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  1. samuria

    My new fox stick

    thats a nice stick. top marks to the maker
  2. samuria

    Couple of hours

    nice one james.... good write up
  3. samuria

    My bitch and pups at 1 week old

    i like your dog, he looks great..... nice colour , must blend in with all the bracken etc...
  4. samuria

    My bitch and pups at 1 week old

    nice dog you have there ,,, and she looks a good mum
  5. samuria

    Few pics

    nice looking dogs you have there... the little terrier looks king of the hill
  6. samuria

    Good Running dog books?

    the great game by harold wyman is a very good read ....
  7. samuria

    Good Running dog books?

    been trying to get this book for a while but no joy
  8. samuria

    Good little dog for stud

    very nice looking dog... and a good kind offer.
  9. samuria

    no recall

    thanks casso have sent you a pm.....
  10. samuria

    no recall

    beddy/whippet is 3yrs beddy/whippet/collie 2yrs ,they will be that age in november had them both from pups. was working with the training until my problem in march started.....
  11. samuria

    no recall

    am i supposed to think that's funny
  12. samuria

    no recall

    my 2 dogs a beddy/whippet and a whippet/beddy/collie. have no recall at all now. where it wasn't great but workable... i have just recovered from angioplasty op on my legs and starting to walk them again myself. last night they just took off when we got back to the truck and were gone for 45mins. they have been taken out for walks by the wife after work for a hour round the local park, but she did not let them off. any ideas chaps..
  13. yes there are some sick a^seholes about
  14. i think she's a cracking looking dog. and good on you to rescue her. i bet she will do you proud.
  15. samuria

    Series 2 Land Rover

    i use mine all the time its a 68 swb. with 200 tdi overdrive, range rover diffs. cost me nothing to tax or mot, as now exempt and insurance is peanuts ......