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  1. Me too, can't believe someone would admit to drinking prosecco
  2. And the crazy thing is, they never even said it was good or that it would work but millions lined up willingly, amazing.
  3. This is old news for some but will be new to most people who prefer the populous route. Interesting timing, obviously just coincidence.
  4. Was there a pirate connection to Cornish history? Remember hearing something on the grape vine as to the origins of the unique accent.
  5. It's story telling at its finest. They clearly don't believe it as they are part of the author class behind it. But the people in general believe it and that's all that matters. Next story on the agenda, G7. Titled 'The climate monster needs more money from those that are already struggling and then climate change will likely improve.' It's all been done before.
  6. It's true though, why would another man watch another man? Part of the problem today, too many men watching garbage instead of getting out and leading
  7. Opinions as facts? Lol Seen plenty of them have you, so have I, mainly on BBC, sky news, prime minister's questions and all the usual suspects. Nothing more empowering than having the establishment on your side is there!
  8. Salt n shake, and he's one of many rocking the boat.
  9. Without conservative values in the first place there would be no technology or advancements or rights or progress or exploring or equal opportunities or freedom for that matter.
  10. Me neither, just wouldn't want them anywhere near me or my family. The ones I've met over the years have always been the 'always cracking a pervy joke' type. The moment you don't entertain them, you soon find out the real person. Most are actors imo and love the company of women more than men which I've always found hilarious.
  11. The zombies are already here and have been for quite a while now. Some crazy events going to come in our life time. Have a feeling we ain't seen nothing yet.
  12. NHS Doctor Speaks Out: ‘The lies have been so vast it’s been impossible to stomach’ BRANDNEWTUBE.COM UK NHS doctor resigns & speaks out on ‘Covid-19’ – ‘The lies over the last year have been so vast it’s been impossible...
  13. It's all there isn't it. Clear as day.
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