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  1. Years ago you'd have lads lamping taking a few for the pot and the rest getting lamp shy and getting away. These last few years we have lads with thermal, night vision rifles and all sorts able to take out tripple figures in a single night... then moaning the next few seasons why there's nothing about. Then you got these rabbit diseases on top. I spoke to a Yorkshire hill farmer the other day, they said they had loads of rabbits about, then one day just came out and they were dead all over the place, and they never came back.
  2. My mate got an absolute cracker beddy x whippet but its Mike Brown whippet, I reckon its got a bit of grew in it as he's fairly big size dog. If he wanted to be so inclined it would do all sorts of game but he obviously ones uses it for rabbit ... If anyone got a nice bitch and wants to put this type across it they could do worse.
  3. No such thing as a FTCH Sprocker ... unless you believe the rumours about one of the big names
  4. Carrying the dog calmly by the scruff back to the spot it moved from? Then giving it a slap on the arse? You can’t have seen / trainer many gundogs to a high standard if you think that was over the top.
  5. Not worth listening to all the shite that goes on out there.
  6. Is it? How is it? Next time someone commits a crime somewhere, go out and kick the shit out of someone that had nothing to do with it. Then you can say "well at least we did something"... Is that how it works? At least you did something? Even if the something you did had nothing to do with the issue you have a grievance with...
  7. Except it was nothing to do with policy ... an individual librarian handed out some badges. Two individual teachers did some political stuff in their own spare time. That's not reflective of the school's policy. It had nothing to do with the board.
  8. Is that the standard we are aiming for? If I disagree with a decision I can go and shout at someone who's got absolutely nothing to do with that decision? I don't agree with cancel culture myself, shall I go down the local council office and shout at the admin staff who take calls "I paid for your desk!!" How on earth is that going to resolve anything?
  9. She sounds like a complete nutcase, just throwing out words she thinks are dramatic. Treason isn't an act that a school can do against children. No teacher in that school ever told anyone to go out and kill a Police Officer. They had an assignment that was on a hot topic in the USA at the time. "You work for me!", "YOU WORK FOR ME!!"... sounds like one of those numpties that gets pulled over by the Police, then tells the copper they pay their wages. The best response, "I work for nothing doing this... this is a volunteer position!" ... "WELL THEN I PAID FOR THAT
  10. I have seen it vary massively, with some dogs with very fine coats that hardly moult at all, and others with huge shaggy coats that when they came to visit our home within an hour left hair EVERYWHERE. You shouldn't really have spaniels (or most gundogs) clipped as it ruins the coat. The hair when properly brushed lets air flow between it cooling a dog but stops the sun getting onto the dogs skin. Clipping them lets the sun get onto their skin and they can overheat and get sunburn.
  11. If the buzzer goes then someone else who isn’t on their break needs to respond to it. Tell the manager they need to cover the breaks if there’s no one else working. I don’t work on my breaks if I’m not getting paid. It takes two people to take the piss in a business relationship, them to try it and you to let them.
  12. I’ve got an ASE UTRA stainless never rot etc for sale £100, as I just use the one sound mod on my 308 across both guns now. In Bristol if you want a cheap mod
  13. I’ve worked through this whole thing. Going into peoples homes and flat out on hospital wards, as well as custody and looking after kids, assessing people who’ve had a breakdown and getting them into mental hospital. And helping kids being abused by their wanker parents. I don’t want no prick to come and tell me what a good job I done. I signed up for it and I’m doing it. My mates a nurse f**k me she hasn’t stopped moaning about it every 5 minutes. I told her to shut the f**k up and quit if she don’t like the job but I think she just enjoys moaning. See a lot o
  14. Depends how big an op it is on the dog. Put my old bitch down few months back, Vet wanted to take her back leg off at age 11, I told them wouldn't put her through such a huge op. Doubt she'd have made it through it anyways. PTS, swift and painless, she sat in my arms whilst I blubbed like a little girl
  15. You'd be surprised. Lots of pet/working homes don't want well bred dogs. I have seen lads with FTCH bred pups (especially springers) struggling to get the pups sold. People breeding have put out the idea that a dog with a lot of red in the pedigree will be "too hot to handle" and everyone always gets told don't get a dog with too much red. Yet all the top training books and blokes of wise all say get the best bred dog you can get. You'd think a well bred dog would evidence its trainability but it seems the people breeding dog's that are complete crap know more
  16. You'd have more luck looking up which Cocker's are FTCH's are messaging the top kennels than asking on a random forum I am afraid. If you don't have any contacts in the trialling words then I think you'll struggle. However I think you'll find it easy enough to get a pup sired by a FTCH, anyone can take a bitch that's garbage to the latest FTCH stud dog and get him thrown over her for a few hundred quid. Try and find a bitch thats been well line bred to a good stud dog, where the bitch is also out of top lines.
  17. I give chicken or duck feet as a quick chew and adds a bit of bone I believe.
  18. Good if I added the video lol
  19. Just watching this video - greyhound racing man, feeding his dog oats and milk in the morning. I always thought dogs' can't digest milk? and run best on fats for energy? Yet this guy appears to be (Im not into greyhound racing) a bit of a player in the greyhound racing game, so I would think it unlikely he would be doing it wrong? He says 85% what you put into them, can't get it out if you don't put the right stuff in. Dog gets 3+ miles a day walking and a good mixed variety of food. I am wondering if feeding similar would also benefit gundogs ..
  20. Dave Lissett ones are probably the best ones I've ever seen. There's a cocker one called working cocker wildside, biggest load of shite I ever seen. Bloke has about 10 what look like show bred cockers, "hunting" about at a slow plod, about 5-6 feet in front of him. If the bird I was hunting was ever that close I would go over and kick it up myself. Nice type of dogif I suppose your on an estate with 10,000 birds in a woodland and you just want to bumble along bumping them up with your dog ignoring everyone of them. Not really hunting IMO but there we go.
  21. I would teach a really solid recall, teach the dog you are great fun to be with and do little play games of hunting and obedience for the first 6 months. Get the dog out and about but coming back on recall in lots of different places. I wouldn't do loads and loads of retrieving, especially if you want the dog to go beating. A beating dog flushes game but hardly ever gets sent for a retrieve. I trained my springer like the books etc say, then after a flush he was always looking to go and retrieve that bird. Easier to train a dog to flush and ignore the bird and carry o
  22. That is one real handsome dog!
  23. How big are your block kennels mate?? Run size and sleeping box size?
  24. If you had a block built kennel block (so indoors) would you want the dog in a small enclosed sleeping box or just in the open on a raised bench? I have seen lads do both just wonder wondered which people use and why? Both need to be up off the floor obviously.
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