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    You’ve proved you don’t.
  2. socks


    Of all the things McHull knows little about the military is his greatest lack of knowledge.
  3. There’s a simple answer to this … if he wants to be tried as a woman and sent to a woman’s prison if found guilty no problem. If the guilty sentence is given he goes straight from the dock to the hospital gets his tackle lobbed off then sent to a woman’s prison. Simples.
  4. socks

    Paid bird work

    Swindon Oxford London area and up north.
  5. Once again you’ve proved when called out to be a cur … you made the statement I offered the bet then you went all over the place adding bits to it to now it’s running three hares. The bottom line is that anybody that’s even done a tiny bit with lurchers know that stopping a roe on open land is easy. You made a stupid statement and instead of owning it hVe made yourself look a jacker. it’s obvious your not going to take the original bet so as the dragons would say. I’m out.
  6. Here we go again hares hares hares … we’ll let’s go further let’s have five grand on obedience let’s have five grand on ferreting let’s have five grand in working cover let’s have five grand on working to the gun let’s have five grand on retrieving from open land deep cover and water. Let’s have five grand on ratting. My dog would beat yours on all of that. You have specialist hare dogs so yes they should easily beat my dog, however she has a hell of an engine and can run so don’t get to cocky.
  7. Do you know anything about my dogs. Do you know how much work they get a week/day? How the fukc do you know if they would get smoked or not.
  8. socks

    Paid bird work

    Nobody want any paid work flying their birds ???
  9. socks


    Potentially game changing as long as the Russians don’t then decide to escalate their air capability as I don’t think the Ukrainians have many anti aircraft missiles. they would need to fit out a fleet of tanks with an anti aircraft gun.
  10. Any mole catchers on here from around restormal castle. ?
  11. I haven’t been on this thread in a while but it’s obviously turned into a bit of a grievance between greyman and foxdropper so for everybody’s sanity as has been suggested draw a line underneath the back and fore and take it to PM. Let’s keep the thread on track so that I don’t have to flex my super mod powers lol.
  12. Yep it was about his mud slugs being as versatile as my scabby lurchers.
  13. I would like a cheque mate. Preferably £5000
  14. Well that’s generally how a bet works. Or you can just admit that a dog can stop a roe on open land.
  15. It can’t be silly money if your convinced it can’t be done.
  16. I’m not the one that’s backed out of two bets. oh and I was in 22 years which is the full term.
  17. I’m beginning to regret vouching to let McHull back on.
  18. The dreaded Brecon 2 miler is done carrying 37lbs plus rifle plus helmet plus water and completing it in 18 minuets or under in full combats and boots so you’ve got a little way to go yet.
  19. Amen to that ………
  20. Are you related to max or are all you north east blokes fukcing mentalists that hear and see what you want. There is nothing there stating time. You said I couldn’t carry 59kgs for 10 miles and I offered you the bet. Nothing to do with how long it would take. Fukcing lunacy. And your still deflecting from the original bet that you’ve cowarded out of
  21. Where is the 2.5 hours you clown.
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