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  1. 4 1/2 weeks can’t get up steps mum having a break from getting ears pulled by pup
  2. 3 weeks now getting fat eating solids as well
  3. Nelly 2 weeks today eyes open now all she does is sleep and eat
  4. Belter that reminds me of bitch I got now as a young pup
  5. Little nelly(wife’s already named her) 7 days old today bred to my mates kc working boarder that only works below on a few estates as he a gamekeeper to my 3/4 lakey 1/4 boarder bitch two pups in the litter sadly dog pup was stillborn which was a bummer as lad wanted a dog pup from mating
  6. Had a hour casting into a couple of swims on aire below Leeds nothing biting
  7. Had a go on wharfe this morning at collingham for few hours probably extra meter in and coloured like mud so didn’t expect much had one bite I could strike at but missed it completely on my phone to a lad from work couple little knocks and that it my pal came he got one bite one small chub but he more than happy as was he first fish of year
  8. Few bites after a couple of casts and a few chopped up worms down side of a boat few small perch
  9. Do u eat them over there or is it catch and release
  10. You see quite a few drop shoting on aire for perch they get plenty of small ones haven’t seen owt decent come out myself
  11. Blanked in 2 pegs river-constantly kept coming up from first light till 11.30
  12. Newton-on-Ouse last chance this year for a barbel
  13. Had a couple there myself some nice chub as well
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