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  1. greg64

    Albert Dryden

    I agree as soon as he threatened him they should have got well out of the way and left it to the police for him to either give it up or put a bullet in him
  2. greg64

    Albert Dryden

    the guy was a idiot and a dangerous one at that
  3. greg64

    Japan Petitioning The IWC To Lift Whaling Ban

    the hektoria was sunk on the 12th September , what a coincidence to be talking about it today
  4. greg64

    Bucket List Trips

    https://www.intotheblue.co.uk/experiences/white-cliffs-spitfire-experiences/ like to give this a bash but expensive
  5. greg64

    303 sqn

    303 sqd
  6. greg64

    Barnsley Attack

    and another one in paris over the weekend 7 injured including two british holdaymakers
  7. greg64

    Stone Age Flints

    very interesting arry , I was reading about the small flint arrow heads the other day and apparently the Vikings that found the small Neolithic arrow heads thought they were shot from elves and were responsible for aches and pains that they had and wore them as talismans
  8. greg64

    Salisbury attack and the Russians

    http://uk.businessinsider.com/list-alleged-russian-assassinations-in-britain-litvinenko-2018-3?r=US&IR=T Russians have been quite busy over here
  9. greg64

    Community spirit and neighbourhoods?

    ones that want a fast getaway
  10. greg64

    Community spirit and neighbourhoods?

    lets hope so
  11. yes if you try to pick them up or if they feel threatened and they are venomous but not aggressive ,they just want to get out of your way usually you dont get them in Ireland thanks to st Patrick
  12. adders in my building sand bag