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  1. Neobliviscaris1776

    British D-Day Memorial

    Likely the 'Vandalism squad' of MI5.
  2. Neobliviscaris1776

    British D-Day Memorial

    A good read thanks. You often wonder how different things would have been if Germany won the war. What would you expect a country that wins a war to experience after it? A sense of greater nationality, identity, economical prosperity, security, technology? When you compare the UK and Germany as to who has benefited more from the wars outcome, it's clear who actually came out victorious. If you do extra homework it's an interesting study of complex intelligence ops and major double crossing within the British and German power structures, not to mention the American input just in time to seal the deal.
  3. Anyone who posts their opinions on the internet gives a shit! Lol
  4. Neobliviscaris1776


    I'll have a look at them mate, cheers
  5. Neobliviscaris1776


    Is the sportdog tek1 automatically set up for the UK mate? What sort of price roughly? Cheers
  6. Neobliviscaris1776


  7. Neobliviscaris1776


    Any pointers on a good supplier that you guys have used when purchasing the astro 430/t5? Looks a good piece of kit. Cheers in advance
  8. It's a clash of worlds really isn't it. What has the UK got left to hunt in comparison to the likes of Argentina and down in the land of Oz?!! It could be a bit depressing if your a law abiding citizen over here! The UK is done! In saying that...you can hunt whatever you want where ever you want...if you have the balls too, and that's what hunting is all about. Nice pictures Wahchadero keep them coming! It's a small island here, a bit like a village where some have lost their spirit of adventure but not all!
  9. Neobliviscaris1776

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Looks in top condition nice work
  10. Neobliviscaris1776

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    EastEnders meets the Hunting life....
  11. Neobliviscaris1776

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    ....I got 99 problems but bullx's ain't one.
  12. Neobliviscaris1776

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    I feel bad for you son...
  13. Neobliviscaris1776


    Never really seen the issue with someone asking for a modest price for a pup they have, have brought on or a litter they have raised and have some surplus pup's. Gifting pups to people you have never met in your life is unlikely to be a success story.
  14. Neobliviscaris1776

    This hunt are fu**ed .....

    Whether you hunt on foot or hunt on horseback...if you have any respect for yourself...you would hunt how ever you want. Wether it's hunting, employment, prosperity, opportunity or anything that people hold dear....the system will do it's best to interfere and try to thwart such things.
  15. Neobliviscaris1776

    Trump Under Fire

    Responsible for the direct murders of American service men in Benghazi through corruption and ambition.....it's immaterial, give me a break. From her own mouth, remember, "what difference does it make" she said. Very wicked woman and extremely stupid