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  1. She is saluki whippet x bedlington greyhound don’t know the percentages she just caught my eye and has a good nature,only been walking the hay fields in the evenings and already pleasing me.
  2. Thanks guys ,some really useful info.
  3. Just going through some old pics this was the result of a brown recluse spider bite.
  4. Yeah I got that now 100 yds or less one thing I don’t want is wounded foxes,I’m lucky in the sense I have lived and worked on the estate all my life so I know where I can set up and be within 100 yds for a shot but there is still a fare amount of ground where extra range will be needed so all advice greatly appreciated.
  5. Ok thanks,have had some experience with a 243 on a range and get good grouping at 200.as for the .17 I can set myself up a seat 100 yards from a feeding site we use for Ravens,Buzzards and Red kites.Can also do the same on most of the ground I intend to coverGoing forward some of the big arable stuff I have I would need more range would you suggest the 243 or something else?
  6. FAC on its way so starting out with a cz .17 what would be the best value scope.going to be after fox mostly at around 100-150 yds.
  7. But why,like I said got a straight bedlington dog down here is it out of working stock?probably not but an honest little grafter .if i could find a bitch to cover I would gladly share the blood to decent folk for working money.not interested in profit or people blowing smoke up my arse telling me how great I or the pups are.suppose I will have to put a pebble in my boot and my thumb up my arse and learn a few dodgy hand shakes.
  8. Thank you,that’s all I was after a simple reply to a simple question ,hard to come by on here I know .a mate of mine gave me a bedlington whippet first cross and the sire was a decent worker,not to ground but bushing and ferreting and loves a rat I have the offer of using him as a stud so was looking for a decent bitch was all,thanks again for your time to reply.
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