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  1. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hunters-of-the-Welsh-Hills-Lyn-Harber-/151692220573?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item23518f989d
  2. The author is selling copies on eBay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hunters-of-the-Welsh-Hills-Lyn-Harber-/151554693697?pt=Non_Fiction&hash=item23495d1a41
  3. The Abbeyfeale Harriers 2015 Annual Hunting Festival Sunday 15 February O’Connor’s Bar Knocknagoshel Co. Kerry The Dungannon Foxhounds & The Minerock Harriers Monday 16 February O’Shanahan’s Bar Strand Co. Limerick The Macroom Foxhounds Tuesday 17 February Fleming’s Bar Scartaglin Co. Kerry Grallagh Harriers & The Rockfield Harriers Memorial Meet for John O’Connor Wednesday 18 February Ploughman Bar Abbeyfeale Co. Limerick The Carraigshane Harriers Memorial Meet for Jackie O’Grady Thursday 19 February Cuniffe’s Bar Currow Co. Kerry The Rooves Bridge Harriers and The
  4. I use Taktic myself and can’t fault it! I keep it in a big bin and dip the dogs every few weeks throughout the spring/summer.. If anyone is looking any and finding it hard to get it, drop me a PM. Might be able to sort some.
  5. http://terriermandotcom.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/terriermen-terriers-ii.html
  6. They do stick abit sometimes but are easily parted. Just drop them when froze or hit them off a wall. The carton won’t crack when froze.
  7. Been there and done that and it's a ball ache... i have put several holes in the freezer over the year's trying to get them out with a jemmy.. ..that's why them little plastic tub's are used and any that are bagged are placed in layer's separated with thick plastic sheet's till they are frozen.. I found them plastic containers cracked easy when froze. I now cut the bottoms off 2 litre milk cartons and use them. I find they don’t stick together much or crack when frozen. Plus they’re free.
  8. I understand what you are saying but im looking for a handy little torch that im not gonna need to dry my eyes out if I leave in a loft if when doing a wasp nest, loose in the car, backfill by mistake, lend out & forget who I lent it to. Or have to ditch etc. I had the p14 till recently a mate agg'd me to death till I sold it to him. Ive got the 140 variable, clulite, maglite with a good upgrade bulb. But I think one of these will be more handy than them all. These look ok, http://www.supertorc...id=cihaz&lang=0
  9. Hes gone into hiding since the stuff about his mate Jimmy came to light...... :laugh: .
  10. Just seen J Darcy has a new book coming out next week. its on his website. http://www.darcybook...t&product_id=70
  11. youd pay more for a bulldog shovel i reckon £21 for a bulldog never paid for a shovel get them from the ground workers on the sites were do you get them for £21? for a bulldog #2 your looking at £35 , http://www.arco.co.u...nd Mouth Shovel
  12. They arent made from stainless ? ''These are all-steel construction, shaped specifically with sharpened edges (all the better to dig tough soil with). The 4130 tough chrome molybdenum alloy steel blades and handles are carefully heat-treated to produce a tool that is exceptionally strong. The result is a tough product, of a type often used in the aircraft and automotive industries when high strength steel parts are needed.''
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