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  1. Had an air ranger myself , they are good guns no electrics so should be safe. Had no trouble with the oro's I had just had to get a battery for my air wolf once. I can say that I am 100 percent daystate free now. Atb Mart
  2. I use the ignore button on there if they are a snowflake or a muppet. That way you never see another reply or post they write. I can't see much on there once I use it lol Atb Mart
  3. Looked for you on there last night, are you using same name as on here? Atb Mart
  4. I do go on every gun forum but I never been on farcebook. This forum has small amount of people but I not come across a bad one yet. Atb Mart

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    Ford transit custom 2016 2.2L diesel SWB 77,000 miles Excellent condition New rep lock, alloys, spoiler, side bars, roof rails Immaculate inside / day van. NO VAT Photos available through email or WhatsApp Thanks Mart


  6. Transit custom 2016 View Advert Sold Advertiser Mmamonster Date 03/07/22 Price £12,000.00 Category Vehicles and ATV's
  7. Have you tried Google for dive shops ? Atb Mart
  8. I will dig it out this week and send a picture Atb Mart
  9. I think I have one of them, I will look when I finish work Atb Mart
  10. I had about 10 people to send the pictures to, hope you got the pictures mate. think its time to give up air and fac and just clay shoot Atb Mart
  11. Think I will try bbs first seems to be more on there. Atb Mart
  12. I got a few airguns that have only ever been zeroed in and then left in there cases,only because they were too nice to take out, i know it sounds daft. I am going to try sell them, where do you reckon the best place is to try. One is a mk 1 kalibr cricket .22 wood stock version The other is a daystate pulsar oro .177 Both are untouched and unused. Thanks in advance if you reply Mart
  13. How do you find the slugs for accuracy? Atb Mart
  14. Did you manage to speak to them mate ? Atb Mart
  15. Thats some pellets there, shame they not .25 Atb Mart
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