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  1. Gotta expect some snow flakes to cry but yea dogs put in some shift great craic to watch
  2. And eh. The green ma s closed and six mile bottom shoot is. Now all clays only good thi g are the rolls the spar does there
  3. Why I moved to Newmarket every ones same height as me makes me feel normal
  4. We had 8 dogs. But 2 where being swapped and. NAA was a pig farm. Had about thirty bales. That were moved. That's where most of them came from We dug and smoked about 70 of em our final count was 730 and yea. We I work in racing so I'm ment to be small
  5. This was Sunday and yea. She is bitten to shit
  6. In fairness that bitch took a little over a hundred rats. On Sunday
  7. Fair play I see what you was saying he pups where more for me and a few friends who expressed some interest wasnt intending on selling the pups but I see what ya saying
  8. Like I said I'm waiting more till the end of the year and just cause it's unconventional don't mean it's a bad thing
  9. She not ready yet she just gone through her second heat should be going through the third round June July time then the 4th some time in November know its a bi away but better to look now then rush about later
  10. Gonna be looking for a whippet to put to my bitch later on in the year dont wanna go much further than 2 hours from haverhill Suffolk would appreciate if any you lads can help cheers
  11. I found. Two dead poults near two different drinkers. There was a little bit of blood on a feeder near on of them. Both show no signs of be predated upon no sign of disease. No discharge nothing the waters where cleaned two days ago but these are the first dead birds I have found in the pen. Usually I'd take them to the vet to get checked but the boss doesn't wanna do that so are there any other signs that could point to a disease ect ??
  12. Hi guys just taken over a small family shoot and very short notice pen areas pretty run down so had to make some new pop wholes with few meterials done the standard box shape with wings either side and stakes driven through the middle for foxes plus a X wire through the hole in the fence I didn't have time to make a funnel into the pen do the birds can get out and indeed some have 6 7 tried walking them in but they where being thick just got the birds in to day would I be best trying to build funnels for them or will it be better to leave them now there in. Thanks
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