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  1. marshman


    I’m not saying it looks bad for Theresa May but Gazza has just turned up at Downing Street with a fishing rod and sandwiches lol
  2. marshman

    A sadder than sad day.

    Well said sir RIP
  3. marshman

    One for the ladies

    Tinternet a friend shared so I thought I would
  4. marshman

    One for the ladies

    Just seen this pic thought I’d share 1943 with the men away these ladies knew how and where to find meat to put on the table
  5. marshman

    Saluki Question?

  6. marshman

    Saluki Question?

    I don’t suppose you fancy elaborating a bit on “ Ears” could ya DB ?
  7. marshman

    Saluki Question?

    Yes I reckon so mate Dams got a ped as long as your arm
  8. marshman

    Saluki Question?

    This is the pup cracking pup
  9. marshman

    Saluki Question?

    I never knew that mate that there’s different types .
  10. marshman

    Saluki Question?

    My mate has bought a pup out of this dog here pure saluki that come from the Middle East. I was in two minds to get a pup myself cracking pups . Now my question is do they have different types of saluki over there or have Salukis changed or have they put something else in it ? Its probably my ignorance but it don’t look like a traditional saluki type I’m used to seeing .
  11. marshman

    earliest memories of coursing dogs

    Waking up in the front of my dads Ford transit van and being scared because he wasn’t there . Then I look out the window and could see my dad in the field slipping he’s lurcher on a hare . Reckon I could’ve only been about 19 years old at the time only joking I was about 5 lol . When I think back I can’t remember a time when my dad nether had a long dog or a terrier
  12. marshman

    BJS is an utter scumbag

    I Haven’t read all the posts as I can imagine what they’re saying lol as a traveller myself all I’ll say is this as you sow , so shall you reap !
  13. marshman

    Omegle 😳

    Just a site for middle age men ti have a wank not for me lol
  14. marshman


    We need a good clear out anyway just let it burn through Mother Nature keeps trying to help us out by getting rid of the stupid that declare fatwa on a vaccine lol