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  1. marshman

    Parking wars

    Honestly a program on tv about folk getting parking tickets, or that other one where the debt collectors come around . Cant think of anything I’d rather not watch more than these programs . (Whether they deserve it or not) where’s the entertainment in that ? What next a show about how people cars fail their MOT or showing people getting nicked for having a bald tyre and getting 3 points on their license . Bollocks to watching that I’d rather talk to my mother in law .
  2. marshman

    Arnold schwarzenegger attacked.

    Questions should be asked if security, if he’d of had a gun or a knife it could’ve of been Hasta La Vista for Arnie
  3. marshman

    Various Jack Russell's

    Cracking dog my type I had as a teen
  4. marshman

    Bedlington cross maybe ?

    Cracking pic
  5. marshman

    royal baby

    From what I’ve noticed in town it’s mainly white getting offended on behalf of black peoples
  6. marshman

    Bedlington cross maybe ?

    No mate no info on the photo I’m afraid
  7. marshman

    Danny Baker Sacked

    Defo racist He used to do the Daz doorstep challenge how white are your whites ?
  8. Larger dog in the photo I’m not sure what ya reckon ?
  9. marshman

    Title race

    COYS !!
  10. marshman

    good come back for liverpool

    I haven’t seen a second leg thrown away this convincing in Liverpool since Paul Mcartney had a blazing row with Heather Mills
  11. marshman

    caster semenya -- loses testosterone appeal

    Cor Bet it’s clit like a erect Mars bar
  12. marshman

    Sunderland lamper jailed.

    As my old dad used to say “ you pay for your education one way or another “ hes paying for he’s education for posting shit on tinternet by doing time . Silly c**t !
  13. marshman

    Champions League

    Great night my head still sore today COYS !! showcased the premier league and how exciting it can be to the world
  14. marshman


    Try letting a fox chew on to your nose for a few hours lol gotta say not a fan of the sheep ring either , me I’d leave long if he’s rail taking more syrup than the rest I wouldn’t worry mate lol again jokes
  15. marshman


    Speaking as someone who had a grandparent die in a concentration camp I’m sickened by some of the comments on this thread . Ok so my grandfather was drunk when he fell out of the guard tower but he still died in one lol . My thoughts yeah they done it without a shadow of doubt . Gotta be truthful now i think if this sort of thing happened today I’m pretty sure some members on here would be chucking me and my family in the oven lol shit Nazis the lot of ya