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  1. Henry Wharton was from York still is, but boxed out of St.Patricks BC in Leeds when in the Olympics and then Micky Duff signed him up to go proffessional
  2. If that s 50yds length you need to set it to 25yds +2yds each end for your pins, likewise the 75 yds set it to 371/2yds + a couple of yards each end for the pins
  3. Hi Gnipper, I was talking to a lad that had them and used them as Pat A Pet around schools, hospitals and care homes. he found people would readily handle one of these small ferrets but would fear even looking at a large hob.he didnt breed them he created them and if he bred these small ferrets he would get normal size ferrets from them Y.I.S Leeview ,,
  4. 27" Willow for me setting the net at 20"
  5. Leeview


    Lost it myself in a split along with a lot of other memorabilia
  6. seem familiar pm if you want
  7. ever been a previous member on here?
  8. I was part of the AWL when Alan Tyrer handed over all the paper work going back well before the ban even came in. I must of split with Jayne when this opportunity was available to disband the AWL? what I can remember was the new group meeting with the Countryside Alliance and in their words recommended they join the AWL as that was who the Countryside Alliance had on board. Y.I.S Leeview
  9. early on in this post it was suggested you contact Dymented he was wrongly raided the police took 6dogs belonging to him and his son those dogs were given to the arsepca the following week his sons terrier which was in pup was returned to him jointed and skinned in a plastic bag. he had Clive Rees working for him, it took him 2yrs 7charges by the time he got to court 6of those charges were dismissed by the judge the only charge that stood was not seeking veterinary attention and treating the dog himself, I think he was fined £75 and had his dogs returned somewhat traumatised but he'd stood by them. No kennel fees to pay .Now the arsepca were not happy with the 6 charges being thrown out no evidence but if he had of been found Guilty they would of pressed for a banning order on him keeping dogs. Good Luck A quick edit here the above police force had a dog handler who was prosecuted for leaving 2 dogs that died on a sweltering hot day in his van he was reprimanded by senior officers for his action. But guess who brought the prosecution on him? yes the very same arsepca and the police are still loyal to these people
  10. the police took your dog and gave it to the arspca. The police have to provide for your dog to be looked after ? No charges involving the dog so they had no rights or reason to not give you your dog back.any update on getting your phone back?
  11. ferret lady thats why i said "to name a few" Y.I.S Leeview
  12. Im firmly in the leave them in season group and have had none die due to this,its alright vets saying jills must be taken out of season? they dont give jabs for free or vasectomise hobs free in the interest of animal welfare.Likewise puppy jabs and boosters are just money spinners to them. Right these conditions the jill goes through whilst in season, why dont sheep, goats, cattle and horses to name a few get the same symptons when they are not mated? Y.I.S Leeview
  13. Well having had a masterhunter set up for over 15 years the nets are not the deciding factor imho, his basket makes the difference nothing sticking up to hold the poles . the poles sit below where the net is fed in behind it closer to your body. running out you put your first pole in walking backwards with your hands flat on the basket and the poles come up to your hand. Simple Y.I.S .Leeview
  14. I use similar then Willow got acres and acres of the stuff growing around here destined for the power stations eventually but may have to stock up on it as the subsidies are going to end next August, so what are the farmers going to do then? well on speaking to one of the landowners hes toying with the idea of growing Snowdrops!!! Y.I.S Leeview
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