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  1. Gsp are half the dog of a wirehaired.. As mentioned above you don't see many gsp being used for anything other than birds.
  2. I wouldn't expect him to hunt as fast as a lurcher, but a lurcher also wouldn't hunt like he did. I dont know what you're trying to get at, any dog can have a heart condition and blow up. My opinion a pointer will add a lot more stamina in to a lurcher for hunting the hill etc. I'd probably put some saluki in the mix too
  3. He was 12 when I PTS last year, until the last month of him being alive he would hunt all day if allowed. He used to do 6 days on the grouse without flackering then a day with the terriers on a Sunday. I'll 100% have another in the future
  4. always planned on putting him over a greyhound, I got a bitch but she never broke down. But over the years I had some fun with him from hunting cover to working round a hole, absolute powerhouse of a dog no quit in him .
  5. Does anyone have any litters on the ground or have any planned? Something from all rounders nothing too heavy mainly for the rabbiting job.
  6. A couple of mine, both a good age. Both good honest dogs, I'd struggle to get another like the black and tan. I've had a lot of success with him over the years
  7. A couple of young hopefuls and a couple of tried and tested..
  8. Just trying my best to keep them going, I keep lakeys too. These borders are full on, bit on the hard side tbh.
  9. I was with him the other day, gotta try my best mate he's done all the hard work.
  10. Out and about today son and sire, the youngster is shaping into a nice dog.
  11. Yes mate I kept a bitch back too
  12. My pup on the right, he's coming on now.
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