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  1. looks well sir credit to you hopefully does the job for you now, pup I kept
  2. theres the undershot police now lol be no more input from myself
  3. just bred from two workers no fancy names
  4. You trying to be smart or what?
  5. Thanks, and the parents still are aswell
  6. No problem at all your more than welcome, all I want for them is working homes
  7. Mothers 24 inches fathers 26 both strong and racy
  8. having just got some terriers again i soon learned I used to have friends that kept terriers, drove the country probably bought somebody's rubbish off donedeal
  9. there's good and bad everywhere pal, as i said to shane these pups would never have been advertised tbh all were gifted mostly local I'll see them progress, I put a post up early this year after a terrier pup think I had one reply he knows who he is bitch never took but it was appreciated
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