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  1. Robbusher

    Been a while

    I’m same once young dog is back at your feet I find myself shouting old bitch she’s not gonna come running though at least it enjoyed some sofa time with you and had a good long life plenty good memories for you
  2. Robbusher

    View From Your Swim

    One bite one fish six hours two men but that’s fishing
  3. Robbusher

    View From Your Swim

    Newton on Ouse with old man
  4. Robbusher

    Old dog in a better place

    Just a mix of Lakey Russel no lines just worker to worker. wife surprised me with a nice photo for fireplace and one for my old dear
  5. Robbusher

    Dog v Bitch

    Always preferred a bitch to work think that’s just my preference couldn’t keep both I’d end up pulling what Little hair I had out left when girls in sesaon
  6. Had to do the worst job and take old bitch to vets as she started to suffer she had a couple of days of pamper at my old dears then out for one last walk down a hedge line flushed a pheasant so at least she had fun
  7. Robbusher

    View From Your Swim

    My old man doing same tomorrow at newton on Ouse to open couple of pegs up for next weekend
  8. Robbusher

    On the rock piles today

    That looks cold out ️ hopefully like that in morning tank 34we’re you at Clayton where the pics were taken certain pic looks very familiar
  9. Robbusher

    Odd couloured rabbits

    I remember a cattle farm lifting with rats must have killed litteraly thousands there that’s the only place we nailed white rats even then only two or three out of everyone we caught
  10. Robbusher

    Four maggots 🐳

    Me and old man went on wharfe for couple hours after chub couple six inchers then dad got a knock struck said think it’s a chub defo didn’t think this would take four maggots on swim feeder
  11. Robbusher


    Had it as sausage and burgers in oz it’s a strong tasteing meat nice though
  12. Robbusher


    I live trapped one in loft in old house little tw@t used to climb up render on side of house
  13. Robbusher


    Another dog waiting for the bolt
  14. Wondering if it’s possible for a ferret to breed with anything closely related ie stoats Martin minks has anyone tried to do this and what results did you u get from any kits