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  1. This is my border Lakeland although she doesn’t look like the Black and Tans I’ve seen in the other posts
  2. I’m wandering if some one would be able to help me I’m desperate to get my bitch to ground and at present have no way of doing it I know it a big ask but I’m wandering if some one will be able to take me on and teach me I’d happily pay em back any way I can thanks in advance mom in west Suffolk
  3. Yea bud. 740 rats for 7 dogs dogs was a unbelievable day. Was with the Suffolk and Norfolk rat pack. We had couple of borders a big old fell type and a couple of Norfolk types
  4. I know the hunting act I also know that you have The game keepers exemption to the act. And I still keeper a small shoot. Just looking for advice about entering a dog
  5. I’ve had great crack with the bitch some real good days ratting
  6. My bitch on first one border x Lakeland and my dog. Norfolk x border let’s see your crosses
  7. Wandering what you guys think is the best way to enter a terrier. My bitch is 1 and a half had her going ratting most weeks since last November and wanna give her a go on something else. Lots off people have be saying build a tunnel and lots have been saying go find a fox earth and see what’s she does. Wandering what’s the best way to prep her and that. Cheers
  8. Try the Suffolk and Norfolk rat pack on face book lots and lots of videos
  9. Gotta expect some snow flakes to cry but yea dogs put in some shift great craic to watch
  10. And eh. The green ma s closed and six mile bottom shoot is. Now all clays only good thi g are the rolls the spar does there
  11. Why I moved to Newmarket every ones same height as me makes me feel normal
  12. We had 8 dogs. But 2 where being swapped and. NAA was a pig farm. Had about thirty bales. That were moved. That's where most of them came from We dug and smoked about 70 of em our final count was 730 and yea. We I work in racing so I'm ment to be small
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