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  1. keepitcovert


    Sheffield is now a bit of a shithole, but by god they make a good knife.
  2. keepitcovert

    Sadiq khan's live on LBC

    Look at the ghetto areas of the towns within this country and see who is standing for election as MP. obviously the immigrant majority will elect the family member they are told to vote for, the women have the vote but in reality they dont have the vote the husband tells them who to vote for. End result is we have another alien in office who is hell bent on changing this country into a muslim state. The internal cancer is growing and needs to be halted by a change in who qualifies to vote, my proposal would be if you were not born in this country then you do not have the right to vote . internal affairs should be left to those who have a real claim to belonging.
  3. keepitcovert

    Trump Under Fire

    Too bloody true
  4. keepitcovert


    Dangerous day apparently nothing bad has ever happened to me on that day, anybody got any bad experiences you would care to share.
  5. keepitcovert

    Malinois takes out ISIS

    That is terrible what responsible dog owner would feed it that shit.
  6. keepitcovert

    Non working dogs

    Im 66 and have two dogs i mooch with every day ones 12 the others 10 both were decent in their prime, im reasonably fit, but cant see myself without a dog, got an arrangement with a mate 30 years younger than me who will take my next dog, if i pop my clogs. But if i do get another i would go for a smaller lurcher that would suit my purpose eg ferreting the odd night on the lamp, no double figure nights that would suit me.
  7. keepitcovert

    Non working dogs

    Hit the nail on the head mate.
  8. keepitcovert

    Non working dogs

    Around my neck of the woods i have seen a big increase in whippet owners, no doubt due to crufts.also a fair few lurchers with owners that will never work them. Seems a shame that the majestic lurcher and sight hounds will never get the chance to do what they were bred for.
  9. keepitcovert

    That’s it, Brexit is over

    I always hoped we would leave before i die, but i dont think i can hang around that long.
  10. keepitcovert

    Motorbikes and Summer

    So if any bike you could own what would it be , mines the Brough superior ss100, next in line the vincent black shadow, a mate owns a rapide thats stuck in his garage rotting away and pisses me off because he will not restore it.Classic bikes over the bike in enjoyed most when i was 16 was my little ducati elite wish i still had it paid 65 quid for it in 1968 one sold for 18.500 not long back.
  11. Believe me mate where i live in early 70s they did not bother you. Saturday and sunday morning the local pub had an armoury stashed in the corner , shooting working the dogs, poaching was a way of life.
  12. The world has changed and not for the better, i would love to go back to those days lugging a small car battery around instead of a motorbike battery that lasted 1 hour. Christ i wish i was as fit now as i was then, jumping ditches that would crease me now me , out till 4 in the morning and work next day never bothered me. I consider myself lucky to be born when i was, i remember walking down the street with a shotgun so long as the barrels were broken the police didnt give a shit. Halcyon days never to return . UNFORTUNATELY.
  13. keepitcovert

    Sweet 16th

    Between bethels bridge and hempholme lock on the west bank.
  14. keepitcovert

    Sweet 16th

    Hempholme lock mate and north frodingham, winter i go down to beverley shipyard, try scurf dike if you like piking. ATB
  15. keepitcovert

    Sweet 16th

    River hull for me upper stretches done it 40 years good and bad.