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  1. I did a VW T5 conversion with elevating roof with rock n roll bed and full kitchen . Just the build was around 8k . I had DVLA change the logbook from commercial to motorcaravan .This was about 10 years ago ,they have changed the criteria now by not recognising an elevating roof. However if you have a high top commercial van and want to convert it to a camper add side windows, cooking facilities, bed, seats & decals on van to make it look like a camper Theres a good chance it will be passed as a motor caravan . If not it’ll be passed as a van with windows you’ll still be able to
  2. Yes, the cheap diesel heaters are really good. I’ve got one fitted in the camper, it’s plumbed into the diesel tank. Also an all in one type for the workshop, £96 off eBay. I run that on central heating oil, really cheap to run at 12p litre at the moment.
  3. Hour in the morning worth 2 in the afternoon
  4. What about mellow birds ,or camp coffee
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