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  1. Heart attacks at almost every premier league match seems to be the norm now. Nothing to do with the vaccines of course.
  2. I'd take it easy mate. People with strong immune systems don't get really severe colds or flu for that matter. Vaccines are encouraged because the common belief is that they somehow strengthen our immune system. If that's the case, then why are we being told that we have this new super cold at hand or a really severe flu season coming. Just saying, if folk have had these vaccines and now are coming down with severe colds...well it doesn't add up.
  3. Have you had the vaccine or did you politely decline?
  4. Planned?? Of course it was planned...folk give these crack pots in power no credit... they've been working hard throughout the chambers of power for the last 50 years. Little by little undermining competitive markets, undermining nation sovereignty, undermining economies and the people have become physically lazy as well as mentally lazy. Depopulation? I think so....wait till winter this year. It's not looking good.
  5. What an argumentative little prick you are. Your not British, your too argumentative and emotional. Speaking English is a must for a British citizen.
  6. Not good at answering questions are you. Have you down as an annoying little queer, giggling away all the time. Have a day off before you have a melt down and get all emotional
  7. Are you a closet queer or have you come out publicly yet?
  8. Do you ever sleep? It's relentless
  9. I think it's pretty obvious it's the vaccines that are causing blood clotting, as that's one of their main side effects.
  10. It's DIDO not Dildo mate Seriously though...dip your finger in drink... whiskey...vodka whatever you have and have a swig yourself
  11. COP26 should be interesting. The establishment will be praying for an attack...or maybe they have something on the back burner already to goit would be too easy.
  12. It's getting like the 1973 film 'Soylent Green' with Charles Heston. People do not care about anything. If you've seen the film....you'd know what I'm getting at
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