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    i like to do a lot of fishing and i enjoy goin shooting there my only real interest.

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  1. Very nice shooting I need a scope cam realy bad,must hoover up and do the dishes more for Mrs
  2. Thank you mate hopefully there should be more too come. Happy hunting Liam
  3. Evening everyone, so after a fair few email being send out I resorted to mithering a fella I new about his family farm and it paid off. I have permission too shoot the rats and magpies on there as they are causing a real problem with his bails and animal feed. My first night and I got a canny maggy I seen a few rats but they never stood still long enough. Il have them next time. Good luck everyoneone
  4. I'm going too stick with it for now. Seems too do everything I will need it for I will keep you updated when I get a feel for it Happy hunting
  5. Will do mate I ain't giving up for s#!t Happy hunting
  6. Here it is finished and ready for a spot of hunting soon as I get some permission. Happy hunting
  7. Thanks for the info chaps I'm in the process of nocking some smart looking cards up and a hand full of letters and soon as my wife has a day off I'm off out in the car Happy hunting
  8. So I've recently purchased this gun and all I can say is it is amazing for the price I payed £378. I used too own the airarms s200 and I'm struggling too find any key differences between the two. Has anyone else got one or shot one that could share there feed back. Happy hunting.
  9. I've been on Google maps looking all round my local area recycle centres, skip hire places, golf courses trying too think of the least obvious places good luck mate
  10. Thanks mate I'm in the process of sending emails left right and centre looking for permission. Happy hunting
  11. Hello lads/lasses It's been a while since I last posted on here. Anyways I've decided too get my self an air rifle and get my self some permission and get back in the swing of things. Hopefully I will be able too share some good story's. Happy hunting everyone
  12. excellent looking dog mate good look with the little beast atb liam
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