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  1. I use similar then Willow got acres and acres of the stuff growing around here destined for the power stations eventually but may have to stock up on it as the subsidies are going to end next August, so what are the farmers going to do then? well on speaking to one of the landowners hes toying with the idea of growing Snowdrops!!! Y.I.S Leeview
  2. It was Albert Titterington runs the great game fairs of Ireland who claimed the guy was the best in europe, but then again the guy does a main ring demo at his fairs.
  3. Built to last you can pass it on to the lad when you hang up your nets
  4. Ferret box will be older than the lad then Katchum
  5. try getting a stand at any of these shows they stipulate you have to have public liability insurance and need evidence, myself im covered for up to £10,000,00 and never had a claim in 10 years. Y.I.S Leeview
  6. Non at all, having attending county shows introducing school children to ferrets, he does a main ring demo describing ferrets as the fiercest animals in the world for their size it makes it harder for teachers to let the pupils come over to be introduced to the ferrets. We do get mobbed by these school children and we are more than happy to pass the ferrets round including the teachers who cant believe how soft they really are and does no harm having kits handled Y.I.S Leeview
  7. Mick Dadd will there, as will Rabbit Fever selling ferretting gear doubt they will have any ferrets on but pakefeild will have but unlikely to let you even hold a ferret, Torchy will be on the stand too Y.I.S Leeview
  8. MK1 micro collars were only done in a 15ft model, the one above on ebay is a standard 8ft collar Y.I.S Leeview
  9. Id suggest connecting two if not all of the levels to each other which give all the ferrets 3x as much floor space to exercise in
  10. Dont know if Dave Arthurs 07951286630 is still doing them he was repairing them hes in Rotherham Y.I.S Leeview
  11. he might of been down the pit at one time but came out and was a chimney sweep in later years Y.I.S Leeview
  12. A wise man speaks because he has something to say a fool speaks because he has to say something
  13. I introduced Johnny Scott to the AWL as a President, I split up with Jayne june 2016 and never heard anymore from her, although I got told John Bennet was made chairman, I met JB at a show in Nottingham and asked him how it was going he said he had resigned when he found out Johnny Scott was being paid £!,500 for expenses to ,attend these meetings Id like to see proof of this . Y.I.S Leeview
  14. hes living by Dunham Bridge when he had our dog
  15. I know Charlie Lister very well ,more likely the dog would of been injured in his only race.
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