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  1. Took pup on match on aire with old man way to hot she ate more of my sarnis than I did
  2. Trying for a tench till dark plenty of activity on edge of weeds
  3. They have a bit of English bull in them
  4. Co pilot on way home from fishing
  5. My pals first barbel and trout from city centre left them there when I came home for footy
  6. In Leeds City Centre home now for match supposed to be some nice barbel been coming out but blanked
  7. About 4 months now following it’s mum through cover now
  8. I know someone in Leeds they do everything for dogs she scanned my bitch for me when she was in pup
  9. Had a hour on aire on way home from work well worth it let’s get some specimen chub on here next few weeks lads
  10. What do u catch when u use them for live bait
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