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  1. So who stumped up £100,000 and what did you get from Debens for that?
  2. When they first came on the market £32 box and 1 collar or £46 box and 2 collars and they were 8ft
  3. name and shame mate save others been ripped off
  4. When are you going to wise up to him?hes not making them but someone else is
  5. Is this William Lees that won a Waterloo Cup with Newdown Heather?
  6. Coursing Greyhounds do certainly still exist here in England and course in Ireland in several English owned stakes leading to a Champion Stake at the end of the season,thanks to Irish Coursing Clubs accomodating them. The Kennel Club is registry of pedigree dogs they dont and never have bred dogs
  7. the meeting was on Tim Easterby's land.the police in that area were asked about the hunting ban by their Chief Inspector and only 2 of them supportedthe ban the rest locals had no qualms about it in fact one of the coursing clubs had a police officer as Secretary. the charges were brought about by covert footage that was nt accepted as credible everyone was discharged as the judge agreed what they where doing was as different from coursing as could be possible.
  8. I use a 21/4" meshboard 84 meshes gives you 100% but I find 100 meshes does make a better net imho
  9. when Grenfell Towers were built and finished there should of been inspections and certificates issued to its safety from all involved starting with Architects specifications they wanted,right through to the Fire chief who should of issued a fire safety certificate incase of this tragedy ever happenning Y.I.S Leeview
  10. a lot of knowledgable replies from longtime ferret owners on this post. Is it just coincidence jill jabs and vasectomised hobs came about around the time ferrets were becoming the must have pets? IMHO once again vets seeing a market for themselve filling their pockets. Good Luck lads rely on experience Y.I.S Leeview
  11. I load my 8" needle with 45g of twine and make a 5ft net no joints
  12. I put the innertube on the pole first do the knot,then put my finger through innertube twist it (figure then put this loop over the knot and over the top of the pole. Itcan be slid up or down the pole to suit
  13. Read the post again as I read it it refers to someone thats all? could be himself or anyone else.Debens had the technical data up for £100,000 thats before the first one is even turned out. REply applies to Smithie as well
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