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  1. Another good hour cover bashing pups coming on good now doesn’t stop
  2. Got a couple walking past with dogs to take a better picture
  3. my old man said a ide if it is it’s a pb
  4. At Beal on aire chub or ide u decide
  5. All legs and tounge blowing after a hours bashing cover can’t wait for cover to die off a bit
  6. I know a couple of spots that have some nice ones hidden away
  7. Yeah just lobworm and small feeders with groundbait I think u limited to fish u will catch on certain rivers if u use pellets or meat at least u get plenty of bites on the worm
  8. After barbel couple chublets and these 2 in 2 casts hopefully get a run soon
  9. Gone upstream ullerskelf for a change work my way back
  10. He’s very expensive him best looking for something second hand
  11. All wild as far as I know Leeds don’t stock any predator fish
  12. One my pal got a good few months back
  13. My old man had 18 pounds of perch on a match there with 5/6 over 2 pounds few months ago
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