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  1. Have you read rusty firmans book mate, he was a carlisle lad was from morton originally then lived in harraby am sure he went to harraby sec. A fancy giving it a read to be honest, read on a youtube comment that he wrote that the embassy siege had 3 carlisle lads on the team.
  2. Thanks sid I appreciate that, I'm going to grandads this week and am going to pull his photos out ..in the mean time I'm going to send them forms away see if I can get out...the problem is time and a lot of stuff gets thrown out over the years , so I'm going to need a bit of luck I think aswell.
  3. Will ask sid mate...its a bit of a long shot isnt it..
  4. No mate I've just messaged my grandad to see if he has any more info will message him and ask if he has rank and number also...off the top of my head he died in 1968...just looked on the government link above and going to send his death and birth certificates with the forms if my grandad still has them.
  5. Bit of a query here does any of you fine gentlemen know how I can get my great grandfathers war records he was in ww2 and was a para and that's all i know. Is there any way i can get access to more info? Any help would be really appreciated , I have ancestory.com but find it hard to use. Kind regards folks Carp
  6. Same here ....it does my f***ing nut clean in ..
  7. Is it a kc whippet you after mate? If so to be honest youd be very lucky to get a whippet for nothing these days ...the prices are through the roof and theres a lot of greedy puppy farmers in whippets...said that good luck in your search mate
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