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  1. Has anyone got howells poultry number? And know when the next time he will be at the ystrad greyhound track? Cheers.
  2. A smart pup that chris, i like her. hope she makes the grade.
  3. For sale, deben ferret finder mk3m, high vis orange, two months old, in fine working order, used once, comes with two collars, batteries, magnet switch, and a handmade nice quality leather case for the reciever. I will include the sale invoice and the warranty card aswell. Looking for £200, i will post it recorded delivery which is included in the price. Located in south wales. Thanks.
  4. Looking for a black eyed white jill, a yearling preferably, from good working stock. Also a hob/jill eu polecat. Again must be from working stock. Good price paid for right ones, south wales area. Thanks.
  5. Quite fancy trying a pair of these altberg boots, just been looking at their website, look tidy boots.
  6. Save yourself the money mate, the ram is much better! I have used the ram jackets for years now, all had very hard daily use, only thing that went on them was the zip! Just my opinion, cheers!
  7. Strong patterdale or bull/patterdale wanted, dog/bitch, smooth coat, cash waiting. PM if you can help. Cheers.
  8. Looking for a couple of young ferrets, from good working stock, south wales area, pm me if you could help, cheers.
  9. Strong patterdale dog wanted, smooth coated, wheeler type, up to £500 cash for right dog, fair trial expected, pm details if you could help. Cheers.
  10. Looking for a couple of gills bred from workers, south wales area. Pm if you can help, cash waiting.
  11. I use the 50 watt lazerlight, 100 watt blazer and striker 170, all good lamps in certain situations, i like the lazerlights due to you being able to put them in side your jacket if you need both hands etc, handy little lamps. Striker is good for the dogs, but i do like the narrow beam of the lazers for bringing pups on when introducing to the lamp, just my opinon, they all work fine for me, just what you prefer end of the day!
  12. Just put a 100watt bulb in the lamp you already have...... Yes, then watch it melt!! Trust me, i tried it, it melted....lol.
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