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  1. Sometimes the adverts is all you can resort to if you don't have any decent contacts. Something will come up in the end!
  2. Thanks mate, I actually put him onto these pup's a few weeks back, but for him it was just the distance as they were in southern Ireland which was a shame as I really liked the look of them myself!
  3. A friend is trying to source a coursing type bitch, Saluki/greyhound or even a Saluki from good working stock. He doesn't have the internet as he lives quite remote so thought I'd ask if anyone knew of anything available. He would take a pup or an older bitch on. Genuine enquiry lads and preferably Scotland or North England. Any help appreciated Cheers
  4. Is that Deerhound X greyhound mate or got something else in it? Looks a nice pup
  5. Good sized litter mate, what is the cross? Cheers
  6. I definitely agree that pulling up is no good at all. I would move on quickly from that for sure. You say a well bred young dog, how young are we going to start it though?
  7. From one season to the next they should improve I agree, but it's first season is all about learning and having success, but right the dog off in its first season? What age and what job are we talking? The breeding should be there in the first place for the type of work otherwise I wouldn't be expecting anything much out of a dog and would be wasting my time. Yes, you should definitely see potential early on and more often than not it is down to the breeding and a good owner who knows how to bring it out in the dog.
  8. Looks a good job for such serious damage. If the dog gets back into in the future, be a good one to breed from and a good tale to tell
  9. Imho a dog will not be settled into its job or its personality and character till at least 2 years old. It's first season can tell you something about the dog and it's future as a runner for sure but if you right a dog off in its first season, then I believe the dog game isn't for you. Come second season, I have found them to be a different animal and your hard work and patience will pay off especially if you can put some successes in front of it to build its confidence. Not all will, but most will
  10. Cheers mate, much appreciated, I've already taken the plunge and gone for it, should arrive this week! I'm confident it will suit my needs Thanks again
  11. Cheers, how do you rate the detection range mate? What are the max ranges in heat sources/animals? Cheers
  12. Just wondering if any of you have used any of the lower priced thermals and any thoughts on them? Had a look at the reviews for them but not really decided yet. Detection range is what I'm concerned about, but no too concerned about identify things at long-range, just so long as you can detect a heat source at long range and go from there. Any thoughts? Cheers
  13. Nice one, glad it worked for you mate
  14. Off on a rant! I suppose the point is where does the money come from, to fund all of these anti movements. If your getting paid to cause civil unrest, then your no longer classed as a 'true believer' in the sense of the cause. You are now a 'paid agitator.' Does that go on? Ofcourse in every movement from anti establishment, anti countryside, anti Brexit etc etc. Does it mean that there's not Genuine antis? No, but they couldn't keep it up unless there's outside funding. In my humble opinion, I have no doubt in my mind that there is a profound element of countryside disturbance in the form of vandalising farmers equipment, killing and dumping animals all to generate this public appetite for more and more control and the banning of anything else they happen to dream up in the chambers of power, whilst sipping on Perrier water and sucking on boiled sweeties. On an estate in central Scotland, you probably heard of this, government contractors are systematically killing all the red deer in this one area, lamping, helicopters, the lot. SNP backed through our European union buddies, why? To hit government tree planting targets!
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