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  1. Just got my FAC and was granted a 223 so went for the tikka TX3 supervarment.for the last 3 weeks I have been practising of sticks the quad and of the back of the Polaris .Had a few nights out and knocked over a few foxes using hornaday v max 55 grain there doing the job ok but is there anything better as I am not 100% happy with some of the groups I’m getting on paper.has anyone got the same rifle and found a more comparable round? any help and advice much appreciated.
  2. She is saluki whippet x bedlington greyhound don’t know the percentages she just caught my eye and has a good nature,only been walking the hay fields in the evenings and already pleasing me.
  3. Just going through some old pics this was the result of a brown recluse spider bite.
  4. Yeah I got that now 100 yds or less one thing I don’t want is wounded foxes,I’m lucky in the sense I have lived and worked on the estate all my life so I know where I can set up and be within 100 yds for a shot but there is still a fare amount of ground where extra range will be needed so all advice greatly appreciated.
  5. Ok thanks,have had some experience with a 243 on a range and get good grouping at 200.as for the .17 I can set myself up a seat 100 yards from a feeding site we use for Ravens,Buzzards and Red kites.Can also do the same on most of the ground I intend to coverGoing forward some of the big arable stuff I have I would need more range would you suggest the 243 or something else?
  6. FAC on its way so starting out with a cz .17 what would be the best value scope.going to be after fox mostly at around 100-150 yds.
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