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  1. Get a berlingo mate, dead easy to covert..ya don't need all the bells whistles I got in my motor home.i have a old shape berlingo,dead easy to make into day van.ten quid stove etc. Check out berlingo conversions youtube..good luck..
  2. byron


    I don't know if this has been covered before.but..has any one on here suffered with it.and if so did counciling help. No fxckwits need to reply.thanks.
  3. If its a pop top like in pic mate. check the material were it shuts down to the roof.had one on a vw.and if not folded in right you will see a crease and it becomes a week spot.they memorise.if that makes sence.
  4. byron


    LINNETS...picture please..
  5. What exactly is this living the dream mate.honest question ?
  6. byron

    Guard dogs

    Evie..hates roller skates. skateboards. Squizzers,cats and foxes..apart from them..she makes me smile..
  7. my daughter exactly same matey..
  8. Pulsar axium30....30s..any in stock and price.thanks

    1. Blackwood Outdoors

      Blackwood Outdoors

      Hopefully in a week or two

  9. byron


    coincidences are good.
  10. I never pick it up.mind were i go no need to.still cannae get me head around were all these covid walkers etc have come from.i'm over run with the fxckers.were did they go before....
  11. Weres the best place to buy one of these xm30..thanks
  12. the amount of people thats asked me if my beddie x whippet is a deerhound pup..of course i allus say yes..
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