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  1. samuria

    sea fishing.

    no chance of that. free tax no m.o.t needed and £60 a year insurance
  2. samuria

    sea fishing.

    thanks again guys. still need to get some gear sorted.. been busy sorting out my old series 2 land rover
  3. samuria

    Ferret colour ?

    nice looking boy. let your daughter choose the colour... then everyone is happy .....
  4. samuria

    sea fishing.

    thanks fireman... did try to pm you, but wouldn't go?
  5. samuria

    sea fishing.

    thanks comanche, that sounds more like it to start with. never thought of harbour fishing, i suppose that's easier ????? what type of fish are mainly caught there?
  6. samuria

    sea fishing.

    thanks guys.. rabid i'am in norwich... talking to my old mate this morning his inlaw does a bit now and again so got to have a chat with him.
  7. samuria

    sea fishing.

    thanks chaps .... will start hunting at the carboot on sunday.......
  8. samuria

    sea fishing.

    rabid, that's my problem... i haven't got a clue to what i will need.. as for species any that i can eat....... is beach better than pier fishing etc if someone could just give me a clue as to the basics i will be most grateful
  9. samuria

    sea fishing.

    i would like to try sea fishing. so what would be the basic set up i would need ? for beach or pier ? use to river fish but that was many many years ago!!!!!!! thanks
  10. samuria


    yes always a good crowd there. and not that far from me..........
  11. samuria

    Blackcap nest

    all nice photos guys
  12. samuria

    Old lurcher photo

    lovely old photo. strong women indeed........
  13. samuria

    how to find a member

    cheers now sorted
  14. samuria

    how to find a member

    how do you find a member on here?
  15. samuria

    Good use of old pallets

    i think the guy has done a great job. i would have it in my house. so well done fella.... i take my hat off to you