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  1. I had exactly the same happen to me, was granted a .223 but told that I would need to get a mentor to vouch for me if I wanted .243 for deer. A really strange carry on I wonder if it is something the FAO are told to do by others above
  2. Nice collection do you have a favourite?
  3. Just a simple question how do you secure snare to wire hoop, is it just taped into position? As you can tell I have never done any snaring just interested in the set up, thanks
  4. Can't say I've had this problem lately, it has been a bit slow but does eventually get there.
  5. Jok no problem with going to allotment see link below https://inews.co.uk/news/coronavirus-lockdown-uk-walk-dog-allotment-2513999 was down mine today no problem
  6. I ordered one last year but it never showed up, got full refund from seller they look OK for the money, check he sellers feedback to make sure your satisfied.
  7. Prepared ground for potatoes today hopefully get them in tomorrow, broad beans coming along nicely, rhubarb shooting just don't need any more rain
  8. Was down my plot today digging ready for me potatoes to go in and it was busy.
  9. Nice photos bird looks great
  10. https://www.marathi.tv/anchor/danny-sebastian-bio/ there you go Eastcoast
  11. Saved a few song birds this year for sure
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