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  1. Robbusher

    Lakeland Russell

    Old bitch first pic 12 now her daughter second pic about 3 1/2 now both lakey Russell mix
  2. Robbusher

    What can’t you catch on maggot??

    Never knew bass would go into fresh water and defo thought they would take maggots
  3. Robbusher

    Would you breed from a jacker?

    My first dog over 20 years ago was a pet Queen Anne Russell to a working lakey dog my dads mates dog he worked and showed me a few things while a was a young teen good memories long gone but never forgotten rip joe
  4. Robbusher

    Would you breed from a jacker?

    The geniune guys who work there dogs keep there heads down and just get on with there game I’ve seen to many lads over years get a dog smash it to bits in a season then get rid when they gave dog way to much or try breed from it to earn a quick quid or two
  5. Robbusher

    Would you breed from a jacker?

    If the dog not up to job shouldn’t be bred from no matter what blood running through it in my eyes a cur is a cur and should not be allowed to continue its line
  6. Robbusher

    Would you breed from a jacker?

    I think I’ve been pretty lucky with the terriers I’ve bred three litters in my life and every time I’ve kept a bitch back last two my wife picked the pup and they all grafted fine for me might not be up to other guys standards but all worked fine for me and my landowners r more than happy with job they do
  7. I know I’ve never spoke to you but I’m really interested in putting a beddy  dog over my lakey cross bitch early next year she will be almost 5 my young bitch is the great granddaughter of my first dog had line over 20 years now always gone lakey Russell cross bit of boarder in there as well she does everything I’ve asked her to bushes like a demon and no problems her going to ground I be more than willing to show you bitch work above and below I’m only breeding her  to keep a bitch back for myself your the only guy I know of  with working beddy dogs if you can find the time to reply it would be much appreciated I’d be willing to give you 2 pups out of litter none will be sold as I’ve got six lads waiting for a pup out this bitch as she not half bad but I’m not blowing my own trumpet she a good honest bitch that loves to graft 

  8. Robbusher

    A couple of working Lakelands

    Looks like a nice young dog how old is he
  9. Robbusher

    Killers From the Very Beginning!!!

    Do people use terriers in the same way as you do the lurcher with the mink as mine will hunt mink but r broke to ferrets
  10. Robbusher

    Killers From the Very Beginning!!!

    How many would you keep back from the litter to try work yourself and what do you do with the surplus kits that you don’t keep never see owt like the videos you post
  11. Robbusher

    A couple of working Lakelands

    Old bitch 12 now dam to younger bitch mix of lakie Russell
  12. Robbusher

    A couple of working Lakelands

    My younger bitch just turned 3 1/2 not full Lakie bit of boarder and Russell in there as well
  13. Robbusher

    Hale vetenary Group

    Long shot but anyone know a good vets in Leeds for working dogs pets for vets try to have your flipping life another near me don’t entertain working dogs vets against any form of hunting with dogs so charge you through nose