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  1. Hi guys just taken over a small family shoot and very short notice pen areas pretty run down so had to make some new pop wholes with few meterials done the standard box shape with wings either side and stakes driven through the middle for foxes plus a X wire through the hole in the fence I didn't have time to make a funnel into the pen do the birds can get out and indeed some have 6 7 tried walking them in but they where being thick just got the birds in to day would I be best trying to build funnels for them or will it be better to leave them now there in. Thanks
  2. Harry255


    I just don't think she will have it in her like I said she a bit soppy at home and i don't want to expect to much from her but want my foot some what on the peddle just enough to know what will be expected of her in future
  3. Harry255

    Border X lakeland

    I found some where and I'm gonna pic of the pup up at the end of the month just curious weather there any good both work and work well but I was alwayse told thatost borders have had the work bred out of em
  4. Harry255

    Border X lakeland

    I want it for Ratting and digging lads
  5. Does any one have any experience with border. X Lakelands thinking of getting one and wandering what there like