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  1. byron


    heaving with em in in the river bain lincs..
  2. byron


    yep..but filmed in the sixties..the best times..
  3. byron


    i grew up in the fifties/sixties mate..alot of my teachers were very firm ..dont forget some of these men had seen the horrors of the second world war..a little twat like me wan't gonna faze them ..god,, one, yous'e to give me the choice of cane he was to use on me..some was hippyish/student teachers..they were the easy one's..i can still remember the exact day/date i left , being told you'll do nothing with your life laddie..i look back and think ,,i enjoyed them days..if your still out there miss croucher, what a cracker you were..lol..
  4. byron

    Guess the bird

    nice one mate,,when i think in the early eighties ,i knew of three nests every year in a hundred yard area of woodland..feck me they used to nest in peoples hanging baskets.long gone days..
  5. byron

    World Cup 2018

    best result for england ..hopefully now we might have five hundred million russians cheering us on..
  6. byron

    mountain bike

    thats the way to do it mate..anyone that spends more than a one'r must be mad..mine certainly stands out in the crowd of posers ya get round here..lol......ps..get some panniers on the back..
  7. byron

    mountain bike

    get a hybrid mate..agree with someone saying about back wheel shagging up..front suspension only.big high handlebars,fat boy gel seat,,mine is like riding a armchair,lol.none of this bent over mountainbike shit..did over 30 thousand miles on me old giant, morning and night,everyday. exercising me old alsation farm tracks/road work..got an old raleigh now ..if your on face book..go on marketplace..good bargains to be had on there..good luck..
  8. byron


    stood last week looking for nightjars..[no luck] and had a pair hunting /catching may bugs.over the heathlands...great pics mate..
  9. byron

    Motorbikes and Summer

    fxcking bighead..lol............
  10. byron

    buck knives..

    after a small foldable legal general purpose knife..are these selkirk one's any good..thanks in advance..
  11. byron

    Cannabis oil

    getting roughly 4/5 weeks use out of 10ml bottle..10ML - 2000MG INDICA (6D)..about £230..
  12. byron

    Long haul holidays

    far away from the tourist area's..any third world country for me..get amongst them and taste it..
  13. byron

    What you listening to at the moment.

    those were the day's arry,,for me, growing up in the fifties/sixties,,fantastic times..
  14. byron

    Champions league final

    good luck liverpool.. real to score first,liverpool to win....
  15. byron


    what they feeding on up your way mate..brown tailed moth caterpillars??