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  1. Not the biggest but probably the best I’ve had from canal in close season I’d say probably 1&half lb
  2. Got family over from Gold Coast so took my nephew on canal to try for some perch as he goes fishing over home he got few small perch a eel pushing 2 lb and a nice chub all from below a lock gate on canal promised him we will go for some carp before he goes home
  3. I’ve had a fair few on same canal just below Stourton south Leeds I always seem to get them just below the lockgates
  4. Had a morning session on a Leeds pond as lad I meant to work with knocked so threw gear in van did 5 hours and was pleasantly surprised with who got as lads around me were all blanking had few small perch and a gudgeon as well
  5. I had a nice one couple of years ago must have been a good 5/6lb on a local pond five minutes from mine never fancied eating them like always catch and release for me
  6. On canal for couple hours after work as no rivers plenty bites just small perch and skimmers and one bonus chub just before we left
  7. Out of interest do u feed them to say ferrets or hawks as a different source of food
  8. Had a nice one on Calder this afternoon no scales with me but I’d say pushing 6lb
  9. 3 more from fleet lane on Calder
  10. Another session on Calder these 3 the biggest a bonus bream about 4lb and lost a barbel
  11. Saw a picture of a brace from that stretch from last year of one over 5 and one couple oz short of 5 so my target there is a 5lber hopefully
  12. Another one from fleet lane o Calder had plenty smaller but no pictures 2lb15 this one
  13. Been working there today was foggy driving in and out of valleys looked cold at side of lake I’d be wrapping up well
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