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  1. It's nice to be back, glad to see theres still plenty lads out there using the wires with good results..
  2. A few hoop snares set in amongst young birch trees. Used hoops because the soil is very sandy and wouldn't trust a peg
  3. A few hoop snares in amongst young birch set with my 84yr old friend Dick..
  4. Theres both of my main cats with new bands fitted ready to go..
  5. A decent morning catch out of 100 cages. I had alit of doubles and two tripples
  6. Has anyone been doing any rabbit snaring recently. Here's a few I snared recently
  7. This virus has put a stop to my cage trapping. The trouble is I can carry on trapping but cant move the rabbits once caught. Flaming nightmare. Everyone stay safe, regards p&g
  8. Howdy, yeah an all round trapper snarer really. The set up of the hunting life is a little different. Taking abit of getting used to
  9. Just a few words to say hello to everyone. I was a very early member of the hunting life not long after Ian set it up. I've met some great people on Thehuntinglife. Hope everyone is ok and well at these very difficult times....
  10. Yeah i must say ive met some good lads on this site and had some cracking posts... Thanks p&g
  11. Another very happy customer has just left for home..ill post some pics soon as i sus how lol Cheers p&g..
  12. Snares in the right hands are as effective as any other trapping method and are used in all kinds of situations where other methods wouldnt be as effective. For anyone to say which legal animals you should or should not use snares to catch or control has got blinkers on their eyes, it all depends on each individual situation your faced with. Give someone like woodga or old glenn waters 100 wires and you will see what a high trap to catch ratio looks like... Kind regards you people...p&g
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