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    i like to do a lot of fishing and i enjoy goin shooting there my only real interest.
  1. excellent looking dog mate good look with the little beast atb liam
  2. that is quality lmao what a dog let him on to haysey lol
  3. haha nice one lads im taking her out again tomorrow she what she can doo lol hopefully i will bag up aswell why she is pi*sing about
  4. hello lads/lasses i was out yesterday with two of my mate fishing and took my dog with me, she was miering when we was setting up so i had to tie her to a tree untill we was sorted. after everything was sorted i decided to take her for a little walk along the brook and noticed her taking an interest in the moore hens and coots so i let her off and she coursed a few with no luck (obviously) lol but it was still fun to watch it. has anyone ever watched your dog do this if so have they had anyluck catching them? in the end we only ended up catching one fish and we called it a night. all in al
  5. nice shooting mate better look next time festa
  6. i used to have an ultra and there was nothing wrong with it a tall as stated deadly accurate alb liam
  7. practise at your chosen range by putting ten shots inside a ten pence piece once you can do that and feel confident in doing it practise a few more times and then you should be ok dont risk injuring the bird practice makes perfect atb liam
  8. why are grapes ect toxic? not being sarcastic either just didnt no about that. atb liam
  9. nice piks how do you lure the rats out?
  10. nice little dog mate should be some interesting posts when he grows up atb liam
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