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  1. Please show me where I said it’s with 50kgs
  2. And this is what yours sees
  3. Again your little voices in your head are telling you things nobody has said.
  4. It’s not grassland that’s a chalk and flint filled hell that is covered in tussocks.
  5. So you could carry 50kg for 10 miles but even though I spent 22 years as an infantry soldier you think I can’t.
  6. Have a closer look at that ground if you think it’s good underfoot you are mad.
  7. If you know then take the bet. £5000 says I can
  8. Here’s the land my dogs run on regularly … is it open enough for you.
  9. Hang on you questioned my dogs and my ability so I’m offering you the chance to make some decent money seeing as you’re so convinced on how weak we both are. Take the bet or stop flapping your gums.
  10. Happy days. So £5000 on stopping a roe and £5000 on the route March. Happy.
  11. I think she will do
  12. He’s probably in the REME then. That would explain it.
  13. It can’t be insulting if it’s the truth.
  14. Don’t swerve the subject I challenged you to a bet are you going to take it or not. And to add to the bet once I’ve taken your money over the dog I will double or nothing it on a weighted route March against you. First one to fall back 200 meters loses.
  15. I did it for 22 years you clown.
  16. Is this the same mate that you were going to record before but surprise surprise it never happened. an infantry soldier lives out of his pack for uk to two weeks at a time. If you don’t get an admin drop you carrying all your clothes, your ammo, your food, your batteries, your sleeping system, your water, your specialist equipment the least is endless I can guarantee you 50kgs is a minimum weight.
  17. Ok then take the bet.
  18. That distance with that weight is normal ground covered for a foot soldier on exercise McHull … I hazard a guess as you find it funny you also disbelieve it can be done. Which shows your level of fitness.
  19. Do you just make things up that you think people have said because because you’ve heard voices in your head ? you stated that a dog on big open land would not stop a roe. I challenged you to put your money where your mouth is and you bottled it. Simple as that.
  20. socks

    Paid bird work

    Any of you guys on here do any paid bird work? I may have some nice opportunities coming if any of you are interested.
  21. I bought an asthma pump for McHull for his next 1 miler.
  22. Not unless I bought it off myself as that is my house you fukcing retard.
  23. Is that it every school kid around here does this at 5. my kids did it at 3.
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