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    Rough Shooting, Wildfowling, Boxing, Working out! Keeping fit, Gundogs, Working dogs. The odd drink :)

    Just trying to find land to hopefully set up some shooting for me n my dogs to enjoy :)

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  1. Lloyd90


    My mate did the Milk for Muller, prices of everything gone through the roof. Contract came to an end, they refused to pay anymore. He worked out he would make almost nothing on the milk, they still refused to pay anymore. He told them to find someone else to work for free and sold his entire herd. 200+ Cows I think.
  2. What do you use em for mate? I’ve only seen one in person working and I’ll be blunt but honest weren’t that impressed sadly. Was real disappointed as heard a lot of good about em.
  3. f**k me lad here's me thinking you was qualified in World politics and had a masters in mordern warfare! Your wasted on the pests lad.
  4. What do you do for a living lad? I bet it aint anything complex ...
  5. Right here we have someone who can’t even spell warfare or don’t know what an ex Pat is coming and calling the Prime Minister of the U.K. thick Saying we should go and shoot down Russian planes in a war we aren’t even involved in. Thinking if the Russians did ever launch a nuclear attack they’d send 1 single missile to the U.K. and that’s all Im glad the lads running the country aren’t some of the thicko’s shouting about how they could do a better job. Leave the shite talk down the pub where it belongs with ya idiot mates. Here’s
  6. Pm sent cheers p3d. Good man. Hi King, Do you still have the pics P3D sent you? Tried to send you a PM but says you can’t receive it.
  7. Terrible Anyone else get the pics?
  8. You still got the pictures from this thread mate? pics are no longer showing but sounds a good setup.
  9. He’s taking the piss out of you
  10. Did you fire a shot as he hit the fence? Just run him on game a bit he should fire back up. Dangerous things those electric fences, get a shock at the wrong time and it can totally ruin a dog. My mates lab picked a bird as it landed on one, she got a nasty shock and never picked game again.
  11. Or a dog with the size and power of a lab, which likes to bugger off like a spaniel? Most people get these top bred dogs, and don't put in much effort training to be blunt, many a wild dog on a shoot thats far better bred than the owner needs. Put the work in and I imagine it will do you well. From what you have described I'd train it like a spaniel, but it might be a bit harder if it takes after the lab character wise.
  12. Brilliant that, what's it made of?
  13. What it cost to know them up mate? I’m going to do something similar when we move
  14. Got any more pics of them kennels mate? What’s inside for the dog to sleep in etc? I like them mate they look tidy. Want to know up something like that myself when we move, atm just got some galv panels in the garage with a dog box but want something like yours outside when we move somewhere with a big garden.
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