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  1. Who cares what coulour they r as long as they graft for u that all that matters
  2. Couple pics when dog been shaved 4th generation of terrier I kept since I was 12
  3. I live five mins drive from Bramham not that many lads local to here with running dogs anymore but know a few lads capable of doing that just to save there skin no second thought for poor dog or where it ends up boils my blood don’t deserve a hamster let alone a dog
  4. Mine mainly lakie bit of boarder about 5 now
  5. He looks like he enjoying the little tickle u giving him behind the ear u sure he’s not chuckles the
  6. My mate had one just like itgood few years ago but tiny demon on rats she was. saw it catch a hare out of its seat once hare more or less pulled it across field till she let go
  7. Three so far biggest touching 4 waiting for a small live bait . It’s a little old quarry pond in Leeds rarely come here and blank my pal fuming went out on pop and didn’t get up
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