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  1. Without a doubt, but it’s still more verified than the bloke down the local shoot breeding his bitch and telling you what a great worker it is, when it’s hard mouthed, makes noise, runs in and is a shit game finder. Most triallers wouldn’t waste their time with a dog with major faults. A know several such people who are pumping out cocker pups, raving about the dogs and claiming they are working, and they do little more than take their dogs for a walk on a shoot and the parents are awful. One bloke brags his dog has sired over 100 pups, the dog crunches birds
  2. What do you want it to do? How often? What mix will it be used for retrieving (I assume shot game?) vs following up shot deer? To be honest I’d do yourself a favour and just get a decent bred Labrador. For a first gundog you can’t go wrong, they can turn their hand to most jobs easily enough. Those pointer breeds can be a nightmare and a spaniel isn’t the most suited dog for sitting calmly and then trailing up a shot deer, although many can do it. A Labrador will just make things a lot easier.
  3. Paid £550 and £600 for my 2 springers, both from top trialling lines. Next summer they will be 4 and 2 years old. I looked for trial lines because I wanted some sort of verifiable way that the dogs would have some quality to them and I genuinely think it’s hard to get a honest review of a dog. I see a lot of owners who think or tell everyone their dog is a good worker and when you see it it has major faults and should never be bred! Trialling isn’t the only important thing but at least you know on that day the dog was good and verified by judges etc.
  4. Good to know mate I will get a cocker one day, maybe as the next one, if I can find the right pup
  5. I prefer McCain, last better in the freezer.
  6. I've never had a cocker myself, what sort of differences can you see? Interesting to know Regardless, are you happy with the dog?
  7. Years ago you'd have lads lamping taking a few for the pot and the rest getting lamp shy and getting away. These last few years we have lads with thermal, night vision rifles and all sorts able to take out tripple figures in a single night... then moaning the next few seasons why there's nothing about. Then you got these rabbit diseases on top. I spoke to a Yorkshire hill farmer the other day, they said they had loads of rabbits about, then one day just came out and they were dead all over the place, and they never came back.
  8. My mate got an absolute cracker beddy x whippet but its Mike Brown whippet, I reckon its got a bit of grew in it as he's fairly big size dog. If he wanted to be so inclined it would do all sorts of game but he obviously ones uses it for rabbit ... If anyone got a nice bitch and wants to put this type across it they could do worse.
  9. No such thing as a FTCH Sprocker ... unless you believe the rumours about one of the big names
  10. Carrying the dog calmly by the scruff back to the spot it moved from? Then giving it a slap on the arse? You can’t have seen / trainer many gundogs to a high standard if you think that was over the top.
  11. Not worth listening to all the shite that goes on out there.
  12. Is it? How is it? Next time someone commits a crime somewhere, go out and kick the shit out of someone that had nothing to do with it. Then you can say "well at least we did something"... Is that how it works? At least you did something? Even if the something you did had nothing to do with the issue you have a grievance with...
  13. Except it was nothing to do with policy ... an individual librarian handed out some badges. Two individual teachers did some political stuff in their own spare time. That's not reflective of the school's policy. It had nothing to do with the board.
  14. Is that the standard we are aiming for? If I disagree with a decision I can go and shout at someone who's got absolutely nothing to do with that decision? I don't agree with cancel culture myself, shall I go down the local council office and shout at the admin staff who take calls "I paid for your desk!!" How on earth is that going to resolve anything?
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