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  1. You’d expect them to yap, which can be counter productive for a bit of discreet mooching.
  2. Just leave him on the rubber mat. Thoroughly dry the dog off before he goes in. Any bedding will just retain moisture and make the dog cold (as well as make a mess). Getting the dog dry will ensure they don’t hold the cold and should warm up their sleeping space from their own heat if you ensure their sleeping area is the right size (not a massive shed but an appropriate size sleeping box) and draft free.
  3. When did it go out of print? Just ordered a copy to secure one!
  4. I’m sure I seen one recently in Sportsman for over £500!!
  5. I forgot to say, I told my mate I thought it was unbelievable that they weren't breeding and running on their own pups so they can get dogs in with good backgrounds and stable dogs. He said it costs too much. They buy some in from 'facilities' and certain places, then they also rescue some and just give them a go and then see if they pass the assessment. After the initial dog failed the programme, my mate was given a Dutch Shephard and only had it 2 weeks. This one came from one of the 'facilities' and passed the Police assessment first time after only 2 weeks with him
  6. As usual, a lot of it comes down to cut backs in funding. My mate has just got a job in the dog squad with the Police. The dog he was given was a Belgian Mali rescued from a puppy farm. Dog was alright until it turned and bit him badly, was then failed off the programme. A lot of Belgian Mali's are known for similar I believe, they get wound up (too much go in them) and from the frustration re-direct and bite the handler. You couldn't gift me one of them things. We also have lots of these dogs being bred by idiots who have no business owning them, breed
  7. The problem with that mentally is, simply taking a dog to a shoot 4 days weeek don't make it a good dog. There's untold number of stud adverts out there saying "dog works [insert impressive number]+ days a season", but that's no way what so ever to measure if the dog is any good. A beating dog these days on a driven shoot doesn't even have to do a lot, they run through a woodland with a big number of birds, spooking birds up, often not flushing them properly anyway (bumping birds), and after a few shoot days most of the birds run on anyways so you don't get that many hard contact f
  8. Lloyd90

    Muster dogs

    Watched this on Netflix, well worth a watch, loved it, even my Mrs enjoyed it.
  9. Now that is much worse to the above, depending on what sort of injury and how exactly it came about. There is potential there that they may have been negligent, andare bang out of order. Again you would need a lot more details but I'd be more concerned about a dog coming back with an obvious injury than one coming back with a sickness.
  10. Unless the vet has given you very clear diagnosis of what it actually is then what can you do? Your dog was put into an environment where a large number of other dogs are also housed, coming and going, and as such there is a hugely increased chance of coming across some sort of disease, infection or whatever. Similar to people having little kids, who go off to school everyday spreading their coughts, infections and whatever else, then bring it back home to the whole family. It's just one of those things in life. If it was something your friend had done that was ne
  11. The only measureable way to look at "producers" is to look at which stud dogs have had pups go on to win at novice and open trial level. Despite that, there will be plenty good dogs out there that have never been run in a trial. What is it that you are looking for? What lines are your bitch? What is her good points and what are her downsides that you are wanting to improve on?
  12. Lloyd90


    That’s been heavily investigated and no evidence found. You’ve been watching too many YouTube conspiracy videos lad. They noted that rebels they were working with were also involved in supply of some drugs. That don’t mean the CIA personally smuggled drugs. CIA involvement in Contra cocaine trafficking - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  13. Lloyd90


    Delusional or naive? The amount of things coming into the country, lorries, cars, containers, flights, drug dealing probably one of the biggest industries in the world. Huge drug just just the other week so many tons of coke and they prob just write it off as an operating cost.
  14. It’s just arrived and I put it in the kennel; even when on the 250w setting I didn’t think there was much heat being given off.
  15. Cheers, do you just use the red bulb?
  16. Not looking for other recommendations eg saying get a tube heater etc, just want a lamp for switching on briefly when the dogs get back from work and they are wet etc, give them a blast to dry off and warm up before bedding down. Does it make a difference which lamp you get? Does the bulb matter? These ones on sale are cheap, I was thinking just buy the shade and get a ceramic bulb separate as I am sure I read ceramic bulbs are better? Maybe that the glass bulbs can shatter but the ceramic ones don’t? Also if you get a 250w shade and 250w bulb, with the
  17. Are bull dog shovels still the go to? Is this the one? https://bulldoghandtools.co.uk/bulldog-spades/bulldog-rabbiting-spades/bulldog-rabbiting-planting-spade-28-ash-t-shaped-handle-5514t28n?gclid=Cj0KCQjwk7ugBhDIARIsAGuvgPZ_hPFI_aHnS4wFBcl5Npz7EI7eBwvesa9IF_AyER1bJMo9BWgF7xkaAraBEALw_wcB
  18. Anything else? I’ll give it a go
  19. What's so good about it then? For dogs and humans ...
  20. I’m flat out over Xmas working in the emergency social work team… however for the first time in years I’ve got Xmas day off. Home with the Mrs, will take the dogs up the common early morning to give them a good run out, might chase a hare like they did last year , … I shouldn’t laugh they’re bloody spaniels… then back home to cook a goose and all the veg. One of our mates was due to go back to Ireland but her plans collapsed last minute so we’re dragging her over to our house as we won’t have her spend Xmas home alone.
  21. Tell ya teenager the benefits of cold air and cold showers for sexual performance.
  22. I see loads of people bringing young dogs on shoots. They say it’s nonsense to wait and how the dog is brilliant, or they bring it along and just keep it on a lead etc … I go back a year or two later, the dogs pretty much always have major faults and they either don’t bring the dog anymore cos it’s totally wild, or even worse they still bring the dog and they think it’s brilliant, when in reality it’s out of control and totally shit.
  23. Some of the worst dog's I've ever seen on shoots belonged to the keepers
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