me a tiny little kennel for 2 spaniels
  18. No she is a Jones by marriage. Where about in the country are you? Re health testing. I would ideally want parents to be tested, but these days people seem to be bragging about how their dogs are health tested clear, when they might be shit workers. People will advertise litters with long lists of health tests that the parents have passed as if that’s the be all and end all of the decision to buy their pups ... and have almost no mention of the parents working ability. Also as Balaur hinted to, some dogs can be neurotic and wired all the time, where as I know other cocker owners who have field trial champions that live in the house and are well behaved and can switch off lovely. Let me know where about you are and I’ll ask about.
  19. I apologise Balaur ... I meant it in jest, just teasing and having a bit of fun not meant to be taken the wrong way. Sorry if it came across like that The point I was trying to make was ... I know a lot of people with very well bred trialling dogs, who are worked very regularly on shoots, beating, picking up, and being shot over. Personally I find people's excuse of their companion being "just a shooting dog", to often be short for a dog that they haven't really trained, a dog that runs in, chases birds into the next drive, doesn't stop when told, and hunts 100 yards ahead of the handler, ignoring every command as they blow their whistle and hollar away, before telling you how great their dog is ... "Did you see him flushing all those birds? Wow, what a hunter" they will proclaim. Just my personal view of many of the dogs I have seen from shoots I have gone on. A well trained and handling dog, is an absolute beauty to behold, not many will have them, because it takes a lot of time, effort and often money getting the dog into the right places to gain the experience needed. But when you see one, they are outstanding. I would consider a good trialling dog, to be nothing more than a well polished shooting man's dog. There a lots of shooting men out there with brilliant dogs that they have put the effort into, but they have no interest to trial. But I think choosing a trial bred dog is reassurance in a way, you know the parents are trainable, will hunt and have no major faults (at least at the time they won or ran in trials) ... As the story I posted above about the woman with the cocker that wouldn't even jump a 2 foot fence, but had sired numerous litters shows, there is a lot of shit out there, with owners professing what excellent 'working' dogs they are. If you ask how they have done in trials, they will undoubtedly tell you they have no interest in trials, they are 'just shooting dogs' ... Similar to that cocker, there is a black and tan cocker that comes on the small shoot syndicate I joined, once again the dog whines like hell, runs in, ignores the stop whistle, and I have seen birds it brings back, it is harder mouther than a bloody aligator!! It's siring 2-3 litters a season and has his own facebook page for the pups ... Although I joke about a bit, I hope what I say is a bit helpful to the OP and others looking for pups.
  20. Do trialling dogs work in the office or something?
  21. Good work mate Anita Jones has a litter coming up from her bitch that’s run in the championship, Jeremy Organ was planning some litters this summer and Andy Platt and Jamie Reed up in Scotland are both good names but hell of a trip up there. If you don’t trial yourself it can be difficult to get one off the big names, as they want them going to other trial homes who they know will win awards because it gets their kennel names out there. Easier if you want a dog pup as triallers don’t seem so keen on them.
  22. I thought lads on here were dog men ... but who recommends having a pup because of what they look like (or the parents look like) in a picture? I wouldn’t give a flying feck what it looked like, or what colour it is!! I’d want it to hunt like a demon, retrieve to hand and work within shot. Id be looking for parents that will hunt cover ... you’d be surprised how many cockers (and springers) are being bred that won’t hunt proper cover (or cover at all). It’s harder for cockers from the off as they’re smaller and less powerful. Then I’d be trying to find one where the parents don’t squeak ... cockers are notorious for it and it’s bloody annoying! I’ve been on a shoot where they had 7-8 cockers between them and they were going like a blood choir. Then I’d make sure that the breeder knew a bit about them, and spent time giving the pups a proper good start, well socialised with people, children and ensure the pups were bold and confident little things. I saw a cocker at a test last year that wouldn't jump a small fence less than 2ft high (and it had a solid wood rail across the top to make it easy) ... he was 2 year old and the woman said he’d already sired 3 litters ... I asked how he works ... she said oh, she hasn’t really had much time to train him or work him yet ... yet if you asked her what he was like she said what a brilliant little dog he was, what great pups he produces and all that bollocks! Be careful out there lad. I would possibly phone some of the gundog societies or clubs in your area and ask if they can recommend anyone if you can’t get a good recommendation from word of mouth.
  23. Lovely stamp on her ... looks very unique How does she work?
  24. Sounds fair mate How long do they get walked for? I think in the season a dog worked hard benefits from a few days off in-between. My spaniel did a full day beating the other week he was knackered for few days afterwards I didn’t do much with him for few days it wasn’t until a good 3 days after he was his usual self nagging me to go out.
  25. How many of you lads are keeping your gundogs in kennels? A bloke I know who’s also a judges says he finds it makes a big difference, do you find it makes them better workers or easier to train? For those of you that do kennel em, how long as they in the kennel and how often / how long are they out for?
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