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  1. you have pm arry. found in on google.........
  2. nice old film for a rabbit pie ....
  3. that was fun to watch ........
  4. it's a J reg 1992. had a metallic paint job before it was imported from japan.... i just finished taking out the rear seat etc. also changed the rear windows for sliding ones from a shogun, so the dogs don't get to hot.....
  5. yep you can get a lot of motor for a little money. parts are easy to get (if needed)
  6. here is a taster https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1999-BLUE-DAIHATSU-FOURTRAK-INDEPENDENT-TDX/283771739248?hash=item42121d1c70:g:OW4AAOSw4PBeOUt1
  7. those old f50's were great ... now becoming collectable i like the old pajero's . got one now a swb 2.8......
  8. and a cracking looking dog it is
  9. enjoyed watching that. as said, a cracking dog you have there.
  10. what a shame, star looked a cracking dog and so young.i wish the lad the best for him and his new pup. r.i.p star
  11. great photos, they all tell a story. thanks for showing us......
  12. as above mate, great photo shame it got damaged, i also like these type of old photos ....
  13. they are posted on general talk by darbo old documentary https://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/382205-old-documentary/?tab=comments#comment-4717462
  14. my dad was a black powder gun man. he would mix his own powder. one year he made a banger from a very large tube which held thick string. then powder was placed in, then cut the ends off the broom (mum wasn't to happy) to plug the ends. fuse was made. nov 5th came ( great) he placed it near the fence lit the fuse...... we waited then BOOM like a thunder flash, but sadly no window left in his shed.......
  15. "you had potatoes" .... must have been well off
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