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  1. you missed a trick there no need to fit an extra eye as a stop simply cut some 3/16th copper brake pipe into 1/4 inch lengths slide this over the tail end of the snare slide up untill you get to the desired lengtrh and crimp into position job done
  2. well done all involved a brilliant days sport and a sun tan as well cant be bad lol
  3. full house and not atrap in sight all caught on running poles with snares very effective
  4. A no non sense book written by a good friend and mentor Glenn S Waters simple to understand and the most difinitive fact filled book on snaring rabbits their is printed at he moment. if you can;t snare rabbits or pick up loads of tips from this book you never will,, written using glenns own words his humour and skill at doing the job he loves comes across in a way that captivates you and leaves you wanting more at the end of each chapter. Hand drawn sketches showing clear detail are dotted through out the book as well as a spattering of pics i have read this book and can honestly say the th
  5. useful tunnels and a wire tunnel work brilliantly
  6. THE ONE,,we use a small 25mm metal tag with a 3mm hole insert the leg of the hoop snare and use a wrap of gaffer tape above and below the tag to secure it then squeeze the tag to lie along side the leg of the hoop very discreet and works
  7. as of yet there is not definitive legislation making the setting of fox snares on fences illegal the codes of practice are only guidelines and are not the letter of the law yet
  8. lf you can find some one whos a bit clued up to show you the ropes your on a winner failing that there is a dvd on rabbit snaring available from fourteen acre which will cover all you need to know it shows you how to make set and identify runs and how to catch a few rabbits lol good luck its addictive when you start to catch so beware
  9. thats an excellent start for you well done your dogs, and as you say you got some new ground and had a good days sport what more could you ask for
  10. a hare caught in a peg snare held with a 7inch ash peg going nowhere the snare has a stop set at six inches from the eyelet this cause less trauma and stress and if you wish the hares can be released more or less unharmed
  11. your quite wrong!! any way a drag on a snare is now illegal a stout 7ins peg will hold a hare no problem at all.i use a six strand 24 inches long for both rabbits and hares i know that a good friend of mine uses a 26 inch noose just for hares to good effect oh and just so you know iv snared hundreds of brown and blue mountain hares so i can speak from experience
  12. two of the best bushing dogs iv had find a rabbit in the desert these two
  13. a little thought and you have made a tricky situation pay off well done micky adapt and conquer lol
  14. YOUR ALWAYS MOANING ... a good day ill bet you enjoyed all the same well done both of you
  15. i personally wouldnt dilute it. you can add to it with some cooking oil and a little salt to make it go little further and have a more clingable appeal on trees ect , also any fat collected off burgers ,bacon or sausages even old chip shop fat will draw in a fox. good luck
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