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  1. Mmamonster

    Silened 12g

    Anyone use a silence 12g ? Been thinking of getting one, can anyone recommend any ? Thanks
  2. Mmamonster

    CZ American 17hmr + .22 Karl Walther

    Hi can you email me a couple of pictures , i am interested in both. I will pm you my email address. Thanks
  3. Hi,

    Got a FAC gunpower stealth, its not a looker but its accurate 32ftp

    Looking around 250-300 if anygood to you pm me you mobile number i can watsapp pics


    1. barney rubble

      barney rubble

      i leave it pal thanks

    2. Mmamonster


      No probs mate

  4. Mmamonster

    Gunpower stealth fac


    • FOR SALE
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    I have a gunpower stealth Fac running around 30ftp Must have slot on ticket for fac air £300 or swop for non fac gun


  5. Mmamonster

    Gunpower stealth fac

    Gunpower stealth fac View Advert I have a gunpower stealth Fac running around 30ftp Must have slot on ticket for fac air £300 or swop for non fac gun Advertiser Mmamonster Date 10/12/17 Price £300.00 Category Airguns  
  6. Hi,

    Go on airgunforum theres a bloke in poland who can get parts, he also advertise on ebay

    If you cant find him let me know i will go on and message him.


    1. yohann


      I got sorted mate thank you. Wullie

  7. Mmamonster

    Logun (Pump Action) S16 £350 Ono

    Do you want another hahaha Lol, i am like most who shoot, already got to many guns. Would like a spare mag but you get more money on the bay. Have you tried posting it on the loguns16 forum, most who are after them post wanted ads. Atb
  8. Mmamonster

    Logun (Pump Action) S16 £350 Ono

    I had my s16 converted by mick, its a keeper. I wouldnt sell it mate
  9. Mmamonster


    I got one for £40 webley and scot .not a folder but a cheap straight gun If you interested pm me Stoke area.
  10. Mmamonster


    I got a mint cz 452 american, 21" barrel, £240 Pm me email adress for pictures if any good. Atb
  11. Mmamonster

    20 Gauge Wanted

    Investarms 3" magnum, 28" barrels £225any good ? Or are you looking for more high end gun. Atb
  12. Mmamonster

    Hw 97Kt Black .177

    Pump action any good to you ?
  13. Mmamonster

    Fx Vermy Mk2

    Is this the one off airgunforum mate?
  14. Mmamonster

    New Stock For Airarms

    £75 mate
  15. Mmamonster

    New Stock For Airarms

    I got one for sale, its got adjustable cheek peice, adjustable hamster , adjustable shoulder thing. Is custom paint job on it but would strip back or camo up. Pm me if interested, i put last pic i have of it on.