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  1. i,m a compulsive trespasser.allways have been..hahaha..every sat night for the last few weeks, [i choose a differant wood every week].. i stick the rucksack on, and take a frying pan/pitza/couple bottles of beer etc, nowt special, get on me bike saddle the dogs up and of i set... gets all cosy, fire on etc,becomes a nice clear night me thinks for shooting stars.anyways i live right next to the marshes and notices this helicopter .thinking hes heading out to the rigs etc.thought no more, till he appears again doing a big wide circle.now i live on the flatlands no hills in this part of lincs apart from this one field in front of me,which is spoils from years ago when they worked the salt. anyway dogs start kicking of and with that torches appear on the horizon .with that this helicopter search light come's on, first on these coppers then on me.a strange feeling come's over you when that big beam lights you up..a sort of naked feeling.lol...anyway's in front of me is this deep slippery dike.with that these coppers shout out to me ,[me bike torch had gone dead].so i shout back asking em what they want.. to be continued.....
  2. Do I need a TV licence?: 20+ TV licence fee tips - Money Saving Expert got letter other day to expect hit squad round..should i pay??
  3. byron

    Ouija boards.

    tried it years ago,,scary from what i remember..never tried since..
  4. a song that breaks my heart,but also makes me smile..memories eh....if we could only turn back time...
  5. smoked abit o green with em, doe's that count..lol...well its a start.hahaha..
  6. oh..ok mate ..sorry to be a bother....idiot....
  7. am i an anorak....lol...loads of chain satellite's up tonight.from1730..just google heavens above, register, put your address in, and scroll to starlink.just hope the sky stays clear..
  8. keith,tough it out mate, a place will come up for you.it sounds like your in council accomodation?? they will want your's with it having two beds..i am going thru the same as you, with my wife and bestest friend i ever had passing mate..feckin wrecks ya dont it..you lose all structure in your life. get back out in to the fields mate..it helps me alot,if you ever want to talk i'm here mate..good luck matey...
  9. they will certainly have some prey drive tom,i have a dutch x belgium and i have to be on top of her most of the time.feckin squirrell mad..good luck..
  10. is this to do with the minshaw thread??..lol.................
  11. a lad i know socks had his dealt with.i can't believe how quick his recovery was.good luck to your mate..
  12. got an old raleigh hybrid her mate.i bike the dogs morning and night.you dont have to spend a fortune.i also have 3k's worth of haibike electric,but i dont like to get it mucky.lol....
  13. anyone else watch this channel,some cracking documentaries on it..
  14. same here mate.sick of it.make's everything for me alot harder..
  15. byron


    no..but just got banned from the local alehouse.hahaha..
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