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  1. Hi Phil, Artemis p15 .25 £400 brand new, first chinease gun i have had, not a patch on fx or daystate like i have but cheap enough to knock about up the farm. Atb Mart
  2. I did mine last year, brought a brand new .25 sub 12ftp, already had a alot for one on my licence, took it to my local shop who applied it to my licence ( £20 fee) then i took it home and turned it up to 28ftp. I checked first with my firearms officer and he told me i couldnt turn it up before it was put on my licence or it would be illegal, also there is no miminum required ftp limit for a fac, as long as it is the correct calibre and serial number on your license all is good. If you need anymore info let me know Atb Mart
  3. Hi, I put it on my fac, drilled the transfer port out to 5mm and adjusted the reg so far. Atb Mart
  4. If I would of known a newer version was coming out in january I would of waited for the new one. Atb Mart
  5. Hi Phil, I use a skan chrono cant fault it mate, have you looked at the fx ones? Atb Mart
  6. Hi mate. Thanks for the info but I dont do farcebook Atb Mart
  7. Hi mate is he on here? Atb Mart
  8. I got a few top end guns like most people, i read up on these cheap pcps so i thought i would give one a go. Brought a brand new p15 .25 £390, looking for any info on tuning and making it more consistent, i put it on my fac couple of weeks ago. Atb Mart
  9. Cant you get up on there and get rid of the nest ? Not sure if you would need to check the GL to see if legal to do as i am unsure. Pain in the arse seagulls are, we had some on our roof at work and they kept swooping down on people coming in and out of work. Atb Mart
  10. Im on most gun forums and they all have there pluses, i started to frequent this one more recently, seems stable and not full of ar$eholes. Atb Mart
  11. Top one is a skan millennium, only 50 of these were made. Next one is a colchester gamekeeper with all 3 barrels. The last ones are skan ar 98 shot Atb Mart
  12. Heres a couple of my old ones, not as old as most on this thread but its all i have Atb Mart
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