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  1. Banana before a football match would be my choice, but at least 30mins before to allow for digestion. During exercise, oranges are good as there quickly digested. Simple hydration for children that age ie water or diluted juice along with water. They should be buzzing with energy at that age, no need for energy drinks in my opinion
  2. He better be careful. He'll be taken down off YouTube soon if he keeps up presenting the facts logically
  3. I think I heard that too. I'm sure it was actually climate change that was trying to be blamed for it
  4. A good read if you can get your hands on them.
  5. I can understand inbreeding and the need for it at times but litter mates being bred together, cannot see what you would gain by breeding brother to sister in any dog breed.
  6. That's a Limey Kennels dog if my memory serves me correctly. Lovely solid and compact dog.
  7. I'm agreeing with Voon and it doesn't feel right.
  8. Some pics of some big time set ups a friend sent me who's in on things of this nature. The sports still very active and China is one such place.
  9. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I see someone who's misunderstood too. I'm just asking that you make a change. Listen mate if you wanna make the world a better place you gotta look at yourself and make a change.
  10. Was trying to do nothing of the sort mate in all honesty and I mean that
  11. I'm disappointed with the C word raising it's ugly headthat's below the belt and you know it. Upset? I don't get upset mate. Occasionally I may shed a tear when a stirring piece of classical music is played but conversing about topics such as these are easy for me to handle. Too many 'thought police' in circulation these days.
  12. Come on Charts aren't you going to get on at him for 'thinking bad thoughts'?
  13. No more Please it's too much No one is that naive!
  14. I'd go with John Hopkins and then I'd ask......"could there be a conflict of interest in why they would be promoting these vaccines?"
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