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  1. I want to know if Dyson vacuums live up to the hype, cost isn't an issue. Anyone here have any experience using proscenic p9 ? Is there a competing product worth taking a look at?
  2. Personally I like the Irish Setter 2870 boots, super comfortable as well as Kinetic I think they're called, my old man uses. https://voy-voy.com/best-hunting-boots/
  3. I'm looking for a budget scope to start shooting around 100 yards, and work up to about 500 as that is the line of site I have out back. A scope recommendation, or even what numbers and magnification I should be looking for is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  4. Looking for some advice on a new scope for a Turbo 22 LR bench rifle. I've narrowed down between the new NF 42x or the Leupold comp 35x or a 40x scope. The sole purpose is to use for dual benchrest shooting with this new rifle and my 6 PPC
  5. I picked up a 10/22 with a 16" barrel, I want to buy a scope for Ruger 10/22 on it and be able to shoot up to 100 yards. I went to Walmart and looked at some cheap optics but did not buy anything. My 10/22 comes without iron sights so I have to find something. Looking for some recommendations on something decent at a reasonable price!
  6. welcome bale7!!! i'm also new here
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