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  1. Just a word of advice, take it or leave it. More dogs are ruined by doing too much too soon, than waiting for them to mature a bit. It's nice to get your dog out but at 9 months working on a shoot, it's the perfect melting pot for problems to come up and be learned for life. I shot over my young spaniel too young, and have lived with the concequences ever since. I still managed to make him into a trial winner but would of been a lot easier if I didn't have to correct the faults / bad habits that were learned when rushing in too soon. I am glad to
  2. My mate with indoor kennels has noticed the dogs coats aren’t as thin and weather resistant as they were when his kennels were just outside pens.
  3. Im waiting to move house as want to get more dogs for trialling and working. I’ve spent ages looking at loads of different options but think there’s big pro’s and cons between different setups. I’d avoid wood totally now, and myself I am leaning heavily to the KM engineering setups, as if you ever do move you can take them down and move them with you. It’s a lot of money for a block / brick building and all the time I hear of lads splitting up with the Mrs or anything.
  4. Alright baker boy, Apologies he’s 3/4 whippet 1/4 beddy.
  5. I believe so I’ve just sent him message to check. What I will say is it’s well worked, he’s out several nights a week and the dog takes all sorts.
  6. My mates got a cracking beddy x grey cross dog, takes anything you’d want, if anyone got a tidy bitch they want to use it on send me PM.
  7. Is she half cross kelpie greyhound?
  8. That bred the same? Collie lurcher x collie lurcher?
  9. Anyone know the breeding on these dogs? Kelpie cross or collie?
  10. Just spent 11 weeks travelling the USA. Loved NYC, make sure you get to Ground Zero early as they shut around 5 and will literally Chuck you out, there’s quite a lot to see inside. We saw 2 broadway shows which was good experience. The Empire State, Statue of Liberty etc all worth a look but absolutely rammed full of people, to the point they were a bit off putting. A very intense place but the energy is electric.
  11. One of the gundog lads had a family nearby who come for lessons, not farmers but had a small holding, few out buildingd and a shed with some collectable cars and a few gundogs. They got a Neo thinking it would protect the land, cars, kennels etc. Said one day, for what they saw was no reason at all, it just grabbed their toddler and started ragging her about like a terrier does to a rat. Luckily it was winter and she was wearing a thick puffed up coat. She got thrown out of the coat and the dad rushed her off to hospital as despite the coat it had broken her collar bon
  12. What you have described is not hard mouth. Hard mouth would be if the dog was picking the bird and crunching the ribs in. What you have is a dog that is unsure / a reluctant retriever. Possibly caused by you telling the dog off when near game / flushing or chasing? It can be sorted out, there’s various tricks, put the bird in a stocking, let the dog run in whilst enthusiastic etc. Go and see a (good) professional for a lesson if your not sure.
  13. Vet won‘t do it. It’s got to be done before the pups 4/5 days old. Count’s as an amputation after that and they won’t do it just because you fancy it. This is why it’s important to choose the right pup from working parents, who’s breeder bothers to dock them / raise them properly.
  14. Lloyd90


    My mate did the Milk for Muller, prices of everything gone through the roof. Contract came to an end, they refused to pay anymore. He worked out he would make almost nothing on the milk, they still refused to pay anymore. He told them to find someone else to work for free and sold his entire herd. 200+ Cows I think.
  15. What do you use em for mate? I’ve only seen one in person working and I’ll be blunt but honest weren’t that impressed sadly. Was real disappointed as heard a lot of good about em.
  16. f**k me lad here's me thinking you was qualified in World politics and had a masters in mordern warfare! Your wasted on the pests lad.
  17. What do you do for a living lad? I bet it aint anything complex ...
  18. Right here we have someone who can’t even spell warfare or don’t know what an ex Pat is coming and calling the Prime Minister of the U.K. thick ??? Saying we should go and shoot down Russian planes in a war we aren’t even involved in. Thinking if the Russians did ever launch a nuclear attack they’d send 1 single missile to the U.K. and that’s all ?? Im glad the lads running the country aren’t some of the thicko’s shouting about how they could do a better job. Leave the shite talk down the pub where it belongs with ya idiot mates. Here’s
  19. Pm sent cheers p3d. Good man. Hi King, Do you still have the pics P3D sent you? Tried to send you a PM but says you can’t receive it.
  20. Terrible Anyone else get the pics?
  21. You still got the pictures from this thread mate? pics are no longer showing but sounds a good setup.
  22. He’s taking the piss out of you
  23. Did you fire a shot as he hit the fence? Just run him on game a bit he should fire back up. Dangerous things those electric fences, get a shock at the wrong time and it can totally ruin a dog. My mates lab picked a bird as it landed on one, she got a nasty shock and never picked game again.
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