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  1. I had about 10 people to send the pictures to, hope you got the pictures mate. think its time to give up air and fac and just clay shoot Atb Mart
  2. Think I will try bbs first seems to be more on there. Atb Mart
  3. I got a few airguns that have only ever been zeroed in and then left in there cases,only because they were too nice to take out, i know it sounds daft. I am going to try sell them, where do you reckon the best place is to try. One is a mk 1 kalibr cricket .22 wood stock version The other is a daystate pulsar oro .177 Both are untouched and unused. Thanks in advance if you reply Mart
  4. How do you find the slugs for accuracy? Atb Mart
  5. Did you manage to speak to them mate ? Atb Mart
  6. Thats some pellets there, shame they not .25 Atb Mart
  7. I think slowly they are making it harder for shooters until it gets to a point where its to much hassle to go. Atb Mart
  8. I would love to go back but at the moment its impossible for me. Atb Mart
  9. Kia ora Once you have zeroed you scope in detatch it from you gun and then reattach it in the same location on the picatinny and in theory it should still be zeroed in. i have then on my rifles and swop them from nightvision to day scopes without to much trouble. Where abouts are you at in Nz, i used to live in north island Atb Mart
  10. Years ago i fell for the daystate LE sales pitch , ended up with 3 pulsar oro's, a airwolf and a air ranger. Now i only have 1 oro and i sold everything at a loss. I am not saying they are bad guns or good guns but i wont never buy a daystate again. Atb Mart
  11. Basc are bigots, like taking the money of people and do nothing for it
  12. I used to join in alot on the forums but theres always a couple of knobheads who twist what you are saying, i try to join in this oneas it seems more real. I look on most forums for wanted and for sale tbh. Atb Mart
  13. Arent the infirays the same as pulsar ? Local gun shop to me told me infiray make the internals for pulsar. Would be interested to know either way
  14. Let use know how you go on with it. Atb Mart

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    Looking for a set of ford transit custom 16" standard wheels, dont need tyres dont want to pay silly money. Thanks


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