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  1. marshman

    Ratting in London

    Half the pleasure is getting on your tredders with your dog and finding your own places
  2. marshman

    South Korean Anthem

    its translated
  3. marshman

    East End 1970s

    Cheers lads I love a good old photo they just seem to have a bit of character. Yeah he looks like a strong greyhound type to me as well . I can mind me old dad liking a racer up an at em type of lurchers , he wasn’t a fan of long gruelling courses . He said coz he always wanted to get off before he was court being somewhere he should t
  4. marshman

    East End 1970s

    My granny was a Upton from Canning Town I was gonna ask over that way .
  5. marshman

    East End 1970s

    I’m trying to find out got ask a few mates from that way . Nice to see you posting on here again
  6. marshman

    East End 1970s

    Might be mate I’ll have a research on he’s works
  7. marshman

    East End 1970s

    He’s a strong un mate Not me mate
  8. marshman


    Be patient but don’t suffer from kennel blindness my old dad used to say . Took me years to realise that lol still know f**k all and still learning
  9. marshman

    Defacing Bomber Command and Churchill statues

    I’m not sure it would be kids doing it I think the fact it was these memorials and the distance between seems to me to be targeted . Which would suggest it’s political to me . I suppose if they ever catch who it is we will find out then one way or the other dont know how they should punish them but I think I’ll go with something in between chopping hands off and softly softly history lesson lol
  10. marshman

    Defacing Bomber Command and Churchill statues

    Mate I agree any of this cutting hands off or deportation ( don’t know if anyone apart from you has actually said that , apart from you ) is stupid . But come on community service and a history lesson makes about as much sense as making a sex offenders watch a Gillette razor advert in the hope it will make them see the error of their ways
  11. marshman

    Defacing Bomber Command and Churchill statues

    Now I never said that chopping hands off and any of that shit did I ? , but making people that did this do a history lesson is just as soppy
  12. marshman

    Defacing Bomber Command and Churchill statues

    yeah that’ll stop them and make them do a history lesson
  13. marshman

    Defacing Bomber Command and Churchill statues

    Just seen this on tinternet don’t know if it’s real or photoshopped
  14. marshman

    Defacing Bomber Command and Churchill statues

    Honestly I’m in London all the time and I’ve often thought if I see some c**t doing this is chin him , I’m not a fighting man and ! I’d probably get a nick but it’d be worth it .