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  1. there's some great looking food on this thread
  2. i liked george lazenby in her majesty's secret service but most people recon he was the worst
  3. it's not given she would get that number back though but maybe ,killing off bond what's the world coming to
  4. Nomi | James Bond Wiki | Fandom do you mean this one not bond just took his number for a while
  5. they know who these people smugglers are they arrested those five within hours of the 27 being drowned
  6. the french don't want to stop them if they did the armed police on the beach could stop them with a stanley knife if they wanted to
  7. since when did they need digital evidence before the can prosecute ffs,
  8. greg64


    there's no difference in appreciating some nice weed as it is to appreciating some nice craft beer or a single malt ,different strokes mate
  9. he should have been banished from this country because he was an illegal immigrant that had failed asylum status regardless of religious beliefs
  10. of course he was a muslim taken in by gullable christian pensioners that thought they could convert a failed asylum seeker that was just a wolf in sheeps clothing,
  11. my grandfather died in july 1942 in the first battle of el alamein and he fought alongside the indian infantry his name is on the memorial at el alamein along with lots of fallen indian infantry men
  12. 10 British troops deployed to support Poland on Belarus border – POLITICO
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