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  1. byron


    Gone quite around here..mind, cold northely not helping..
  2. Torchey.. Little battery boy..go on show ya age.. Badgers bend..
  3. Steaming and a rolling..
  4. Howdy all. I have 2 x rapids.mk1 mk2.. mounts are centre screwed down on dovetail. I have just bought hw 100kt. Dovetail. I am after best way.. (quick release) so I can easily swap a couple of scopes between them..thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks which chinky cheapo pump then??
  6. Thanks.but ya got rid? Any reasons..
  7. Anyone using a cheap chinky one? Would they connect straight on hw 100kt.thanks in advance
  8. thinking about getting this model,with laminate stock.any one got one? Pro's cons..
  9. Five grand for both Danny lad.hahaha.. Nooo..
  10. Mornings all.. Thinking of buying another sub 12..whats ya thoughts on this.what would you buy? Bsa r12 ??.. or do I stick with my trusted mk1/mk2 rapids. I know ya gonna say overkill,but will be sticking,, new to me digex c50 on it.. Oh and what quick release scope mounts do you recomend.. Thanks in advance..
  11. Imformation etc.. because I'm new to this..For use on my rapids. Sub 12ft.mk1 and 2...30mm high or low mounts? Do ya need ir add ons etc.. oh.and best prices. Thanks.
  12. Like another lad said, never into bulldogs,but what a refreshing topic..condition of that red dog is fantastic.thanks gnash. really enjoy this thread.remember when the site had great information about all sorts..thanks.
  13. Thanks..Yep..but they don't tell ya on a death certificate were there buried..
  14. Thanks..Yep.got in touch with Bury free press,i now know that he made there paper, read on there headline about inquest,they never got back to me.off to lowestoft first..then focus on small graveyards in that area of Bury St Edmunds..
  15. Thanks..yep me thinks the same.. but,even ancestry can be wrong at times.there should be two more siblings on the list matey, one being my late wife.thanks.
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