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  1. being bone idle on and off the last year an more (travel restrictions) i felt like i was trapped, being in a city made it worse , obviously we all went through the same shit. so im thinking about hiking, wild camping what type or gear would i need tips for a beginner etc........ no vaccine talk. no politics. no football just pure shit talk please.......
  2. Hi guys , bit of a long shot , but I’m due to imminently move to the plains of my people and have heard rumours of a firemonger of weapons ?? He is said to be a purveyor of the uks finest steel tomohawks and one of the last true dwarf weapon masters if anyone can point me in the right direction , I’d be greatly pleased
  3. What are the lessons people most often learn too late in life
  4. Miss Lynn


    I want to purchase a pair of boots for the colder weather, I do a lot of walking, and some trekking about the hillsides and trails. I do not want "winter boots" but rather boots that would be suitable for a cold day, but would work with layers of socks rather than thick heavy boots. Several people have told me Meindl is an excellent brand, and that is great, but what kind ? Hiking ? Walking ? Do they make them that they would serve the purpose mentioned above ? Any specifics to look for in a boot for this purpose ? Thank you in advance, Lynn
  5. Sorry gentlemen to bother you, but I have come to my wits end. My neighbour across the way lets her dog roam as it please when it comes to shitting and urination, she is too lazy to actually take the dog out herself. He seems to have taken to my property and a certain area just under my bedroom window. I do not want to hurt the dog for the sake of her ignorance, but I do very much need to stop him from doing it any longer. The grass and the shrubs are dying and turning brown and the flowers are just rank with smell that floats up through my bedroom window. He is a VERY OVERWEIGHT beagle
  6. j316


    As anyone had trouble with the pulsar f155 used mine handful of times now it won't charge or turn on
  7. gav1212


    Hi guys, just wondering if any of you keep finches. I have a son with autism and other than adoring my ferrets, he has developed a real fascination with small birds, I would really like to keep this interest going with him as he has very few things that he likes and its a great way to get him into the routine of caring for animals. I have a decent sized back garden and a 8ft x 10ft shed that I was thinking about making an outside aviary and attaching it to my shed and cutting out a few holes and having a small inside area. It would be great to see if any of you guys have something like t
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, Looking at the activity in the What Are You Listening To Now thread I'm sure there are enough among us that not only like a decent tune but I'm sure to have the equipment to play it. I'm in the market for a decent stereo system as my old Marantz has given up the ghost. I'm really up on current developments in audio but I'm looking for a decent set up for vinyl. I'm willing to shell out for quality so the price isn't too much of a factor but looking for recommendations for newer gear. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thought we'd try to get a family weekend away before Christmas... The Mrs fancys a log cabin somewhere but for the prices that were coming up i thought feck it, we'd get a city break abroad for about the same. How wrong was i... Unless your booking months ahead, you aint gonna get much change out of 5 ton! So its back to the lodge/cabin weekend (pref with a hot tub) and if anyone knows somewhere decent and reasonably priced, please let me know, i would be grateful. Cheers
  10. Email from Photobucket today......changed their policy on photo hosting for 3rd party.......will block all photo's unless i subscribe......$400 a year which won't be happening :thumbdown: :thumbdown: All my pics on this site and other's are blocked. Anyone else having a problem? Who do you use for photo host for your pics on THL etc? Speak a about ransom scam....will be a lot of unhappy people :angry2: .....everyone.....bombard their emails with spam Griff
  11. Got gifted a headlight off a lad I got to know from the gym are both young lads go. He turned up at the gym with his work headlight and I just commented and said they where decent. He knew I was into working my dog and said one of the lads in work had a spare and reckoned they where sh!te and he will bring me one in. So next day brought the torch off his mate in for me and was sealed in a box. Anyway the light might of been sh!te for the job they where doing, fitting underground cable but spot on for some of the places I go and as a back up. He gave me the headlight about 18 months ago a
  12. Hi, i'm not sure if I should be posting this here... but I need help buying an air rifle, preferably a spring rifle. I have £200 and I just need some advice on good grands and quality air guns, I was thinking of buying a Gamo Whisper IGT but I have been told that gamo isn't a very good quality brand maker. I'd really appreciate some help, thank you.
  13. Hi this is a message for TOPPER to clean his inbox as I have been trying to message him thanks
  14. Flacko


    What the feck going on last two weeks Mrs been catching big hairy feckers average 2-3 a night is change in weather or what?
  15. Hello Guys, I need to pick your brain. I have build an online gun store, the shop is not promoted yet it can`t be found on google, is live from Sunday. I Need feedback and clues how make it better for end user. What is most important for you, price, trusted source, easy navigation, home page, brands, used air-rifles section ? something else ? Please see shop click everywhere and share your comments, shop is mega mobile/tablet ready. http://www.hunting-lodge.co.uk/ This not for promote or sale anything. Thank You Tom
  16. I just clocked my mc afee tingy bop has ran out, Is their any decent internet security trials nocking about? free ones of course
  17. OK ladies and gents - So I've got a managerial interview tomorrow for a care company Divided on what to wear, some say trousers and shirt, I like the sound of this because I feel more comfortable. Others are saying no, suit and tie! And I understand why. What's the general consensus. Smart/Casual and comfortable or aim to impress with a whistle and flute ? Thanks in advance
  18. Giro

    Lowa Sale

    http://www.tfd.uk.com/ Boots down from £175 to £100.. Ordered myself some Mountain Gore -Tex. I had a pair in black for over six years.. The olive color might have to grow on me
  19. OK lads and lasses. If you would like to help our troops abroad by sending interesting literature, Magazines, recent newspapers, even women's magazines, such as 'Take a Break', 'Chat' etc, I know that they would also be welcomed. Before these things hit the recycle bin think about this option please. I can not tell you what to send but remember ! There is male and female soldiers out there who will read stuff you send them so not loads of porn mags.....everyday reading and current news / gossip will be great. You know the crack....you read it yourself. THE ADDRESS I GIVE YOU MUST NOT OR EVER B
  20. I've been looking into moving to Canada for a while now, I've been there for a holiday and love the wether and lifestyle. I'm just wondering what the hunting is like out there, specifically fox hunting with hounds and earth work with terriers. And if so what area should I be looking into. Thanks for all the info.
  21. hi i could load pics no problem before but i now cant do it havnt been on in a while maybee somthing has changed or not could someone help me out cheers
  22. I want to purchase a large gun safe. 20 firearm capacity minimum. I've researched several companies but have not come to a conclusion as to which manufacturer is the best. I am hoping some members could shed light on the subject by offering their own experiences, be it good or bad. I'd love to know which companies should be avoided and which ones you know to be top-notch. I've read countless reviews and every experience seems to be pot luck. Some rave while other have horrible experiences with the same company and same safe. Some arrive damaged or function poorly. Others have h
  23. Mars


    Having Problems with Photobucket.... I can see all my pics, I can copy the Link to post it onto a forum. But for some reason whatever forum I go onto the pic wont upload.... Any suggestions anyone..??? This pic was uploaded directly onto the site...
  24. i break up this friday for 2 weeks, me and the gang are heading down and staying at a campsite just outside Helston. i'm after a few tips from anyone with a bit of knowledge of the area, we've done a fair bit of travelling in cornwall over the years and have visited most of the big stuff, lands end, lost gardens, eden, etc.. what i'm after is advice on some stuff that perhaps you dont get a leaflet for. things i like.... decent pubs dog friendly beaches good fishing marks (rocks or harbours), not the most skilled at sea fishing but can get by.. decent skippers for a day out on a boat
  25. I know I am not a donator, however really felt I should share this with a few god lads This is a cracking opportunity to get something special.. I doubt many will have seen such a stunning litter.. No time wasters - Key board warriors - Messer's. Serious lads need only apply and all potential homes will be stringently vetted... For more info and better pictures Feel free to PM Labtastic. Fantastic litter. One not to be missed or your definitely regret it..
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