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  1. Hi lads Does anyone know what sizes the following are Hobart e4612 Hobarr e4522 Any help much appreciated Thanks lads
  2. U wont go wrong wid a pennymeadow mate and jeff is a sound bloke.
  3. No problem mate , if anything changes let me know and I will sort it no probs just pm me, keep your head up keith and I wish you the best
  4. I dont know your circumstances mate , but could maybe help you out with a decent kc whippet pup although it wont be for a bit of time , basically I need a bitch pup myself to carry on my line and have a bitch here to mate once she comes in , they will be very well bred traditional coursing lines/ race genetics and kc reg i will give you one free of charge papers/injections the lot in fact I would even bring it to you, all that i would ask would be for you to give it a good home which judging by your past posts you will PM me if you want to know more mate but I'm a man of my word.
  5. Thanks for reply lads , so do you partially freeze the tripe then mince it?
  6. Hi lads Just a quick question probably already been done but what mincers are good for green tripes ? Any advice lads ?
  7. That's good of you mate , thank you very much.
  8. Thanks for that mate I really appreciate it, you certainly know your stuff.
  9. Hi lads unfortunately my grandad passed away in april, a week after he passed we got his dads records through the post , here is a sample I'm struggling with, is D squadron sas or could it be something else? Any info greatly appreciated
  10. Top pic is a beauty of an animal, good luck with your breeding mate.
  11. Bloggs 19 it's called mate a very interesting book, read it years ago , tells you the evidence , cant remember exactly but am sure phone masts put whomes and steele in the area at the same time or around the time of when it happened. But who knows as the star witness Nicholls was a known fantasist and compulsive liar.
  12. A lot of the mittys wouldnt know what to do wid davey or dot mate, they are stuck in the bubble of net guarding a few times a yr and class them as working.
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