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  1. Hard to tell what “ type “ of traveller they’re Wilf just from a name . In the summer I came across some travellers in Cornwall and if someone had told me there surname before I met them I’d of swore they was Gorgers. Ive a feeling tho from what Micky has said it wouldn’t matter what type they was he’d chuck us all in the oven
  2. See the irony of it is an innocent man was murdered and if you’d had your way another innocent man would be . Instead of being a man and thinking I’m wrong here you don’t , your still coming out with your childish chat .
  3. Like all haters once you scratch the surface you’ve got nothing . Your getting ripped and all you can come back with stereotypical 12 year old comebacks . Lol youre a hate filled nobody
  4. I do enjoy a good shit outside I’ll be honest lol but that’s how I know your a shitehouse coz I’ve just shit all over you lol
  5. Honestly it must really hurt getting schooled by a traveller lol
  6. Let me tell your fortune I see your remaining days as a tedious collection of hours spent spreading our hate on a computer. You will think no new thoughts you will forget what little you have known older you will become by not wiser stiffer but not more dignified. You will die be forgotten with your anger and hate . You might never as well lived at all ya hate filled shitehouse
  7. Haha eff you you are 12 ain’t ya .
  8. is that it haha plastic p***y what are you 12 Normally I’d have a quick answer to make you look a c**t lol but after reading this post feel You’ve done a better job of making yourself look a c**t than I ever could lol ya shitehouse lol
  9. Wow they’ve released charges dropped how about that
  10. Is this the same case you was on about ?
  11. marshman

    the fight

    End of the day Ruiz won coz he was hungry for it . Im sorry I’ll stop now no more lol
  12. marshman

    the fight

    It would chuck a real spanner in if Ortiz beats Deontay . He’s capable of doing as well
  13. marshman

    the fight

    this guy just beat Anthony Joshua and now I’m never going to the f***ing gym again.. pass me a steak bake and a pint this is gonna be my year
  14. marshman

    the fight

    Tyson’s tweet
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