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  1. greg64

    Rare documentary Brian plummer

    well it's Friday night so you wont have to wait long
  2. greg64

    Rare documentary Brian plummer

    kerny/ dogfox at a guess
  3. greg64

    Holidays next year.

  4. greg64

    The New Defender...

    I think she will need a ladder to get in it
  5. greg64

    Stone troughts

    you can drill holes in them and and insert rods with epoxy resin to hold it together ,then put natural yogurt on the joint to age it quick
  6. greg64

    Wilder pulled out?

    I think wilder will get through to him at some point and will end up standing over him
  7. greg64

    Tyson fury jre

    a very poor show from Hughie fury against an ageing pulev who has been out of the ring for 18 months
  8. greg64

    Meghan Markle tubbed.

    soldier talk for future reference tomo http://hollinsclough.org.uk/military.htm
  9. greg64

    Meghan Markle tubbed.

    with all your ailments ray are you going to be around in 12 years to honour that bet
  10. he sat in that locked car knowing the pc on the gate was unarmed and watched it unfold, the pc could of ran off but he stood his ground and paid the ultimate price ,lions led by donkeys springs to mind
  11. greg64

    Weed ;)

    this could be a step closer to getting cannabis legalised or they will change the drug laws to make the selling of cbd bud illegal and close the loopholes because this will cause a lot of confusion and money to the police having to get everyones weed they confiscate tested for the % of thc content
  12. greg64

    Dodgy transit pic from facebook

    your right reg is a ford fiesta that hasn't got a current mot ,what a muppet
  13. greg64

    Bucket List Trips

    nice photo dc .I liked Santorini is that photo taken from the karavolades stairs in fira
  14. greg64

    Bucket List Trips

    wow I have been to that beach in the past, its not that great as beaches go and the boat on it was a tobacco smuggling boat that's rusty and dangerous but not as dangerous as the cliffs by the look of it
  15. greg64

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    klitchko did't turn up for that fight with fury and if he had fought like he did against Joshua he probably would have won it