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  1. Your right mate came up on site saying it was yesterday.
  2. Russias greatest female sniper has died , confirmed tally of 309 nazis, dangerous woman.
  3. Read somewhere that jack had a beat on the shannon written into his irish contract, looking at those vids its sickening to see what state this country has become, all our fieldsports traditions eroded in the name of so called progress, there are some people you really would have liked to know in your lifetime, in my book Jack rates high on that list.
  4. keepitcovert


    Well at least she didnt forget the forgotten army. RIP.
  5. Speed cameras round my neck of the woods , roads are as dead as a dodo, but the police are parking the piggy banks up to catch the key workers, sad bstards.
  6. Truth is this will run its course all the measures now may slow it down and help the NHS but there are far to many dickheads out there to eradicate the spread. Mass hysteria seems to be the order of the day mainly due to the facebook experts. As for me ive tried self isolating for years due to the fact i hate crowded places and prefer solitude.
  7. It will drop like feck if you take the advice of Boris and stop travelling about for no particular reason.
  8. If you like pigeons just fit solar panels you will get shit loads, ill give you a price for netting your panels.
  9. Dogs are intelligent enough to work out the pace that is required to catch their prey.Speed is a great attribute but those of us that were lucky enough to be old enough to witness a coursing event, will know that speed can be a disadvantage. overshooting cost many a dog first place Ferreting a dog that can work out what position to be in is worth its weight in gold i had one it showed up a few dogs with so called reputations. Anyway just enjoy the game while it lasts.
  10. One of mine got a first in a show best 23ins smooth lurcher when shaved . 3 months later won best rough coated bitch.
  11. The word traveller, could nowadays come to grief under the trade descriptions act, most of them in my neck of the woods travel as far as the local benefits office.
  12. Looks good socks, is that your perfect dog or hopefully your perfect dog. My point was the diversity of different land , what dog can do it all, i had a saluki whippet that was brilliant on woodland work, i wont say coursing because its intermittent short dangerous runs, that gave me near bloody heart attacks watching her she was 23tts weighing in at 32lbs could turn on a six pence, but she was no hare dog only ever caught a couple.But to get a dog to run all types of land requires a variation in size and weight in my opinion.
  13. You can read books, i love them, but you only learn from first hand experience.
  14. Yorkshire has some perfect land, what you need is the perfect dog to suit all terrains, woodland ,moorland, flat coursing land? flint hills, ect . Problem is does such a dog exist.
  15. Wake up we are not members now but we are still paying until new years day.
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