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  1. Just sit on it till the next plandemic....then possibly sell it to the Government for a mass grave site...
  2. I'm not disputing that mate. There are real people involved and real soldiers on the ground but imo the motivation for this Ukraine/Russia situation is a 'money making sanction threatening' operation. Why should anyone else be involved other than the Ukrainians and Russians? The only logical reason is to complicate matters and give each side the motivation to continue its course. Without Western involvement this would of been all over in a week, but no, we had to all get involved.
  3. It's the only war so far that has 'zero' televised fighting?? Where's the war? Reports of this, accusations of that, it's a digital cold war with very little substance. It's proving itself to be just like the start of the so called 'Pandemic' where it's all smoke screens and big fake model forecasts. Gives some folks something to theorise over....meanwhile back in the real world, major health problems are raging and 25million people in Shanghai are being lockdown over a so called deadly virus that 95% are asymptomatic with! Yeah Russia's a big threat!lol The word 'C
  4. Because 2 are public figures elected by the people and the other 2 are a couple of actors/entertainers, why would anyone care? Their all actors for the record
  5. Ukraine war: Russia to label Meta an 'extremist organisation' for allowing posts calling for Putin's death WWW.GOOGLE.COM Meta has reportedly sent emails to moderators that explain the company is making "allowances for forms of... Normally 'Death threats' online is a no go area, but it's ok this time
  6. What's with all the swear words...your better than that Born!
  7. Don't think so mate, but I know the pharmaceutical giant Bayer who manufactured vaccines for humans also manufacture cat and dog wormers
  8. Also depends how they look at it. If their goal was to weaken the general human population overall with these 'experimental injections' they have done it, as well as killing many along the way. Now they have an incredible opportunity of future business with the 'endless' side effects resulting from many who have taken them (which the medical industry can now diagnosis as 'New conditions' and 'New diseases') then I would say it's all gone to plan for them
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