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  1. Nobody is doubting his qualifications but follow the money both his and his wife’s and serious questions need answering …..
  2. Fauci is a political pawn I wouldn’t trust him to give me paracetamol … in a very short while it’s all going to come out.
  3. the independent research wasn’t done by the MSM …….
  4. As senator rand said that is just splitting hairs. The man was involved in the mutation of a virus to make it more virulent and dangerous to humans and he is now running the USA’s covid response …..
  5. It’s all over the us media it was high lighted by senator paul rand and a book has just been published proving the links and the money trail ……
  6. Do you mean the experts like fauci that as just been proven to have been funding the covid experiments In wuhan …….
  7. Jealousy is a terrible curse …….
  8. socks

    Milton Keynes

    One thing is guaranteed it won’t be you …….
  9. Anybody around this area want a couple of days work this Thursday and Friday… helping one of my lads proof a McDonald’s easy job.
  10. socks

    WOW …….

    Get out of my hot tub …….
  11. Half a chicken and home mate chips ……
  12. Do they make them lighter in wales ??? …….
  13. I managed about 15 minuets of it …….
  14. Sarah Harding has died aged just 39 ……..
  15. Warm salt water with a few drops of tea tree oil in it.
  16. The JVCI have recommended that kids do not need the vaccine. Boris Johnson is apparently preparing to overrule their decision … so much for following the science ……..
  17. That can be easily stitched and if your vet can’t do it come to me I will have it done in two minuets …..
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