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  1. Not the amount she licking it mate
  2. Cheers mate she's in no pain, hopefully it heals okay
  3. Cheers mate. She f****d off in the bushes and come back like that, barbed wire is alls I can say
  4. Can this be sorted at home or isit a trip to the vets?
  5. Cheers mate hopefully they'll get the hang of it the granitor pup has a cracking coat on him
  6. There not from working parents, the younger one is a granitor seems a little more keen than my older one. Maybe I'm pissing in the wind but I, ll get some rats or rabbit in front of him see how he reacts cheers
  7. Alright lads I've got two beddys aged 8 months and 14 months, I've been trying to get them bushing. I have they seem to be getting there nose down just lacking prey drive any tips cheers
  8. Alright lads I'm new to the forum. I have two beddys aged 7 months and 14 months, I've been trying to get them bushing rabbits but there prey drive is lacking is there a way this can trained cheers
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