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  1. marshman

    Omegle 😳

    Just a site for middle age men ti have a wank not for me lol
  2. marshman


    We need a good clear out anyway just let it burn through Mother Nature keeps trying to help us out by getting rid of the stupid that declare fatwa on a vaccine lol
  3. marshman

    Question ?

    Right cheers lads if you excuse the pun I’ll give him a pull about it
  4. marshman

    Question ?

    He hasn’t got dementia he’s not that old mate . He’s the type if you park one centimetre over he’s side he’s knocking at your door telling you to move your car .
  5. marshman

    Question ?

    Take it from me it’s not a sight I would ever want to see mate
  6. marshman

    Question ?

    Ok so I heard my dogs bark out in my garden. I look out bedroom window to see what they’re barking at to see next door neighbour in he’s back garden stark bollock naked ! I’ve never seen this man do this before , I hope he don’t start doing it on a regular basis as I’ve got children that I don’t want seeing he’s old arse and saggy plums, he was weeding ! lol Also our gardens back onto a park where children play. so if this happens again can I tell him or is he free to bowl about bollock naked in he’s own garden ?
  7. marshman

    Is Mr Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser?

    One letter out he still knew who I meant lol
  8. marshman

    Is Mr Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser?

    Lol was it BGT ? I got talking to a labour man Di Trinder old labour type , Hated Corbyn he did lol
  9. marshman

    Is Mr Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser?

    I dunno who ?
  10. marshman

    4 youths stabbed in london

    You’d put in front of a firing squad, they’re doing a good job of killing them selves on their own no firing squad needed lol theyre keeping their battles amongst their own fair play I say
  11. marshman

    Is Mr Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser?

    Can’t see Corbyn being being around for long . He’s upset the Jewish community the knives are out for him in he’s own party. Labour wont win with him they know that just a matter of time before he’s gone .
  12. marshman


    Love the type Glyn cracking pics
  13. marshman

    Who is America

    chris Morris Brass eye done it first over here , it’s not just the yanks that are a bit gullible our celebs are just as thick lol
  14. marshman

    Are you going to san franshitsco

    That’s true mate but when you combine that to being really accepted and tolerant to drug use that’s when it turns into a literal shithole
  15. marshman

    Are you going to san franshitsco

    Take the drug use out of that city and it’s problems would be halved , to my mind that makes drugs a major factor in that cities problems . I mean come on needles and shit laying around