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  1. How she going I wish I still had my pup to bring on
  2. Get a big lobworm dropped in on his head and let have a proper look at it
  3. My first ever deer taken with my first lurcher got to be 20 plus years old taken with a camera
  4. The vet ended up taking the nail out but it never stopped him or slowed him up in any way with the quarry we were after at the time
  5. She was probably one of best catch dogs in cover was built like a dog but was a demon on also was mute even with a face full
  6. We didn’t take pictures when we were out I think the bitch is now living with lads mum on sofa she didn’t have any dog aggression at all which is strange for Wheaton cross in my experience
  7. One of best cover dogs I ever seen was a Wheaton x cocker my mate had accidental mating when it caught hold they never got away didn’t even need another dog to help finish it either
  8. I had what looked like same problem with my lurcher years ago it ended up been a large thorn down side of his nail was young and stupid then cost me almost 300 quid for it taking out and antibiotics
  9. First time I took my lad out for a day with terrier’s he’s bigger than me now
  10. I’ve seen plenty of fox only dogs nail in woods/cover won’t even chase rabbit deer hare there never gonna outrun the hounds
  11. I think if they were here someone would tree them with pack of hounds everyone got a camera phone now in there pocket or someone’s dogs would have found cubs but I’d love to be proved wrong
  12. Managed a couple hours after work yesterday had a few small perch a chub about 2 pounds and this little beauty speaking to a angler when got back to motor that targets perch in winter with prawns he showed me a decent photo of a brace he had in February of a 5lb 2 and a 4lb10 said it was biggest brace midfield had had this year out of calder
  13. My mate had one brindle bitch in his litter rest looked like beddy whippets she turned out tiny as well big strong rabbits used to pull her about but was a demon on
  14. No monsters but had quite a few from a new stretch of Calder I’ve started fishing
  15. If I get back in time from work I’m going to wharfe with little mepps and 9 ft spinning rod really a barbel scouting mission but should get plenty of perch chub maybe trout
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