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  1. jossa


    A few recent ones, 5 weeks old Saturday coming. I get great satisfaction from rearing a litter. Great to see them progress
  2. jossa


    Couple of them a week or so a go. Coming on now
  3. Some blood from ward etc in these. I'm from near consett, like said above mousey etc have always kept tidy looking terriers but they have all put a shift in too.
  4. Did you get sorted?
  5. He lives not far from, there was another old boy kept black and tans. I have spoke to a few old school lads who done a bit with ward and they say his dogs were handy enough. But some shite produced too. They reckon he had over 40 terriers at his place at one point.
  6. jossa


    Bitch is a saluki bull grey shes quite racey, sire is a Wheaton bull grey a strong dog but can still run.
  7. Ward and some of his stuff.
  8. jossa


    Cheers mate he loves it. He's looking forward to choosing his pup and getting involved.
  9. My bitch has just had 9 pups, some fresh legs for the years ahead
  10. My uncle has kept them for probably 30 years, but he doesnt bother with the lurchers to much now. I think he only has a old dog left. If I could find a litter bred off the right dogs i would have another in a heartbeat.
  11. All very capable of taking Roe, same again though the big dog could handle the bigger deer too
  12. From my experience they are a great all round lurcher, the black dog and fawn bitch in the pics were good dogs they could be lamped with on a night and used for ferreting by day. Good bags were taken lamping the strike on the pair of them great too. Unfortunately the bitch broke her neck. The big fawn dog was something else though, he loved teeth and made very light work of old Charlie Them 3 dogs in the pics are all from the same blood, the line went back years. I just couldn't find the right bitch to put that big fawn dog over.
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