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  1. Good stuff. You have any plans for future linings mate? look good dogs for the big stuff
  2. Do you run them with hounds/terriers or just walk the ground mate? Nice dogs
  3. Have had that happen a few times this year with mine after a real hard run and he's just sorted himself out. Plenty fluids, some milk or chicken broth I've found helps. A day at the most usually and he's back as normal
  4. Hunting dogs certainly should be broken to livestock without a doubt, but I don't consider cats as livestock. Though would never encourage a dog, I would not expect a dog that is used for certain quarry to be broken to them. Cats roam where they please, mess where they please, kill everything they please. If you let your children out and told them, "just come back home whenever you want," one day they'll never come back or go missing or worse. Cat owners are in general, the most irresponsible of animal owners. They are a real pest in areas and disease carriers, collar or no collar.
  5. It's true to say such images will not help anything, but when I see stories like this, I feel in no way connected with folk like that. That's not got anything to do with hunting, but it doesn't matter, because the 'Powers that Be' must present all 'Hunting' either black or white, everything or nothing, and that's just how Big Business runs in this country. If our family ancestors had any sense, they would have moved to America or Australia when it was free to do so back in the 1800's. I sure wish mine did. Great Britain has never in its history been an advocate of real freedom. Other than paying your taxes, freedom to walk to the supermarket and have your say in issues that have already been decided. It's remarkable that there's still any hunting and shooting left when you think about it. Enjoy it while it's here and let the idiots do what they have always done and will always do.
  6. A man, a lamp, a dog and a cat in the same 3 metre radius. I didn't see anything. There's no such thing as bad hunting press, hunting is done for in this country and has been since the ban.
  7. A real good bull greyhound, my preference a 1/4 bull 3/4 grey, I feel is hard to beat. But I like the idea of a Deerhound greyhound for one job and the height would be beneficial, fancy one in the future for sure. On another vein, a bull greyhound with good bull blood and speed, the prey drive is unreal and not for everyone I'm sure, but for me nothing compares to their do or die spirit.
  8. If my sole quarry was preban deer and nothing else and a big powerful Deerhound greyhound was the best choice, then I'd happily wait. But I would not be messing about that long if rabbits and hare's were the main quarry. Rabbits and hare's are one thing, other quarry is something else and not many dogs are up to it consistently.
  9. Hope she comes well. I might of missed this already but what's in the bitch mate? Looks a handy one Cheers
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