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  1. greg64

    RSPCA kills and dumps deer.

    there on the invasive species list not allowed to release them but he should of disposed of it out of the way
  2. greg64

    Traders policy?

  3. greg64

    Pins and needles

    a plate full of mono sodium glutamate
  4. greg64


    must be a Scottish thing
  5. greg64


    a picture of the thieving twat so no one gets confused
  6. greg64

    I'll leave this one here for ya!

    brighton & hove city council well it would be wouldn't it
  7. greg64

    xmas you looking forward to it

    my grandad died on Christmas eve when I was a kid and remember my dad saying that's typical of him to ruin everyone's Christmas
  8. greg64

    Fury v wilder

    the ring magazine actually has aj at no1 and fury no 2 but only time will tell
  9. greg64

    Fury v wilder

    voted 31st greatest heavy weight of all time by the ring
  10. greg64

    Swan attack - another muppet

    they have amended the statement at the end of the article stating it was not likely to have been an air gun
  11. greg64

    Fury v wilder

    that's how to school someone
  12. greg64

    One for the food lovers

    I love seafood, lobster ,crab but I wouldn't have any thing to do with that thing
  13. what boxing skills ,she's got movement, footwork, durability and recovery she's the best since ali and beat him in his own back yard