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  1. marshman

    scarteen terrriers

    I agree probably someone giving a moody name to a Mongrol type terrier just to big it up
  2. marshman

    How long without food

    Was probably the rice that got ya it carries more germs and bacteria’s than most things , got to be reheated properly
  3. marshman

    How long without food

    48 hrs I tried fasting felt better for it only water though nothing else
  4. marshman

    LOVE THIS... !!!!

    its only a couple minutes long mate ideal length
  5. marshman

    LOVE THIS... !!!!

    Was used on a coursing vid once I think yeah it’s a good song
  6. marshman

    Anyone good at quirky naming

    Black currant Bliztkrieg maybe or Nevermind the black currant it’s Bollocks ! punk themed like lol
  7. Had it happen to me at the time I knew it was deeper than what I was told. We’d blanked all that morning so I though f**k it I haven’t travelled all this way not to have a dig , my dog was old enough and ready to be given a bit of a test so I let him go . It wasn’t a complete dungeon to be fair but was a lot deeper than the 1 metre I was told . My dog failed no shame in that I was t upset if he never failed then i would’ve tested him at another time and in hindsight I think it would’ve failed then .
  8. marshman

    Good fight

    Reach advantage had some jab on him mate lol
  9. marshman

    Good fight

  10. marshman


    In infants school we had a teacher white South African teacher called mrs Massey . She’s been there for years a taught my father . Anyway she would tell stories about her father that was a farmer and hunter and how one time he shot a crocodile in the head and how the bully ricocheted off and killed a black man that was watching on the other side of the pond . Lol she always aimed chalk at the Indian lads as well . Never happen today you got to love the 1970s
  11. marshman


    Coz pink makes all the difference right lol
  12. marshman


    Fair play you did start it by calling him Shrek last time out
  13. marshman

    World Cup 2018

    i bet someone put this up but if they haven’t
  14. marshman

    Wooden Barrels ?

    Cheers mate your probably right there price wise
  15. marshman

    Wooden Barrels ?

    Just like the look of wooden barrel is all mate . Do the plastic ones sweet a dog do ya know or cold in the winter compared to wooden ? Never used plastic barrel is the only reason I ask