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  1. Talked to the fella that owned the dog on the cover of that book nice fella some good stories
  2. Im sorry i came on to this thread cos i want some now bring back some memories ill have to get a sample tomoro see how it goes
  3. I wouldnt be able for wats around now i wouldnt know me arse from me elbow
  4. Off it with 10 years got a few pulls of one not 2 long ago i tought i was goin to fall down way 2 strong dont know is it just me or is it gettin stronger ud want to be showered and in bed before u smoke it
  5. Rip jerry see u on the other side
  6. Wat u mean higher class of terrier not lookin for an argument but elaborate
  7. I take my hat off to glyn every time he posts good looking workers smart lookin pups never brags no airs or graces about him just in it for the love of it and knows wats hes at has a good honest line fair play if everyone was the same they would be some great posts on here that everyone could relate to
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