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  1. I never once said that did I.
  2. Absolute bollocks.
  3. Fukcing meters and miles.
  4. 30 miles in a night lamping on foot
  5. Stiffy was serious.
  6. So a man that’s been in and fought in an actual war zone is making the country an lgbqt stronghold. Give your head a shake.
  7. No time for all that mate. I was up there for a meeting so went up the evening before did the meeting then headed home
  8. Do a kind of KFC type coating on them. Loads of recipes on line.
  9. That’s a nice offer for someone.
  10. The RAF Regiment five miler of death
  11. Just get a military Bergson tested and proved to work in all weathers on all terrain over thousands of miles.
  12. Nope. At 3 weeks I start weaning them onto a mixed mince meat and allow the bitch to feed them when she wants and as the weeks go by they get mor meat and less off the bitch and by week 6 or 7 they are fully weaned.
  13. Puppy supplement milk should only be used for un weaned pups. So if that’s the case their shit is going to be runny. Healthy pups on a good diet don’t need a milk supplement…
  14. No mate I haven’t a clue where anything is In London.
  15. About time you manned up vegan ……
  16. Shoot her ……..
  17. Then take the bet and prove me wrong.
  18. he’s dead ………..
  19. The only thing your due is eviction ……
  20. So Charlie has decided that all the profits from a billion pound solar farm on crown land is to go into the public purse. And in his words to go to the people that need it most. £250 million already be given.
  21. No I want to prove to you that your talking utter nonsense when you say a dog can’t stop a roe on open ground.
  22. For the right bet yes.
  23. I was staying not far from there. I’m home now thank fukc.
  24. Lol I’ve got plenty of open land down here. It’s ok everybody can see your back peddling on your silly roe deer claim.
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