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  1. Gooner

    First time out for my pup

    Nice when it all comes together, she looks a nice size as well
  2. Gooner

    Quick hour out tonight

    Good shooting
  3. Managed to get a couple rows of carrots in and transpalnted out my leeks also sowed a few more peas. Courgettes doing well starting to get the usual glut, keeps the neighbours happy
  4. Gooner

    WJ again.

    Suppose they have nothing better to do, will be interesting
  5. Good video Terry might give this ago later this year
  6. Thanks for the suggestions but all this rain we've had with a bit of broom work seems to have removed 95% of it so will see how it goes
  7. Well laid patio Saturday and noticed a lot of white powder residue on slabs, when wet not visible how long does it take to stop coming through, is there anything I can apply to help get rid? Thanks in advance
  8. Gooner

    Normandy Landings 75 years ago today.

    A couple of more photos
  9. Gooner

    Normandy Landings 75 years ago today.

    Went to Ypres and the Menin Gate ceremony which is held every day, very moving
  10. Gooner

    Eastern european fishermen.

    It is a f**king joke we have had similar problem here on my local water, I caught one with carp in a carrier bag tied to the platform leg, still in water. I explained that you must release alive and that retaining them is not allowed he made on that he could not understand, so told him to leave in a language he would understand, with my bull cross next to me growlin he was soon off. in another instance a bailiff saw them placing carrier bags in the boot of car Angel got registration I reported to police who traced the car to an address 30 miles away, they gave culprits verbal warning and said they would keep an eye out in the area of lake.
  11. Well I managed to plant out my brassicas and erect a suitable netting arrangement to prevent butterfly's so hopefully will all be good. Also after chatting with my brother he told me he was giving his allotment up next year so have agreed to take it on and spent a few hours clearing a bit of his so that I can plant this year, whilst on the site where his allotment is spoke with a few old boys who told me there is a few plots up for grabs this would save the commute between my site and his Got sweet corn ready to plant out tomorrow.
  12. Gooner


    Just an up date on earlier post got a refund less the postage costs, so had them for 8 months before failure and all it cost me was £3.99 Was a shame as the boots were comfy so now need to look out for an alternative.
  13. Gooner


    Just an updates I purchased a pair of the decathlon boots recommended in thread on 19th September have had a bit of use mainly out with dogs nothing too rough noticed a split in left boot where big toe is so have now returned via mail as these were brought on line will see what the response is, ashame really as boots were comfy with good sole. Will update when known
  14. Gooner

    Rabbit Clearance around the paddocks

    Nice video looks like you have plenty around, was you using air rifle or rim fire?
  15. Good going nice to find a place like that, rabbits been in short supply down here however recently started seeing a few about so here's hoping for later this year