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  1. I spoke to vet today he hasn’t done it for about 5/6 years now he used to do it for couple of ferret breeders but said he wouldn’t feel confident as it’s been so long hopefully u get sorted 

    1. big napper

      big napper

      Cheers for that pal

  2. Oakwood vets in Leeds do it I’ve take my terrier bitch there had old bitch pts there last year Indian guy whose the vet but decent guy
  3. My lad been given a couple off one of my pals he enjoys shooting rats with air gun let’s see if I can get him out of house having a go at this
  4. Ho far would u class a long range shot
  5. Anyone know how to upload videos to here from phone got couple little clips of lad whacking rats would like to put them up but saying file to big
  6. Pool bank. Wharfe wmc match with old chief
  7. Took my lad up to yard as seen a couple about got a couple but only managed a hour before had to pick daughter up
  8. One of best fish to go for like been said make slight bit of noise and there off not to bee seen again I think personally I think bit lobworm with tip nipped off works well plus everything else has a go so u shouldn’t blank not as good a fight as a barbel but still a cracking fish to target
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