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  1. Neobliviscaris1776

    Finish the job!

    Get ragging with her. Tugging and jumping up to grab a dummy or rag. Will get her appetite not only for running and chasing but also for grabbing and striking.
  2. Neobliviscaris1776

    Ready to go

    Looks like a scrapper hope he does the business for you All the best
  3. Neobliviscaris1776


    Harder to explain
  4. Neobliviscaris1776


    Common theme with most things, stay away from the vets, they cause more problems than anything else
  5. Neobliviscaris1776

    Let’s see your bull x pups

    Very nice pair of dogs
  6. Neobliviscaris1776

    Bitch is ready to pop

    Tried to post you mate
  7. Neobliviscaris1776

    Few years in the game

    Homemade knitted jumpers were the business. Better quality and a more comfortable fit than anything you can buy today that's for sure
  8. Neobliviscaris1776

    Few years in the game

    Nice cardigan i had one too
  9. Neobliviscaris1776

    Dogs dinners

    Yeah that's pretty much what I eat too!lol
  10. Neobliviscaris1776

    Dogs dinners

    Raw all the way. There's really no comparison
  11. Neobliviscaris1776

    Show us your Bull x

    Nice looking pair mate, what's the percentages? Look solid. Atb
  12. Neobliviscaris1776

    Dogs dinners

  13. Neobliviscaris1776

    Dogs dinners

  14. Neobliviscaris1776

    Dogs dinners

    It's all about eugenics with these control freaks. Vegans? I laugh in the face of vegans!
  15. Neobliviscaris1776

    Let’s see your Pups

    Nice one mate, lovely pup