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  1. Lol I think this should be pinned on the forum home page.... now that I’ve tested it against the tape measure it’s actually not bad as it is, I’ve seen the adjusters you mentioned just before I closed the box up and I’m glad I didn’t fiddle with them ..... I think I’m good to go!
  2. Thats done the trick arry.... once I lifted the guts out of the case it was filthy! Thanks very much for that, I’m all chuffed out of curiosity, is recalibration a big job? Cheers again, Willie
  3. Ive just discovered Jim has sadly passed away and now I think my old 15ft knocker box needs calibrated.... it’s fine at the minute until I screw it out past 10ft then it’s making a static noise... does anyone know who else can calibrate them or is it maybe the collar batteries I’m using?
  4. I’m still chasing it
  5. I’m going down the route of a wheaten greyhound for my bitch....
  6. Ah that’s excellent, are they half Fell bred then? I’d a 1/4 Fell 3/4 Beddy a few years ago.... mine wasn’t much use but the litter mates were good apparently
  7. Just thought I’d pop on and ask who’s still keeping Bedlingtons now and hows their season going so far? I remember this thread starting back in 05 and I see some of the pics have expired since then..... shame really as there was some fantastic beddys on display!
  8. I’ve been on quads for work nearly 12 years... stay away from the electric gear shifts on hondas... Kawasaki’s aren’t too bad but the ground clearance isn’t great and the rear diff lock usually breaks... yahama grizzly was a great comfy bike with IRS and fantastic 4wd system, I’d recommend one... my own bike was a 350 irs grizzly and if I was getting another I’d opt for the 450 with the high/low ratio auto box.... we never had can am mostly because the reviews on reliability were poor
  9. Lol fair enough.... nice looking animal
  10. Rock creek Airedale’s (redline) replied back to a post I left on Facebook and there’s quarantine rules in place for rabies that means the pup could be nearly 6 months old before it passes all the tests and would be ready to leave... they didn’t have the facilities to hold pups for that long and recommended buying a grown dog... cost wasn’t mentioned but if it’s anything like the jag terriers that lads import from Serbia I’d say you’ll spend a cool grand!
  11. I thought I’d bounce this back to the top because I’m interested to find out are they still in existence in north or south Ireland?
  12. A 3/4 greyhound 1/4 bull pup that I’m looking forward to starting next season
  13. I have him on a ratting dvd talking about his dogs, if I heard “saturated with pure deerhound coursing champions” once he must have said it a 100 times... where are these championships being held? it’s about time I went to one
  14. Shes getting there... Fox was taken in n. Ireland and quickly despatched
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