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  1. He’s watching dirty dancing the big fanny …….
  2. socks

    WOW …….

    Yep I’m watching a herd of fallow across the valley as I type.
  3. socks

    WOW …….

    Newkid has very kindly put me up for a few days in his new holiday cottage. The place is absolutely stunning. And what a view ….
  4. Smoked duck with a Chinese five spice soy garlic and honey glaze ….
  5. I’m not talking ethics here I’m answering the original question ……
  6. Could you do it with a three legged lab x whippet …….
  7. If you’ve got a field with say 20 rabbits in it how many will a lurcher kill on the lamp ? I will kill all 20 with a silenced rifle fitted with a thermal scope and I will do it in a fraction of the time a lurcher would if all 20 rabbits stayed to be run.
  8. I can guarantee I will kill more rabbits at night with a gun than anybody will with a lurcher ………
  9. Breakfast this morning sausage and beans watching the swans …..
  10. Dinner last night tomohawk steak cooked on the iron skillet https://youtube.com/shorts/hhMpHSx2JmA?feature=share
  11. Well I’m winter camping in style this year. https://youtube.com/shorts/qBz7cNdXXgo?feature=share
  12. Get on YouTube and look up Kent survival he has loads of Dutch oven cooks
  13. Get outside and film it when it hits you so we can see what it’s like
  14. socks

    Rip big man

    Ed astner has died aged 91 … great actor …..
  15. No you said this ……
  16. Study: Natural Immunity Proves More Effective Against Breakthrough Cases Than Vaccines – OutKick WWW.OUTKICK.COM An evident spike in COVID cases around the nation has raised questioning against the United States' prioritization... Well there we go as the sensible people have been saying. Natural immunity beats the vaccine.
  17. Just because something is created it doesn’t mean it remains constrained by the makers. The CIA have dabbled and created lots of uprisings and insurgents in the world and then those groups grow and get to big to control … they are certainly not CIA assets.
  18. You really don’t have a clue ……
  19. Earlier you said that isis k was part of the taliban. Make your mind up.
  20. Do you honestly think this is first terrorist organisation funded and grown by the CIA
  21. That’s not the taliban though is it they were made by Pakistani intelligence and the CIA
  22. They were born from ISIL …….
  23. You do a massive disservice to soldiers coming out with bollox like that … they haven’t fought for 20 years they were beaten smashed and pushed out of Afghanistan …. The country was given back to them they didn’t win it back …..
  24. No it isn’t fukc sake try and educate yourself ……..
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