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  1. what i meant was what you do in the field should stay in the field. no need to film your every movement to show everybody,,, and claim bragging rites, you show 10 people what you did!!!!! it only takes 1 and your in deep shit these days
  2. samuria

    army jerkin

    my late uncle worn one, he was in the rtr heavy armoured brigade in egypt would you say he should have been careful where he wore his ????
  3. samuria

    army jerkin

    you lads can say whatever you like.... i'am here just lol at the comments. i wore one for many years and i heard all the ...do you do the bins !!! are you a coalman!!!! etc so if that makes you smile you carry on
  4. samuria

    army jerkin

    did you see him wearing it ?
  5. samuria

    army jerkin

    why not ???? they keep you warm, don't get hooked up on the brambles , arms are free to move etc etc........
  6. samuria

    army jerkin

    where would i get this kind of stuff......
  7. samuria

    army jerkin

    the buttons are original this one came from belgium . that's the next thing... get some of the old british ones
  8. samuria

    army jerkin

    just bought this on monday. hung it in the airing cupboard and most of the creases have come out. any leather chaps know what's best to soften it up as its a bit stiff ? had one for many years until my lurcher pup took a fancy to it and ripped it up and ate lumps off it ..... it's from the 1950's so good condition for its age. thanks guy's
  9. just been listening FLANAGAN & ALLEN underneath the arches, run rabbit ,run rabbit etc
  10. that was some great course . was that a hare ? couldn't quite zoom in......
  11. that young lad with the stoat is bloody brilliant to watch, i was always fascinated by these great little warriors. weasels as well, always read about them when i was a kid.
  12. samuria

    What paint.

    very nice that, but if you paint it it will just spoil it. just clean with some degreaser then wax it for protection . my thoughts but your choice.....
  13. just have to say those sticks look bloody brilliant , i take my hat off to the creator, well done.......
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