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  1. After all the evidence building against the so called vaccine you are still calling people anti vax. For a man that claims the moral high ground and believes he is intelligent you really are woefully naive on this issue. Then again maybe you only read what you want to read.
  2. Only two mate I couldn’t be arsed to move all those asbestos sheets.
  3. Had a few hours ratch about. The young butch is coming on nicely. She has killed a fair few rats now and has a cracking nose on her.
  4. A diesel heater is situated outside and it blows the warm air into the space your occupying.
  5. He’s a cracking dog in the flesh
  6. Good point … what are you doing on here I’m sure there’s work to be done somewhere.
  7. He is not my pal he is my employee
  8. Fukc me if you’re meeting Tomo at a Greg’s you better take your credit card with you ………
  9. Well I couldn’t put up with Marie begging me to re instate you because you were walking around the house like a teenager kicking things and crying.
  10. I once got my truck broken into by a fat ginger maggot. Doesn’t mean I don’t trust all fat or ginger people.
  11. Oooo so fukcing tempting.
  12. How fukcing slanderous … you’ve got 10 minuets to say your goodbyes then I’m banning you for life.
  13. Two sides to this. He comes accross as a right bell end when he’s talking about how he’s the alpha male and how rich he is etc. but he also drops a lot of truth bombs that the powers to be don’t like. however all that said if he is guilty of what he is accused of then hang him high.
  14. Try getting in this fellas house or near one of his kids and see how quick the fukcer bites
  15. I will send you his number.
  16. The dog is only about 40 mins from you the lad will happily show you him.
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