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  1. They probably earn enough on you tube.at first i thought they were all a bunch on c**ts.but then I saw cops demanding there Personnel info when they have no right to. The police are always the ones looking stupid by this 1 particular auditor.other shit like job centre's with people's Personnel info on show.they should be held accountable.everyone of them who get paid from the public should follow what they preach.even if it seems petty. Why should an ordinary member of the public,ok a litter enforcement officer but still why should he or she be allowed to demand names and addresses when i
  2. The police make the content not the auditor. He's going about his lawfull rights on public owned land filming.they film us all the time,cctv.its the police coming across as wanting to be billy big bollocks. Demanding names when they have zero rights to know,quoting acts and laws that are false.its good to know your right weather you like them or not and to maje sure the police are foing sll that there neant to do by the book.the police stand for ages threatening members of the public with this or that.but always leaving in the end doing nothing. And the litter enforcement.traffic war
  3. Going after people going about there normal lives us a bit to much but when they go after the police and civil services.its good to know what all our right are and to exercise them fully.
  4. What happened to pongo the polecat.?
  5. What happened to Mongols Greyman.?
  6. Your going to get called greb.
  7. That is pointless ain't it.
  8. Both mate.i love a real strong pickled onion with cheddar and a sweet cider too but fir me put that yellow plastic square shit on a good burger.that gutter takeaway style stuff.stilton burger too I like.
  9. hot dog


    Are they the same as snus because I can't have snus.makes me gag,puke and burn my lips and gums.
  10. Seriously think of this for a 10 year project.
  11. I had some loaded fries with bacon,chillie and that sort of cheese sauce and it was f***ing lovely. But a buger needs cheddar I think.
  12. That cheese always ruins a burger i think.it need a thick slice of cheddar.
  13. hot dog


    £70 for that.
  14. I just presumed to were selling eating eggs.saw local honey and £6 a jar the other day and just thought it might be more money for less work.but chickens are better than bees.
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