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  1. samuria


    after my collie/whippet had a long chase today he came back i gave him a bit of fuss, as we then started to walk on he was acting like he was drunk? falling to the side and stumbling.. sat down with him while he cooled down and gave him a drink. after about 10 mins he was ok!!!! what could have caused this? thanks
  2. samuria

    A Hares Life

    nice to watch that ... thanks for the post
  3. samuria


    nice to see the young kids out and not glued to ipads etc... but do they eat what's been caught????
  4. samuria

    mates harris for sale

    nice photos ,,, your dog has a great look on his face (i am here as well you know)....
  5. samuria

    Feeding the kits

    well looked after kits you have there strange to see them fed with you in shorts and sandals ...... this time of year....
  6. samuria

    Old documentary.

    that was good . filmed in my part of the country
  7. samuria

    White ****ing poppies.

    just seen a old lady with her purple poppy around her jack russells collar. she was wearing her red poppy. she told me her grandfather was a mule leader on the battle fields . which was used to carry the dead and wounded. also of the thousands of dogs, horses, mules, and pidgeons. that died during the conflict......
  8. samuria

    One for the ladies

    that's a great photo, where did you find it ?
  9. samuria

    A sadder than sad day.

    the big c took my norfolk a couple of years ago he was just 6yrs old' dusty done right by you and you done right by her... may she be at peace now....
  10. samuria

    This morning's antics

    looks like you the dog and ferrets had a good morning... nice looking dog you have
  11. samuria

    Mushrooms and fungi things

    some good photos... just wish i knew which ones you can eat... quite a few over the woods i take the dogs to
  12. samuria

    My new fox stick

    thats a nice stick. top marks to the maker
  13. samuria

    Couple of hours

    nice one james.... good write up
  14. samuria

    My bitch and pups at 1 week old

    i like your dog, he looks great..... nice colour , must blend in with all the bracken etc...
  15. samuria

    My bitch and pups at 1 week old

    nice dog you have there ,,, and she looks a good mum