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  1. got some yesterday £420 for 1000 litres that's in wales
  2. nothings changed for me and the mrs we have seen no one for months except when i go shopping so it's just the norm for us,might do a spot of fishing
  3. greg64


    have a look at jonsered chainsaws I had one never let me down best saw I ever owned
  4. was it in your temple like someone was sticking a needle in there
  5. ive had three different foxes in my field this week pouncing on voels love watching them but when my dogs see them through the window it's a nightmare knocking every thing off the window sill.
  6. https://www.coldsteel.com/ranch-boss2.html
  7. the ranch boss 2 is not expensive about 40quid
  8. https://www.cyclaireshop.co.uk/joker-knives these joker knives have good reviews and are not expensive and they do some nice folders
  9. surely he is bi-sexual if he has kids and been married for years.
  10. prefer Bovril over marmite love it spread on toast with fresh tomato
  11. and rumours that he violently raped natalie wood when she was 15 and it all got hushed up
  12. in wales we have the giant oggie which is a pasty made from lamb ,potatos and leeks
  13. http://www.digitaljournal.com/science/dna-study-welsh-are-true-britons-english-25-german-45-french/article/428731 interesting read
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