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  1. Got this here katch if your kid wants it … brand new.
  2. Then stop Poking there’s a good lad …….
  3. I have no idea I wasn’t exactly his mate
  4. I’m not interested in an offliner as you put it but I’m getting bored of your childish little snipes and digs like you did with max so maybe you would be better off ignoring me because unlike max if you send me a postcode I will turn up …
  5. I didn’t miss it chid had already said that … you seem to have a little thing for me with trying to catch me out putting your silly little laughing faces up of your really that interested in me send me a postcode of where to meet you … unlike max I will definitely turn up for a chat.
  6. Everything I’ve laid out has been backed up with evidence that I’ve put up here scroll back and check.
  7. Only half the population are FULLY vaccinated …….
  8. Denmark have stopped all covid restrictions, have called an end to the pandemic and have gone back to a normal life ……..
  9. Look at all the knowledge you could impart on people if you ever make it to the fishing comp
  10. Absolutely you should never push a dog to its end point but sometimes in the heat of battle so to speak you take your eye off the ball …….
  11. I think I’ve got one up my lock up. I will take a look tomorrow you can have it if it’s there. I don’t think it’s ever been used.
  12. Ah but there’s a difference there as it depends on what the dog has done that day. If this was rat number 50 then yep I’m with you. But if it’s rat number 500 when the dog is completely chin strapped then it’s fair enough.
  13. Just keep rabbit and rat dogs and then you haven’t got to worry about all the bullshit ………
  14. The government are going ahead with rolling out the booster programme even through the creator of the vaccine professor Helen Gilbert has said it’s not necessary …. So much for following the science …. It’s a fukcing scamdemic that’s lining the pockets of health officials and MP’s that have got shares in big pharmacy ………
  15. They are talking of vaccinating 12 year olds and up WITHOUT parental permission. When the f**k did we turn into China …….
  16. Mmmm ratting and rabbit dog ??? …..
  17. I know which is why I questioned the trike and brown bread diet.
  18. It’s between 12 and 15 % mate which is low compared to easily available other meats.
  19. Ok a few points on the video …… 1. Rew admitted changing pegs disqualified 2. robbo helping Graham land a fish both disqualified 3. Luke’s daughter helping him fish disqualified 4. Joe swearing disqualified 5. Kev pulling the best leg and catching a pissy amount disqualified 6. Rew not slimming me down on the footage disqualified again.
  20. Tripe is shit for muscling up a dog as it’s very low in protein ……..
  21. socks

    Milton Keynes

    Yes I own my own company and yes I sub for many of the big pest control companies in all manner of jobs.
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