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  1. Neobliviscaris1776

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Looks in top condition nice work
  2. Neobliviscaris1776

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    EastEnders meets the Hunting life....
  3. Neobliviscaris1776

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    ....I got 99 problems but bullx's ain't one.
  4. Neobliviscaris1776

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    I feel bad for you son...
  5. Neobliviscaris1776


    Never really seen the issue with someone asking for a modest price for a pup they have, have brought on or a litter they have raised and have some surplus pup's. Gifting pups to people you have never met in your life is unlikely to be a success story.
  6. Neobliviscaris1776

    This hunt are fu**ed .....

    Whether you hunt on foot or hunt on horseback...if you have any respect for yourself...you would hunt how ever you want. Wether it's hunting, employment, prosperity, opportunity or anything that people hold dear....the system will do it's best to interfere and try to thwart such things.
  7. Neobliviscaris1776

    Trump Under Fire

    Responsible for the direct murders of American service men in Benghazi through corruption and ambition.....it's immaterial, give me a break. From her own mouth, remember, "what difference does it make" she said. Very wicked woman and extremely stupid
  8. Neobliviscaris1776

    Trump Under Fire

    Falling into the trap of personalities and not what they represent is key. That's why he's continually ridiculed, lied about, slandered etc etc. Is he perfect no, you don't have to like people personally, but its what they represent that's important. He is anti establishment. Therefore that should interest the majority of people. If not, then your either an establishment crony or your ignorant to the workings of the system and how it continually fights for its power interests by standing in the way of prosperity and opportunities. Most people see through it I hope
  9. Neobliviscaris1776

    Trump Under Fire

    That's the only kind of wall this pathetic generation could handle...Soft weak and domesticated pretty much sums up the the kinda of people who would oppose such common sense. The funny thing is, these people would be the first to advocate all the new drugs and vaccines the doctors have to offer as a line of defense against new viruses on the scene. See the connection minion's of the system??
  10. Neobliviscaris1776

    Trump Under Fire

    Yeah build it and put half of the idiots on this thread on the other side, see how they like real freedom then.
  11. Neobliviscaris1776

    Trump Under Fire

    These people are beyond help... Zombies not people
  12. Neobliviscaris1776

    Trump Under Fire

    That's President Trump who was democratically elected.
  13. Neobliviscaris1776

    If only in the UK!

    It shows the true colours of what the EU really is... claiming to be the champion of equality for all, when actually it is one of the most discriminatory and racists organisation around today.
  14. Neobliviscaris1776

    Trump Under Fire

    Boring......this generation is easy to please. Take all possible opportunity and freedom away from them.....and they embrace it. Back to Moscow Voon, getting boring now. But hey if that's what keeps you going, enjoy. Yawn.
  15. Neobliviscaris1776

    First cross bull grey

    Looking well mate be nice to see his progress.