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  1. i find it interesting, today i read a whole thread fom 2018 about rock dogs in the terrier section and i know nothing about terrier work and have never owned one but still a great read
  2. there was a main coon cat in a dog crate when i was at the vets and it was huge the women that owned it said it was 4ft from it's nose to the tip of it's tail
  3. ahh did he hurt your feelings
  4. that does look like a photoshop fake
  5. this is a good image of a mountain lion on thermal
  6. shame there wasn't a rematch because klitchco just didn't turn up that night
  7. is it a house or a farm building and is it in suburbia
  8. i can't get anything from that to be honest
  9. it's tail doe's look thick like a mountain lion
  10. if you slow the video right down you can clearly see the building between 1.07 and 1.12 looks like it might be a wooden building with a porch on it like you would get in America
  11. typical plod reply once a pig always a pig you just can't help yourselves can you
  12. what a great musician, loved all his stuff he did from dr feelgood, his time with the blockheads and was great with norman watt roy
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