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  1. I apologise Balaur ... I meant it in jest, just teasing and having a bit of fun not meant to be taken the wrong way. Sorry if it came across like that The point I was trying to make was ... I know a lot of people with very well bred trialling dogs, who are worked very regularly on shoots, beating, picking up, and being shot over. Personally I find people's excuse of their companion being "just a shooting dog", to often be short for a dog that they haven't really trained, a dog that runs in, chases birds into the next drive, doesn't stop when told, and hunts 100 yards ahead
  2. Do trialling dogs work in the office or something?
  3. Good work mate Anita Jones has a litter coming up from her bitch that’s run in the championship, Jeremy Organ was planning some litters this summer and Andy Platt and Jamie Reed up in Scotland are both good names but hell of a trip up there. If you don’t trial yourself it can be difficult to get one off the big names, as they want them going to other trial homes who they know will win awards because it gets their kennel names out there. Easier if you want a dog pup as triallers don’t seem so keen on them.
  4. I thought lads on here were dog men ... but who recommends having a pup because of what they look like (or the parents look like) in a picture? I wouldn’t give a flying feck what it looked like, or what colour it is!! I’d want it to hunt like a demon, retrieve to hand and work within shot. Id be looking for parents that will hunt cover ... you’d be surprised how many cockers (and springers) are being bred that won’t hunt proper cover (or cover at all). It’s harder for cockers from the off as they’re smaller and less powerful. Then I’d be trying to find o
  5. Lovely stamp on her ... looks very unique How does she work?
  6. Sounds fair mate How long do they get walked for? I think in the season a dog worked hard benefits from a few days off in-between. My spaniel did a full day beating the other week he was knackered for few days afterwards I didn’t do much with him for few days it wasn’t until a good 3 days after he was his usual self nagging me to go out.
  7. How many of you lads are keeping your gundogs in kennels? A bloke I know who’s also a judges says he finds it makes a big difference, do you find it makes them better workers or easier to train? For those of you that do kennel em, how long as they in the kennel and how often / how long are they out for?
  8. View Advert Dogtra ARC 800 Dogtra ARC model 800 - the one with the shaped device so it fits more flush. Pretty much brand new, bought before Xmas, used twice and not needed now. I paid £280, comes in box with all stuff, wanting £220 - Pickup Bristol or can post if money paid into bank. Advertiser Lloyd90 Date 04/02/20 Price £220.00 Category Miscellaneous
  9. There’s a thing called litter mate syndrome, read about it sounds a pain. I got two pups when I was younger within a year of each other. Wish I’d just got one really well trained before getting another. Just trying to help. Feeding wise. My Spaniel gets a bad stomach very easily, and the only foot I found that doesn’t give him loose poops is feeding raw. I use DAF.
  10. Your getting a couple? What does that mean? Two or even three pups at once? You'd be better off getting one and getting that fully trained at around 2-3 year old before you get a second.
  11. Facebook - affordable game days group.
  12. How do you tell what length you need mate? I have a side by side that’s a bit short but no idea how much to add to the butt stock.
  13. Is that just walked next to you on the lead mate? How long / far is that for?
  14. Amazing scenes, bet those dogs do 5x what you cover.
  15. Took mine hunting this week. He was flushing birds and had several retrieves.
  16. Nope they aren’t. Not yet anyway. Very unclear if they will be made illegal or not.
  17. Kibble seems to give mine bad stomach, I even tried grain free and expensive ones ... currently feed BARF which he is better on ... suppose you have to weigh up convenience and performance. Proper diet of meat, fish and eggs, with some filler for a good going dog. My mate feeds something called Power for sled dogs and his spaniels are flying.
  18. First dog I’ve trained mate suppose we learn as we go along eh. What did you do with your old dog and what you do with your new ones? I think I own every training book going lol. I can take my dog out to places with cover but not always game. Gamekeepers / shoots don’t always like you flushing their birds on the shoot but I have had the the dog out lately and will get him onto more game as we progress. I have spoken to a bloke who has a rabbit pen with varying cover in it so am planning to take the dog down for a run
  19. Why? A good field trial judge told me he’d be worried about a dog that just smashes cover for no reward... he would doubt its intelligence ... however the dog does need to face cover and at pace and with drive if it is going to trial. A good test dog will need to hit cover at times with no scent. I took mine up the woods today and threw several balls into cover where he could see, then kept adding balls to different spots, giving him the prompt to get in. He was going in and hunting round however many times he went in then stopped and stood still just stood there, bu
  20. He’s coming up 20 months mate, I haven’t over faced him with cover. Previously he wouldn’t run into longer grass etc but now he flys through it. But I now need to progress onto thicker stuff again if he is going to trial or even do well at tests then he needs to get in and through it, instead of stopping and standing still when he gets to it.
  21. Any tips you lads have to get a spaniel (springer) very keen to hit cover ... mine will absolutely fly across grass, reedy ground and recently some light bracken but he can be running flat out, gets to cover and stops flat. Ideally I would want him to charge through like he was the reeds etc and not stop at all.
  22. Just wondering, when not on shoot days what kind of exercise and fitness work your gundogs (spaniels ideally) are getting? Are they walked on lead or all free running? How long and how many times a day? I want to get my dog as fit as possible before next season now. Living in the city it’s a bit of a pain as you can’t just jump on the bike with the dog running loose behind.
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