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    hunting pure and simple done it all my life hunting shooting and fishing but plenty of diggin

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  1. only the blue ones mate are born black , best of luck with them adam enjoy them

    White lakey or not

    this one was ok but he was a noisey twat
  3. thanks tank , f****n women
  4. bloody daughter acting under mothers instuction il bet , my missus wouldnt know how to do it , il be having a word
  5. tank i dont do farce book to many idiots on there
  6. 2 of them are staying and iam undecided where the other 3 will go i only done the mating as some lads i know wanted them then when there here they change there minds for every silly reason going if they go i want decent homes for them were they will see some graft but iam in no hurry there proper characters there were hunting the wood pile yesterday and flushed a mouse out it was like the charge of the light brigade 4 fluff balls chasing this mouse around the garden the young jrt caught it only to be attacked by fluff balls who ripped the mouse to bits then squabbling amongst themselves over any bits left i can sit and whatch them all day real time wasters
  7. sire is the blue dog and dam is choc bitch shite pic il see if i can get a better one
  8. those pups are 3/4 beddys 1/4 fell for 6 weeks there keen little mousers very forward pups
  9. Some for next year
  10. had the same thing happen to us with a so called terrierman at the portman so we just took the pups anyway
  11. TOPPER

    Dogs not tieing

    ive a bitch here that only does slip mating and shes had 2 litters dont think she likes the idea of standing around with the dog fo 40 mins , he in chucks his muck and she spits him out job done
  12. TOPPER

    Manual tyre remover

    cam tyres at radstock sell them get there at dinnertime with a score and youll have one in the boot
  13. TOPPER

    Bank account fraud

    my missus got done twice withdrawing cash at tescos this was a romanian sat in a car with a laptop cloning everyones card s cheeky basterds
  14. str you have a pm
  15. mate it your dog do what you want with it and dont take any shite of anyone my bedlingtons are digging dogs but i have let lads have them that use them for bushing ratting etc but they have a desire if you like to drop to ground it just in them you feed the mutt you do what you like with it atb top