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  1. Haha yeah, for sure! She's not in it usually other than for walking round town. But went up Devils Dyke and there were sheep roaming and it was the only collar I had on me!
  2. Gorgeous whippet! Definitely one to keep in mind. How are your whippets to train? I've heard whippets can be a bit harder than the ones with a bit of collie or herding in them. I've been a bit spoiled with mine, she'll pick up anything without hardly needing training. Never trained her how to catch a rabbit or a squirrel but she gets a couple a week. Here's one she got this morning!
  3. She's an odd mix (got whippet, Kelpie, westie and staffie in there), but my little dog is so well behaved and easily trained. She's a natural hunter and catches squirrels all the time, comes mountain biking, really wants to please and was amazing at flyball when she tried it for a bit. She's got a great coat on her too. 10/10 dog, and I'd like a litter with a similar kind of mix preferably, maybe a small lurcher with a little bit of herding dog in there for the smarts. But I'm open to different mixes too. I've had so many people say they want a pup from her, so won't be a problem to find
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