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  1. Leeview


    Pretty much nationwide was covered, a more detailed study of age and diseases was on hares shot on estates in East Anglia and Hampshire and involved 4,000 hares
  2. Leeview


    75% of leverets are born in June,July, August and September. July alone 30% are born. 10% are born in March April and May with a further 10% in October the remaing 5% being born in November from females born in the spring
  3. Leeview


    Lampingmad theres usually a good reason the hares are few and far between on land thats not suiting the hares micky why is it the wrong time of the year? Y.I.S Leeview
  4. Leeview

    John o rourke

    well here I go again I use willow Y.I.S Leeview
  5. Leeview


    Ill be going to the Show at Doncaster on Sunday not exhibiting but to buy , I hate that word, if your going ill bring some along Y.I.S Leeview
  6. Leeview


    it may be new to you but ive been using it for close on 30 years. the twines go back a lot further some of these mills closed nearly that long ago and research shows the labels dating from 1920, the Barbour twine goes back years and is now labelled as Barbour Coates (nothing to do with waxed jackets) still higher standards than the far eastern imported twine texture like barbed wire in comparison Y.I.S Leeview
  7. Leeview


    Alan Clarke exchanged twines long before we actually got the Guild of Net Makers up and running, Bill Sneddon and Derek weldon admired it last year when they saw it and then this year Alan Salmon was more than interested. I had the twines with me at Weston Park and the most asked question was " Where do you get this from?" I cant divulge that for reason someone will be in there and buy the lot ,I did give some away to visiting net makers. As for not fancying the wax once again you have not seen this twine and give your opinion, its waxed for a reason to lubricate it when stitching, its not a hard wax obviously its actually shoe polish that is used on and thats very soft almost like butter. Y.I.S Leeview
  8. Leeview


    well as you said earlier you have nt seen it but your happy with Engles twine , I have seen and tried Engles and my preference is linen all the way.
  9. Leeview


    they hang well on the pins some bulkier than others, I have 6strand S twist. 6strand braided various waxed linens and some 10 strand all hold on a single knot
  10. Leeview


    Ive been enthusing over it for a long time and yes I do think its better imho, but when other renowned net makers have seen these nets they are very complimentary about the quality of the material and the nets made from it .Price wise you can get cheaper material for making nets but like most things you get what you pay for. the most frequently asked question i get asked do you have to look after it as you would hemp? simplest answer is Did you ever have a sole drop of a pair of Dr Martens? .
  11. Leeview


    The green net is 70yds and braided linen. the white undyed net is 6strand and 45 yds. and the black waxed linen will be around 40yds I did have others but 3 was enough to keep my eyes on
  12. Leeview


    Thank You fred, unfortunately todays market veers to quick sets making experts in longnetting, did you come in and see my longnets? hung up waiting for the top and bottom lines (which were done over the weekend) the amount of visitors that commented on the nets proved there are still some dedicated long netters about . my nets are made end to end by hand NOT sheet netting using linen from the footwear and saddlery makers, mainly Barbours Lisburn N.I. i get regularly comments about it will rot like hemp, Dr Marten soles never fell of or saddles fall apart. Any way Good Luck fred
  13. Leeview


    fred90 I was on the stand knitting away all weekend .did you speak to Alan? because Im certain he would of let you handle both the nets and the poles. I was impressed by the lightness and strentgh of the poles they are pretensile tapered tubes with a solid 3" ss point drawn into the bottom of the pole. any comment on his gate nets?
  14. Leeview

    Guild of net makers.

    We are once again going to be at the Midland next weekend stand D22, as many of you know Tiercel did nt make it last year due to bursting a blood vessel in his leg and then him passing away earlier this year so i have cadjoled Alan Salmon to come and help out and hes agreed so were back up to strength again, if your there call in have a chat and if we can sort any problems out we will Y.I.S Leeview
  15. Leeview

    Best quicksets these days.

    only the one breeze? only the one breeze?