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  1. Link not working for me at the moment just tried again and it worked Signed
  2. Gooner


    Let's hope so about time the people are listened to.
  3. Gooner


    Good to see Nige back but by starting another party he will spli votes between UKIP and his new party
  4. Gooner

    U.S gun ranges.

    Be rude not to visit
  5. Gooner

    Kelly kettle

    I have a similar issue, mine has a taste similar to what you get with a new electric kettle until it has been used for a while. i tried boiling water with lemon juice, white vinegar but this taste still remains, might get it out of shed and have another go
  6. Gooner


    Now the eu know we won't leave without a deal they will shaft us even more, it is a complete f**k up
  7. Seem to remember Monty Don saying it happens if bulbs aren't planted deep enough Before throwing them why not plant in a border or other area and see if they flower next spring
  8. Gooner


    https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/229963 just signed this
  9. Gooner

    Time for goodbyes.

    Don't leave because of some back stabber it's probably what they want! As Walshie said probably plod themselves.
  10. Cheers Arry will have to remember this for next year
  11. Arry where do you start your seedlings off, I only just planted my tomatoes last weekend also planted some spring onions will do leeks later this week, I don't have a greenhouse so use cold frame
  12. Gooner

    My first few

    Nice work how are you going to cut the blanks out?
  13. Gooner


    Why would you take no deal off the table? lf this is removed we have even less bargaining power than we do now, the EU wants a deal so why remove the threat?
  14. Gooner

    Whippet/Saluki type UPDATE

    Looks good.
  15. Keep your chin up mate as been said maybe a third party involved to retrieve pup. was the pup chipped by any chance?