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  1. Sounds like you need a clever dog not a hard dog it's not a cross I'd do they would be to big for me atb top happy new year
  2. just keep puting it in front of them theyll do the rest
  3. biggest and best thread on here by far
  4. well i can say hand on heart the only reason ive used fell blood in my bedlingtons is to improve the jackets and keep the size down the beddy have never needed spicing up if anything they could do with winding down they will fight anything at the drop of a hat , after all these years of breeding them they breed even litters with good thick coats and are more even tempered there calm play with the kids etc all day long but flick the switch if they get on scent theres no stopping them atb top
  5. a pup i kept back from the last litter we bred 13mths old and keen with our pat bitch the dog on the bench is one from a couple of years ago owned by my mate
  6. well havent been on for a long time now just keeping my head down but all my beddies have varying degrees of fell blood in them as it keeps the size down gives them better coats and all in all makes for a hardier dog not that beddies need spicing up if that were the case you d best shoot them , and for all the black dog boys were do you think they came from ? all pats have bedlington in them may be 60 years ago but they have beddie in them done right its a good mix best of luck with it atb Tops
  7. nice to see this thread is still going , got a couple to bring on this year so keep you posted
  8. he asked for volunteer s if you dont want to you dont have to no point in slagging the lad you should try the glass is half full approach instead of all the doom and gloom after all hes not forcing anyone he just asked
  9. never had any hassle taking mine abroad , i have a letter from defra saying i cant be done for any injuries on the dogs from being abroad as long as they are vet checked no problem its less hassle to go by boat than on the tunnel atb top
  10. if the blacks/asian want to stab each then craic on but you cant expect to import 75% of the worlds scum and expect them to act any different to what there used to
  12. no mate natural earths /set they anint no fox dog lol
  13. a mate of mine has 4-5 of them that do a turn there to big as fox dogs but good on other things
  14. the dog in my avater would kill foxes for fun he had a knack of breaking there bottom jaw and ripping there throats out he wasnt everbodys cup of tea as he was a nasty b***%*d but i liked him and he done me well died to ground in the end , ive a dog here now real gently sort of dog but show him a fox and its a dead fox , we were in Wiltshire yesterday doing a bit of ratting had 143 rats then ended up digging as dog had gone to ground ended up with 4 from 2 digs tidy day in the end
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