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  1. Yep homosexual ………
  2. Nope he stole my fox tail ……..
  3. FDA panel recommends Pfizer's Covid booster doses for people 65 and older after rejecting third shots for general population WWW.GOOGLE.CO.UK Scientists continued debating the need for a third dose of the vaccines for older Americans, leaving open the possibility...
  4. Seen that on the news last night mate.
  5. socks


    Mines normally around 58.
  6. After I’ve been in there covid is the least of his problems
  7. £50 will get them an antibody test mate so you will know if they are protected
  8. A film I seen again on the weekend and forgot how much I enjoyed it …. Dances with wolves …….
  9. The truth of it is these types of people are chasing Elysium and will never be happy with what’s in their kennel … they are not true dog men that can work around a dogs quirks and get the best out of it they want perfection and spend a lifetime chasing it only to realise when they’ve made old bones that there is no such thing ……
  10. Fukc it sling a hammock across the room lovely comfy sleep and you get on and off it at sitting height.
  11. The school needs a parents permission to administer calpol … but now they want the vax pushed kids can suddenly decide for themselves. Welcome to the United Kingdom of North Korea …….
  12. Are they anti Vaxers or just anti this vax …..
  13. Boris Johnson is set to announce he is scrapping the idea of a vaccine passport …….
  14. Emma radacanu wins the us open ……..
  15. Got this here katch if your kid wants it … brand new.
  16. Then stop Poking there’s a good lad …….
  17. I have no idea I wasn’t exactly his mate
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