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  1. One under each bush on left and right at ullerskelf
  2. If I get back in time from work I’m going to wharfe with little mepps and 9 ft spinning rod really a barbel scouting mission but should get plenty of perch chub maybe trout
  3. Had a hour on canal with leftover lobworms from few days ago getting loads of small perch couple about half pound then second to last cast got this nice one. All within a meter of bank tight up to a weedbed think something may have had a go at it not that long ago with marks on rear end
  4. New stretch of river I’ve never fished before had a few perch a small barbel and few bits only did 2 hours but definitely gonna have a Few goes in different pegs
  5. Went to new stretch of wharfe about 2 miles drive from where I normally go For perch just fished rod’s on ledger with 2 lobworms on first 2 casts 2 small perch about half pound at most rod in edge slammed round with a barbel about 4 pound then 2 small chub a flatfish then got these 2 that’s my 40th barbel since rivers opened in June
  6. Think I might have a little session with 9ft rod and few mepps on canal last hours of light always seem best time they usually smashing into fry at that time
  7. We used to fish just below sea life centre near lighthouse go for peeler crab low tide under weed on rock then fish tide as it ran in used to get plenty bass there don’t know about now
  8. Spot of urban fishing for a hour waiting for wagon at site couple streets away evening session tonight on river I’ve a match on Sunday so scope a few pegs out
  9. Not been there for years used to go camping with old man uncles cousin’s there-when was a kid pitch tent up on car park next to raf valley near the little white cottage what looks out on that little tidal river go fishing shooting rabbits on a farm few fields my dad knew owners dig a pit light a fire and cook your catch on a grill. We used to rocks near the race track walk across old firering range to cliffs got to be at least 20 years since I been think I might have to drag old man out for a run over and fish couple spots as he’s getting a bit worn out now shall we say
  10. Can’t wood pigeon mate with feral pigeons/ racers maybe
  11. Really dark was pretty fat as well need to start taking scales with me I’m sick of guesstimating weights
  12. Just one decent bite today resulting in this one no barbel at all showing on river way to hot thinking a late evening session middle of next week
  13. One decent perch about 2 1/2 maybe touching 3 and a flatfish way 2 hot gave in at 2
  14. Ullerskelf couple small chub so far
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