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  1. If I had advertised the dog for £200, I would have had to answer umpteen private messages on here from gobshytes, then giving out my number to anyone and I mean anyone, asking me all sorts of questions, like why is it only £200 ? whether it would do the others?? what's it done, how's it bred, how many have I dug with it, have to have a trial to see it work etc etc... You missed the point, I said Guaranteed, my word is good, if the dog was a jacker I wouldn't be selling it. The dog's gone to a good home, he will get worked and I will get updates on it.. if my circumstances change I would gladly give £500 for any good dog.. each to their own.
  2. Have you a contact number mate know someone who wants one to work with hounds

    1. swanseajack


      07775432214 Nigel

    2. donnyc


      Cheers Ill pass it on now

  3. Got a Pieps box and 2 collars (old style) all in good order £300 in Swansea
  4. Sunday, 24th May 2015 At North Arscott Farm, Sutcombe, Holsworthy The Showground is situated at North Arscott Farm, Sutcombe, Holsworthy EX22 7NJ off the A388 Holsworthy to Torrington Road Trade Stands Welcome
  5. can I add my tuppence worth here... bear in mind this is the first time I have read this thread.... I had one (and have still got) one of FP's original SS traps, it's the bollocks,think it was 3 yrs ago I had it, This year.. After waiting 6 weeks for the 50 I ordered,(and said I needed them urgently) with no apology other than we got your address wrong (hmm, bit of a cop out... as some others had waited the same amount of time) the batch I have are much inferior thinner guage ss, making them a bit flimsy to say the least, I have at least 10 of the new traps on the floor in the back of my van because the up and over pins ( I dont know the name-nor can I be bothered to look it up) have fallen off, there may even be one or two in the hedge somewhere, I chuck my traps into heavy duty plastic feed bags, have never had a problem with them before (all are FP) this batch of 50 are not up to the standard of the galv ones I bought in 2011, and I will be asking for some replacements, I have never tried anyone else's.. ... So .... here goes!!! Stick my neck out, FP aren't the only engineering firm that can produce these traps in the UK... so if Matt, OTC, Nicepix can send me Exact diagrams, measurement of the perfect trap, I'll get a price for punching them out, forming them and getting quality springs fitted... I can't blow smoke up FP's arse, they haven't done me any favours !!
  6. http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/194183-silver-mole/ Remember this one.... Well I've had two Silver moles and one white one this year ! and since 2011, and getting ridiculous quotes to stuff them, I bought some kit and do them myself ! Pics later, I need to go catch some more !
  7. They are pulling your plonker mate. It is the retailer's responsibility to refund or replace anything not of 'merchantable quality'. They call the shots, not the supplier. Any problems go to the Citizen's Advice place or look up Sale of Goods Act on Google for a quick reference. I've just had a message from them, they have been sent back to Seeland for inspection: They they go into a queue at Seeland..... I bet that's a big f***ing queue, judging by the quality..
  8. had to read this, this year my knees have been giving me real problems, I wear farmer's parlour trousers to keep me dry, but they don't last two weeks due to holes n stuff, wear them back to front when the holes appear they might last three weeks. So I paid £76.00 for Seeland Crieff Waterproof AND Thorn-proof Over TrousersWhat a load of shit, damp knees first day, worse 2nd day, totally wet through third, and to add insult, they split at the crotch area... Still waiting on MARSHFARMCOUNTRYSUPPLIES.CO.UKfor a refund, they say they have to send them back to SEELAND to see if they are faulty.... ermm, they are not waterproof and the stitching is coming apart... just a little bit annoyed !! SJ
  9. I think I'll move to France when it gets a bit quieter here, ooooh ! now there's a thought.. gimme some guidance please.
  10. keep sheep. Or take them to a sheep farm when they're young, let them see sheep from an early age.
  11. Can't say and no y? well your not the Josh that's doing the terrierwork for us then, simple! No worries !
  12. Hey Noony where in Devon are you, (are you ginger?)
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