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  1. Modern farming methods and the use of pesticides will impact living things no doubt.
  2. Like that wee bitch on the right, the saluki type. What's in her mate? Cheers
  3. To be honest in my experience that is pretty rare mate. Good on all of you? Wish I could say that for my family. All of them, except myself and my Mrs have been vaccinated and most have had all the boosters. I won't go into details, but 3 of them have had hearts attacks within the last year, 1 severe all over body inflammation and another is having regular fits. Sad to see but so glad of the decision we made.
  4. Apart from there being more excess deaths in over 50years.......then yes all is normal.
  5. Scary stuff. Some wild things going on just now. Can't help but think we've not seen anything yet?
  6. These vaccine companies are no small time player's. They have a lot of power and influence but India was having none of it?
  7. Now I get you. Yes I'm an advocate of following the science. What you have to careful of like most things in life, especially at the higher leagues of big politics and big business, is being aware of the real risk that information that is being presented isn't being manipulated and distorted for other possible gains. At present there is no evidence that like exists elsewhere in the universe and plenty evidence being revealed now about the vaccines.
  8. Gone over my head that one. Can you enlighten me?
  9. I don't care what he thinks......but if a billionaire eugenicist( which he is) says it's good for your health to take an experimental injection which he will personally benefit from financially......I will listen and learn? You still haven't answered the question ?
  10. He's a billionaire globalist. What do we expect.
  11. You don't half ask the wrong questions. You don't answer any questions yourself when asked?
  12. "Globalist backlash"? Love it....I'll use that term at some point if that's ok Francie ?
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