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  1. Lloyd90


    That’s been heavily investigated and no evidence found. You’ve been watching too many YouTube conspiracy videos lad. They noted that rebels they were working with were also involved in supply of some drugs. That don’t mean the CIA personally smuggled drugs. CIA involvement in Contra cocaine trafficking - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  2. Lloyd90


    Delusional or naive? The amount of things coming into the country, lorries, cars, containers, flights, drug dealing probably one of the biggest industries in the world. Huge drug just just the other week so many tons of coke and they prob just write it off as an operating cost.
  3. It’s just arrived and I put it in the kennel; even when on the 250w setting I didn’t think there was much heat being given off.
  4. Cheers, do you just use the red bulb?
  5. Not looking for other recommendations eg saying get a tube heater etc, just want a lamp for switching on briefly when the dogs get back from work and they are wet etc, give them a blast to dry off and warm up before bedding down. Does it make a difference which lamp you get? Does the bulb matter? These ones on sale are cheap, I was thinking just buy the shade and get a ceramic bulb separate as I am sure I read ceramic bulbs are better? Maybe that the glass bulbs can shatter but the ceramic ones don’t? Also if you get a 250w shade and 250w bulb, with the
  6. Are bull dog shovels still the go to? Is this the one? https://bulldoghandtools.co.uk/bulldog-spades/bulldog-rabbiting-spades/bulldog-rabbiting-planting-spade-28-ash-t-shaped-handle-5514t28n?gclid=Cj0KCQjwk7ugBhDIARIsAGuvgPZ_hPFI_aHnS4wFBcl5Npz7EI7eBwvesa9IF_AyER1bJMo9BWgF7xkaAraBEALw_wcB
  7. Anything else? I’ll give it a go
  8. What's so good about it then? For dogs and humans ...
  9. I’m flat out over Xmas working in the emergency social work team… however for the first time in years I’ve got Xmas day off. Home with the Mrs, will take the dogs up the common early morning to give them a good run out, might chase a hare like they did last year , … I shouldn’t laugh they’re bloody spaniels… then back home to cook a goose and all the veg. One of our mates was due to go back to Ireland but her plans collapsed last minute so we’re dragging her over to our house as we won’t have her spend Xmas home alone.
  10. Tell ya teenager the benefits of cold air and cold showers for sexual performance.
  11. I see loads of people bringing young dogs on shoots. They say it’s nonsense to wait and how the dog is brilliant, or they bring it along and just keep it on a lead etc … I go back a year or two later, the dogs pretty much always have major faults and they either don’t bring the dog anymore cos it’s totally wild, or even worse they still bring the dog and they think it’s brilliant, when in reality it’s out of control and totally shit.
  12. Some of the worst dog's I've ever seen on shoots belonged to the keepers
  13. Just a word of advice, take it or leave it. More dogs are ruined by doing too much too soon, than waiting for them to mature a bit. It's nice to get your dog out but at 9 months working on a shoot, it's the perfect melting pot for problems to come up and be learned for life. I shot over my young spaniel too young, and have lived with the concequences ever since. I still managed to make him into a trial winner but would of been a lot easier if I didn't have to correct the faults / bad habits that were learned when rushing in too soon. I am glad to
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