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  1. You don't need to add carbs you need to add more kcals, easiest from fat. Crack an egg over the meals your already feeding. Add a spoon of oil, add a tin of fish, add some beef dripping or goose fat. Add salmon oil. Just feed a larger quantity of what your already feeding.
  2. A mate and I are trying to do just that, how did you find best to trap and transport them?
  3. Jesus 1/2 mile memory... long walk back if the dog forgets Baz lol
  4. What type of thing you do mate? Just lead walking? What distance / time? Ive not done much with mine previously but he’s coming up 15 months now and needs some more fitness. I was up early this morning and we did a big walk round the block at a brisk pace and then did 3 separate bouts of stopping at some cover and hunting intensely for a bit.
  5. Your supposed to sit in the basket and put the dog on the bike you lemon!
  6. Thats the type I’m after mate what attachment is that?
  7. When cycling with dogs, do you use a specialist attachment that goes onto the seat post?
  8. Is this only for running dogs or can it be used for spaniels (or other gundogs) to get into top condition as well?
  9. What you guys doing to get your dogs really fit and ready to go for the season?
  10. I thought it was a bloody leggy cocker don’t worry
  11. Then the OP is not feeding enough of it. You can feed the best food in the world but if the dog doesn’t get enough kcals (you don’t feed a big enough quantity of that food) the dog won’t put no weight on.
  12. I think he’s just getting big enough to be left most of the night mate as he is holding it quite well atm so will start to reduce getting up so early. Considering getting my old spaniel from my mums and leaving her with him for a few weeks so he has some company to settle him down.
  13. Yes mate, hes just very clingy pup, even with a kong full of food he would drop that and try to come with you as you leave instead. Its nice to have a pup that’s so keen to be with you, I’m just worried he won’t grow out of it and he could have a habit of howling for a long time.
  14. Someone has said to me might have to start the water bottle squirting, although someone else has said you don’t want to scare the pup as he’s only young. Also how did you manage to spray him? I ideally want to avoid going into the room so he doesn’t thing whingeing means I come to him!
  15. Someone has said to me might have to start the water bottle squirting, although someone else has said you don’t want to scare the pup as he’s only young. Also how did you manage to spray him? I ideally want to avoid going into the room so he doesn’t thing whingeing means I come to him!
  16. Got a new pup had him 3 weeks now, first week almost he absolutely screamed and howled all night long, we ignored it as were told if we went down it would reinforce the behaviour. After a few nights we got an Adaptil plug in and fair play he settled much better for a few nights but after that he started howling again but only for a few minutes. Problem is he will also howl daytime any time he is left alone, he won’t howl for too long but it’s loud and don’t really want to fall out with the neighbours. I often go into work late and he is only left for short times
  17. That's the thing mate, if someone wants them bad enough they'll get them regardless of what you've got.
  18. Alright lads, not been on here for a while but know you lads have lots of experience with dogs etc so good to ask, I'm looking to get a Mitton Hall Kennel, a blenheim for my springer spaniel pup - just not sure whether to get the mesh or the bars - mesh is £1325 and bars its £1525. Expensive but heard they'll pretty much last forever and would rather spend out once than have to replace wood in future etc. Heard some dog can climb out of mesh - my spaniel climbed out of the "puppy pen" my mrs bought within about 5 minutes but these have a roof so not sure that would be an is
  19. Has anyone put in a drain for kennels? Want to get a kennel and run up in th garden before new pup comes, there is a drain pipe down the back of the house that collects rain water off the house, would I be able to run it into this or not? Even if I can will it be on enough of a slope to drain the water away? I will measure the distance from the back of the house to the back of the garden in a bit but it’s not a huge garden, approx 5m. Currently mostly laid to slabs so I assume those would need to be lifted and have a trench dug down for the pipe? Unfortunately the on
  20. I don’t get ya sorry mate? Its like inbetween the pads on his paws are red and irritation
  21. Anyone know any remedies for irritated paws and possible allergies? Out visiting family abroad and they have a lovely mastiff x ridgeback but he gets things like pollen on his paws and they get red and inflamed - he then licks them and they get worse. Hes on Lorreradine anti histamine and some steroid (blue tablets - 20mg of presnisolone) but they’ve never got him good enough to just be on the anti histamine. He also has his feet washed in Malaceb anti fungal wash once a week ish at least and more if he’s bad. Issues they are having is that they can’t walk
  22. Hawke Panorama 4-12 - EV 1/2 mildot - £70 posted View Advert It's all in the title really Hawke Panorama 4-12 - EV 1/2 mildot - £80 posted Few little marks - can send pics if wanted Advertiser Lloyd90 Date 19/01/18 Price £70.00 Category Scopes and Optics  
  23. Too much oil (ghee) for me, bloody swimming in the stuff so don't have it very often! Not to bad if you make your own but it don't taste the same! Chinese ain't no better, most their sauces jammed full of sugar! Fast takeaway food one of the main reasons for obesity in this country I reckon!
  24. Owen is a true gent and true and had a great time visiting him! Fair play he went right out of his way to get me on a Buck I've been out on paid stalks before and didn't even get to pull the trigger so to have gents like Owen willing to take people out and get them onto deer without asking for anything speaks volumes about his character!! Was very happy as I'd reloaded my own rounds from scratch, practiced and now bagged my first ever Roe Buck had Roe steaks with veg for lunch and venison stew for tea lol Once again thank you Owen! I'll remember my first ever Roe Buck for a long
  25. why would a protein shake show up in a drug test They are steroid supplements used mainly in the bodybuilding world mate. They're a natural product from making milk and are just the skim off the milk, contains protein same as chicken, beef or fish! Not sure if your actually serious or taking the piss Sorry I thought protein shakes were banned for natural athletes but I've looked it up there and i think I was getting it confused with another banned strength supplement called creatine. Stop pulling people legs
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