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  1. old school

    Working Airedale Terriers

    Rock creek Airedale’s (redline) replied back to a post I left on Facebook and there’s quarantine rules in place for rabies that means the pup could be nearly 6 months old before it passes all the tests and would be ready to leave... they didn’t have the facilities to hold pups for that long and recommended buying a grown dog... cost wasn’t mentioned but if it’s anything like the jag terriers that lads import from Serbia I’d say you’ll spend a cool grand!
  2. old school

    Working Airedale Terriers

    I thought I’d bounce this back to the top because I’m interested to find out are they still in existence in north or south Ireland?
  3. old school

    Show us your Bull x

    A 3/4 greyhound 1/4 bull pup that I’m looking forward to starting next season
  4. old school

    dave platts' saracen

    I have him on a ratting dvd talking about his dogs, if I heard “saturated with pure deerhound coursing champions” once he must have said it a 100 times... where are these championships being held? it’s about time I went to one
  5. old school

    Bedlington Greyhound Pups For Sale

    Shes getting there... Fox was taken in n. Ireland and quickly despatched
  6. old school

    Bedlington Greyhound Pups For Sale

    I think most of them are keen on fox although my bitch started a little too young and was put off a little... she's starting to get into the swing of it again and gets a little tougher each time now, she's just over 2 now so I'm hoping to catch a few this season! They've got great speed and I've caught quite a few day time hares with mine... unfortunately a couple have been killed out hunting, one broke his neck and another broke the leg
  7. old school

    Bedlington Greyhound Pups For Sale

    Hey, a mixed bunch but mostly on the small side with the exceptions of a few... all the ones that kept in touch say they all have high prey drive and hunt like hounds
  8. old school

    One Life Productions Dvds. Legends At War

    Does nobody have any pups from Ken Gould then?
  9. old school


    Parvo seems to be a common thing round my way... millbemax for worming? First time I tried that I thought I'd found my all rounder for lung worm and the full works except they don't seem very affective on anything!
  10. old school


    A wee anti bark collar on eBay for about £15 quid will fix that... mine turned out priceless lol
  11. old school

    beddy x bull running dogs

    Hey coco, what percentage of bedlington and bull is in them?
  12. Thanks for that mate, I was looking at those around 2004 and I notice the price differs greatly with the same year... is there a dodgey engine in some versions?
  13. Are they're any oldish suvs or jeeps that can do high 30'mpg... I don't mean to hijack the thread but I've had my eye on x trail and free lander td4? I always kinda thought the right tyres, ground clearance and a bit of skill at the wheel got you most places... the vast majority of us only ever need to get threw a mucky gate/field
  14. old school

    First Motor You Went Dogging In

    1987 vw polo 1L ... aka the bread van And my old blaster lamp used to blow the fuses etc
  15. old school

    Bedlington Greyhound

    How did your pup do pro keeper?