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  1. As he been having a pint with that Ricky Tomlinson ..he is on the warpath since he turned old enough to get a free telly licence & now they want to stop them
  2. Are they on ceramic ? I Love the middle one
  3. I use a heat gun on the low setting and then switch to a hairdryer to move the resin I also use a drinking straw to move small areas
  4. I am hoping to resin 2 of the big cable reel tops together as there not very thick and put hair pin legs on it . Have you seen the beer bottle top tables as well they look brilliant . This resin stuff is so versatile ain't it. Will you stick a pic of your table on when you have done it
  5. In the last few months I hAve been tatting with epoxy resin . I get cable reel tops from work and fill the holes and put resin on them this is an on going project and takes roughly 3 to 4 weeks to complete . This latest one is 11 1/2 diameter x 3/4 inch deep. I have filled small holes with wood filler and wedged a milk bottle lid in the centre hole which I will fill with resin tomorrow then when it's dry I will cover it in wood filler. Sand it really fill where it needs it before priming it then do my resin work The bottom pic is an 18 inch round I have made for my parents 54th wedding anniversary . It's fast becoming a passion. Thanks for looking
  6. Kay

    Tidying the shed

    A couple of weeks ago my neighbours shed was done over by some scumbag & they got in my garden by moving the fence out the concrete posts.. opened my shed & must have thought feck that ... its piled high to the rafters like yours thank god for that as my mower was right in the back of the crap & they clearly couldn't be arsed to empty the shed to get to it
  7. i got a solar led light for the yard last summer it was a fiver from home bargins ... withstood all that cold and rain and its still working great to see the dog after dark in the yard
  8. Kay

    What's on your Xmas dinner table

    My friend is a slaughter man & this year he got me a lovely piece of pork, going to start cooking it about 1am as I will still be up
  9. Kay

    whats the weather like where you are

    its wank here torrential rain most of last night
  10. Kay

    toddler bitten

    Whats even more alarming is it took 15 bites before any parents noticed ... modern day parenting at its best .. no doubt to busy fannying round on there mobiles
  11. Kay

    War Veteran Dies

    sadly as we cant string the b*****ds up a whole life tariff for this crime i hope there caught
  12. Kay

    Fred dibnah

    That's a blessing at least it cant be pulled down
  13. Kay

    Fred dibnah

    How sad that's its come to that , I think its been run as a small heritage centre, is the building protected out of interest ?as i hate the thought of some developer getting it at a silly price & pull it down & wack 60 shitty new builds on it
  14. Kay


    That dont sound right to me, if you had needed treatment that went up to band B that fee of £59.10 , my dad pays about £ 70 for a scale & polish buts its not an nhs dentist
  15. Kay


    Liam she clearly has a good family behind her , lovely to read she has shown an interest in an instrument again even if it was for a short while x