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  1. Right lads due to my marriage breaking down I’ve had to make the hard decision to rehome my young bitch as nowhere for her she is a decent young dog coming on very well just turned a year. She will not be going to any idiot that will breed life out of her I’d rather pts then that happen to her want me her to go to a working home she used to been outside all day till after dark and fully house trained u must be vouched for by people on here that I know look after there animals been on here a few years now and can tell who’s right and who isn’t by there posts like I said she won’t be going to j
  2. Try for some decent perch on local little pond for couple hours
  3. Took dogs out for a spin after work today and thought stay local close to houses always a few things knocking about hardly any sets on this patch of ground with a beck running through so dogs can cool off having a nice walk putting few bunnies up and one dog Fox then lost sight of pup on a small banking managed to find her in a pulled out rabbit set with older bitch she baying away had to stop old dog dropping in as well five minutes later small vixen bolts from bottom of bank with pup up it’s arse and away through cover to say I’m impressed with her is a understatement definitely be ready onc
  4. Yeah it is we can fish canals and still waters till trout season couple weeks now and can go on few stretches of river that r classed as trout stretch
  5. Another nice one from a new peg I knocked in on aire
  6. My pal used to keep hawks used to take him everything terriers caught apart from for food for them love to have one but no where near enough time for one of them
  7. What has it caught in bottom pic
  8. Simple over there don’t go in water if it’s not clear neither early or late as that’s when they in hunting mode I won’t lie I didn’t go out past my knees into the sea
  9. Remember when I was there with wife and kids about 5/6 years ago visiting family we was on beach one day at coogee flags were up sea quite rough weren’t allowed outside the flags no further than 20ft from shore spotter drone up Next day same beach same conditions teenagers out having a surf early before lifeguards we’re out poor kid had his arm taken off at elbow by a bull shark in surf after he rode wave in
  10. Asenby is a good stretch my favourite swim is peg 10 that usually wins matches there if they tackle up for barbel didn’t fish last match we had there as had trouble with me that day so went to see what lads were catching had to stop him throwing half of field into river
  11. I’d love to think that there r bigger felines than your average house cat running round our countryside I wouldn’t call anyone a liar But I think I’d have to see to believe or at least decent trailcam footage/pics
  12. I’m surprised that hunts in areas that have a high volume of sightings haven’t ever had hounds catch one or at the least tree one doesn’t matter how smart a cat has to be to survive it can’t throw 30/40 dogs bred to hunt and run off its scent
  13. Skip bridge on nidd throws up some nice grayling when lads trot a float through certain pegs on matches I only fish for chub/ barbel there so never gonna get any I’d say pool bank on wharfe would be a good bet it’s a Leeds stretch but day tickets available from shell garage next to bridge going over river
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