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  1. Depends what you have, I'd be interested if it's ones I don't have.
  2. Steady away, some take a bit longer to mature than others normally the dogs. But with these it's all about the breeding obviously you still get failures but less likely from a good proven line.
  3. Steady season with the borders, my border bitch has came back well after her litter and I've getting the dog entered. 2 pups I've kept back from the litter, Roy and Maggie the 3rd pup went back to the man I got the original 2 from. Ready for next season now.
  4. Not a young dog but similar experience last week, lakey dog was going daft at the piece of grass trying to rive it out above the holes. Put him down near the holes and he kept bolting back up to the same spot, in the end managed to get him in the hole and away. Sure enough after 10 mins he was up at the spot he was going daft at, sod off and it was a pot lid underneath and there he was with his quarry. Thats one reason i'll never gee a dog on to enter a earth, this dog wont entertain them if nothing home.
  5. There's plenty loop holes in the law from what i can gather, I seen a vid the other day of Lincolnshire police handing back 2 dogs and all his gear to a lad. Thermal etc. Same lad was having a right piss take with that PC Green
  6. Border x lakey on the left, bred from the same border blood as the borders I have now. Great finding bitch and a good size so there's not much shifts her. She gives old Charlie a hard time.
  7. Yeah Tony prevete's dog from Wales, had another called spartan.
  8. People hold a question mark over borders, yes sometimes they are slow starters other are early starters and some are shite just like any other breed of terrier. But i'll tell you what if you have good honest borders you'll not need anything else. Its good to see others are seeing borders doing the job.
  9. The bitch is entered, the dog will get his chance this season. Hopefully we have a successful season.
  10. Dogs had a tidy up in this pic, both done now. Cracking little characters behind them big jackets.
  11. They need tidied up a bit but they have good jackets. Not much blood like this about now, they've bred tight and kept right.
  12. No these are line bred levi oakes stuff, not much of this stuff about now.
  13. I've been lucky enough to get these 2 borders, one bitch already entered and a young dog ready to start this season. Credit to the man who's done all the hard work over the past decade plus a hopefully gave me a foundation to carry on the breeding.
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