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  1. Do you mean in general mate or a specific litter? Cheers
  2. Any pointers as to where to source a good coursing pup lads? Have a friend who is trying to secure a bitch pup from good lines. Any help appreciated
  3. You will not regret getting a tracker when you decide to take the plunge and buy one. To know where the dog is saves so much time. Worrying will be a thing of the past! As much as is possible working dogs! Especially when they catch out of sight
  4. 3/8th bull 5/8th grey. Unfortunately killed out one night but was an excellent bitch. Fast and extremely quick off the mark. A real all-rounder.
  5. Bull greyhound dog from good lines. 27" 35kg. Doing everything you would expect from a dog that you would want to breed from and does it with a smile, 110 %. May be interested in a pup from him to the right bitch.
  6. He may not be what your looking for at all mate, but can give you more details if you wish. Cheers
  7. He's 27" to the withers and 35kg/77lbs.
  8. I have a strong built 3/4 grey 1/4 bull that is almost 3. Although I would rather wait a few more years down the line to put him to a bitch, im not sure if he will last that long, only because he is full on do or die and have had a couple of close calls recently with him. Just throwing it out there if that's of any interest as have all the breeding in my records going way back.
  9. No expert, just good old fashioned powers of deduction and logic. Knocking over an average litter size regularly night after night and in the same areas will obviously reduce numbers considerably. Really sad actually but not for the killer's out there
  10. Another litter down, but they'll always be foxes as they say lol Never seen a slim rifleman using thermal or night vision. Rifle and lamp is child's play, if your not getting decent numbers there's either no foxes or your a terrible rifleman. It has to be done at times, but it's certainly not hunting, it's just killing.
  11. A couple of pics of Busher100's dogs below
  12. Posting pics up for Busher100. Bull/Wheaten and coursing greyhound bitch should be handy dogs
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