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  1. What utter nonsense. Trump had no hand in improving their economy?? Are we talking about the same Trump and the same economy?lol
  2. I know it's another Bill Gates meme, but don't people question such strange partnerships with certain people and their apparent love for the human race? Or are we all far to enlightened to come to any obvious conclusions?
  3. You can't be serious mate. So 'Thinking' is a danger to science? It really is '1984' for want of a better expression. That information is you typical 'wacky conspiracy theory template.' If anyone reads it and they find themselves feeling that perhaps the style of writing and presentation is familiar, then their right, it is, it's 'Main stream media' full blown propaganda. Presents a question, explains the background, discredits the opposition and gives you the answer. Everyone feels good then it's off to watch EastEnders.
  4. "But Daddy, wasn't the Coronavirus specifically deadly to Granny and Grandpa who were in their eighties? Why was the Government so keen that everyone have the vaccine, even little children?" "Such questions my dear are just too dangerous to ask. I decided it would be better to just take all the vaccines and boosters they tell us, even though the effects on our immune system will likely increase our chances of more allergies, more food intolerances, more auto immune problems, and even death in some cases. It was worth it."
  5. The older generation that were very against pills and medicine had a more independent mindset than people living in society today. That is a good thing. We have become so domesticated and too quick to run to the Gp for every little sniffle we experience. It's to our detriment in the long run to adopt a lifestyle of pills, vaccines and boosters. That's obvious, but so many people are determined to convince everyone that the responsible thing to do in every situation is go to the doctor and take your prescription because doctor knows best. Times have changed, hence the reason for more infor
  6. Every society needs an 'Emmanuel Goldstein' otherwise what else would people do?!
  7. Of course, but it's of little consequence what outsiders have to say about such matters imo, only those affected should have the right to decide, not some legal team who are more concerned about their reputation, career and pension. It's a legal system, not a justice system imo.
  8. That's my point. Justice will never be served unless you consider justice worth implementing yourself.
  9. Granted if you happen to be the victim, ie dead.
  10. If people truly believe in the death penalty or life for a life, just get on with it if the situation ever arises. You will never get justice when asking for other people to help you carry out justice. Good old fashioned 'balls' is what is required. Many folk do just that. I would not be waiting for someone else to make up their mind wether it's right or not. Judge and executioner. I digress...
  11. Anything's possible. Just flip the vote next time too!
  12. Give me Trump anyday over this guy. He ain't going to last till spring!lol
  13. More of the same I think would be anyone's answer to that one. But as they say 'thats show business for you.' Alot of 'theatre' and not enough action behind all the rhetoric. Democracy isnt what you vote for, but what you put up with. In the UK there's nothing we won't put up with, that's why we're all so happy.
  14. And we all sit back in our arm chairs watching
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