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  1. that's a great first photo, sad when we lose are best friend.. may her memories live on. r.i.p. honey
  2. that sounds great... would have liked to see him work....
  3. sad to hear that... he looks a cracking dog, and still young.
  4. sorry lads its a lie.... its just one of those old poachers tales
  5. sounds about right... still all part of a nice morning out. rabbit for dinner as well great...
  6. looks like your daughter had a good morning out again... nice to see that. did she laugh when the rabbit made a run for it lol...... nice photos
  7. cracking dog you have there, looks well cared for
  8. rat face, i would like to make a donation also. how could it be done please?
  9. yes... but you joined the rescue... you help by phoning the needed people with the right gear to do the job. its all team work that counts ......
  10. just to say to all your mates involved in theses rescues. well done indeed, nice to see there thoughts are for the dogs. i take my hat off to you..........
  11. fcuk that's nearly £40 a week .......
  12. very interesting, some of the ferreting stuff was a bit much the muzzles and cream for mange and ticks.... but those were the days ........
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