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  1. fukc off he was a right poncy fairy. Sean Connery every time.
  2. Yes but James Bond is killed in this latest film so if James Bond is killed then any new film will be called 007 and that is a black woman.
  3. Clever b*****ds have snuck in a black female 007 though the back door.
  4. What a surprise they have found two cases of the new variant in the UK just in time for Christmas lockdown.
  5. So the tens of thousands that have died dont count then.
  6. It was Blair’s open door policy that has got us to where we are now.
  7. With no Ill effect ? Have you watched the video I just put up ?
  8. There’s a very sad video out on social media about a little boy that was starved and beaten to death by his father and step mother. I can’t bring myself to watch it but apparently he is heard sobbing that nobody loves him. This country is failing its children.
  9. socks

    Brian wood

    An amazing bloke who is running his 25 marathon in a row today to raise money on behalf of all those that lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you’ve got a few quid spare please donate to this charity. News - Brian Wood to take on 'Ultimate Sacrifice' challenge to raise funds for Walking With The Wounded - Walking With The Wounded WALKINGWITHTHEWOUNDED.ORG.UK Walking With The Wounded Event - On the 1st November 2021 Brian Wood will pay tribute to our fallen from the Iraq...
  10. Nah I’ve had enough excitement in my life … steady on now ……
  11. Actually I will be looking at getting a lab when I slow down. Something nice and steady that I can have a mooch about with the gun with.
  12. Ok Fukc off the commission is mine.
  13. I’ve never had a pound
  14. Thin skinned weak shivery soft footed fukcing pot kickers ……..
  15. Isn’t it strange that in African countries where ivermectin is taken regularly the cases of covid deaths are minuscule. What’s even stranger is the fact that most of these countries have a very very low vaccine uptake. I wonder what the link might be here ???????
  16. Don’t forget my commission
  17. They can’t so they will bury it ……
  18. RIP Bernard Holley of Z cars fame has died ……..
  19. Germany have announced mandatory covid jabs ……
  20. Speak to Newkid on here about his product
  21. The population of Malta is nearly 100% vaccinated but is starting to kick down Christmas due to the amount of new covid cases. So please tell me how this vaccine is working.
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