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  1. marshman

    the fight

    End of the day Ruiz won coz he was hungry for it . Im sorry I’ll stop now no more lol
  2. marshman

    the fight

    It would chuck a real spanner in if Ortiz beats Deontay . He’s capable of doing as well
  3. marshman

    the fight

    this guy just beat Anthony Joshua and now I’m never going to the f***ing gym again.. pass me a steak bake and a pint this is gonna be my year
  4. marshman

    the fight

    Tyson’s tweet
  5. marshman

    the fight

    Oh dear oh dear lol Joshua got beat by chubby little fat man something really satisfying watching the body perfect giant get beat by someone with type 2 diabetes .
  6. marshman

    Liverpool vs yids

    I think most folk would like to see Liverpool win but hoping they choke and Spurs Chuck a spanner in the works and break theirs and Arsenal and West Ham hearts lol
  7. marshman

    152 fox and 3 feral cats.

    Never been into the numbers game myself suppose that’s why I don’t shoot lol
  8. marshman

    Parking wars

  9. marshman

    Parking wars

    Honestly a program on tv about folk getting parking tickets, or that other one where the debt collectors come around . Cant think of anything I’d rather not watch more than these programs . (Whether they deserve it or not) where’s the entertainment in that ? What next a show about how people cars fail their MOT or showing people getting nicked for having a bald tyre and getting 3 points on their license . Bollocks to watching that I’d rather talk to my mother in law .
  10. marshman

    Arnold schwarzenegger attacked.

    Questions should be asked if security, if he’d of had a gun or a knife it could’ve of been Hasta La Vista for Arnie
  11. marshman

    Various Jack Russell's

    Cracking dog my type I had as a teen
  12. marshman

    Bedlington cross maybe ?

    Cracking pic
  13. marshman

    royal baby

    From what I’ve noticed in town it’s mainly white getting offended on behalf of black peoples
  14. marshman

    Bedlington cross maybe ?

    No mate no info on the photo I’m afraid