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  1. 8 to 10 an acre i would say
  2. that would be very nice good luck
  3. can you not keep the house and rent it out and get a nice income of it and still have it as an investment
  4. i quite fancy a honda hornet myself great bikes by all accounts
  5. that's where a lot of his votes come from the guys a complete tosser
  6. i never knew that maico made a 590,i know they made a 490 which was a beast back in the day and they even made a water cooled two stroke 700 which i think is the biggest ,i used to have a Montessa capra 414 and that was hard enough to keep the front end down
  7. This is mine a Honda xl 600 lmf 1984 so will be tax and mot exempt in couple of years nice for bopping around the back lanes
  8. if you like western adventure butchers crossing by john williams is a good read about a buffalo hunt in in a remote colorado valley another good one is THE WILD WOOD BOYS by james carlos blake about the civil wars guerrilla conflict along the Kansas - Missouri borderland
  9. yes it's a good read that's the first book of the border trilogy ,the other two are excellent as well The crossing and cities of the plain
  10. yes enjoyed sutree and all of the border trilogy ,child of gods another good one and no country for old men ,and out of dark but funnily enough he is most famous for the road which is probably my least favourite of them all
  11. i think iv'e read everything cormack mcarthy has written blood meridian being my personal favourite and apparently he has two more books set for release in the near future which i'm looking forward to which i didn't expect as he must be in his late 80'smaybe 90's
  12. greg64

    ohh shit

    Terrifying moment massive 16ft great white shark smashes open cage forcing diver to swim for his life | The Sun
  13. i just have a smoke at night now few joints and a few beers just to unwind don't do it in the day got things to do and it isn't a problem at all to me but every one is different
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