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  1. Easdyke on wharfe gonna go back first light Sunday for few hours
  2. Wmc club with old man we got a 1st & 2nd with 18 anglers perch at 2.5 and a bonus ide at 2.9
  3. perch at 2.5 oz on match today
  4. My pal biggest trout so far no scales to weight it but a solid fish thought it was a small barbel with first run it made but he was happy with it
  5. Was a homeless guy used to fish there and sell fish to local shops jet skis came really close he lobbed a empty wine bottle at them very nearly hit one of them
  6. Constant little rattles got one eel had I think a pollock on and this fat twat snapped my line as I was reeling in
  7. About 3ft in and holding a bit of colour but still no fish
  8. After a barbel on wharfe they didn’t play today
  9. Today’s peg wmc match with old man newton on Ouse
  10. Caught a fair few of them off Bournemouth pier few years ago when I used to work away had some nice bass and rays aswell
  11. Skip Bridge on nidd good 2meter in
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